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Acura RL Maintenance and Repair



  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    Anybody had any experience with the optional back up sensor accessory that Acura offers for the RL? Also, anyone added the spoiler or wood sterring wheel and any problems reported? The spoiler seem to improve the looks of the car a lot! Also, what are your thoughts on favorite color, inside and exterior?
  • Over $600 (PLUS INSTALLATION!!!) for the backup sensor - no thanks. I'll turn around, or even get out of the darn car to save a grand ;)
  • Anybody had any experience with the optional back up sensor accessory that Acura offers for the RL?

    I had the backup sensor installed on my RL about a month after I purchased it. It is really great. It makes parallel parking a snap - which isn't easy for the RL without the sensor since you can't see where the car ends. I also like it for parking in my garage at work. It's an awful garage with pillars, illegally parked cars, etc., that make it a nightmare to maneuver. With the backup sensors, I can navigate the various obstacles easily.

    As far as the $600 list price, that's negotiable, as with everything related to purchasing a car..
  • As far as the $600 list price, that's negotiable, as with everything related to purchasing a car..

    Okay... so what did you pay for it including installation?
  • kacuratkacurat Posts: 33
    After 7 months my subscription was cancelled. XM said the dealer signed me up for 6 months only. I know with the RL you get 1 year free. I called the dealer (Paragon) and got no response, what else is new...

    I finally called Acura headquarters, they are looking into it.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I am pissed, I love my XM!
  • Okay... so what did you pay for it including installation?

    I think it was about $500, but I don't recall exactly.
  • I'm experiencing a clicking sort of noise in the left door or under the left part of the dashboard. It sounds like a relay click, sort of like the door locks but not as loud. They occur several times over a few seconds and can last for 10-15 minutes or go away for a while. It occurs only while driving at most any speed. Anyone experience this or have any idea of the cause?
  • I have heard this noise--it is an auto door lock repeat noise. I have been told by acura they are looking into the fix--not found yet I understand.. I have been told that the disconnect of the battery cables and subsequent reconnect does fix this ---I will have it done by the dealer before my next car trip in about 2 weeks

    hope this helps

  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    My 2-week old RL's front-right window will not go down. In addition, my seat memory buttons are completely inoperable--no lights, no indicator at all.

    I am dropping my car off to Acura for service to take care of these issues tomorrow.
  • Rest easy. You are having a similar problem as I had but all is well. The dealer checked/replaced a fuse or two, reset the car and all is working fine.

    Don't you love this car.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    All this talk of mechanical or electrical problems with Acura RL on the message board has me worried. I may be buying or leasing a new 2005 RL soon. Will all these problems have been corrected in the stock now being sold by the dealer or should I expect these troubles being reported here? When problems are discovered with a new model like this, isn't the dealer supposed to make factory corrections in the stock on hand? Or, should I wait and get the 2006 model?
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    I do love this car!

    I have never purchased a new vehicle that didnt have a thing or two the matter with it. So, whether its the '05 RL or '05 Mercedes, there is no doubt that there will be things that crop up. The biggest item you need to look at is how inconvenient will these issues be to you; and will the dealership effectively and quickly take care of them?

    I have no doubt that Acura will take care of everything and that these issues will be addressed with the proper fixes. Besides, most of the issues Acura has are "convenience" items, not engine issues--which is what I had with my BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, Audi and just about every other car out there (but never with my Acura MDX)......
  • Bought by RL about 10 days ago and everything is working well. (I do agree with earlier design complaint about the warning chime going on whenever opening the door while headlights are on auto.)

    The day after I got the car, I gave it to a valet who must have separated the keyless remote from being near the car. When I got the car back, it displayed a diagnostic meassage saying that the keyless remote had been separated from the car, and that the car will not start the next time without the keyless remote being near.

    Even though I had the keyless remote with me in the car ever since the valet incident, the diagnostic message will not go away. There are message options to have the message read, or to locate nearest Acura dealer, but there is no option I can find to delete this message.

    Anyone have a solution?
  • There is a very easy solution which has been branded the, "three finger salute" on this board. Please refer to my message number 255 on this board. If you need more help, let me know--I've had to delete the message a few times and it's very easy to do, once you know the secret!
  • Thank you Steveindy. Three-finger salute worked like a charm.
  • smolnarsmolnar Posts: 5
    I ditto the comment made by the TL owner. I, too, have a 2005 TL and the low beams definitely don't light up the road. I live in the Bay Area on well lit roads, and didn't really notice it a lot until I took a long drive up the coast. The high beams could land space ships !
  • echangechang Posts: 5
    To Stuckintraffiq:
    Your post sounds like you are aware or part of some effort to rectify the many incorrect traffic problems with XMNavTraffic. Is there a phone number, email or website we can use to report the errors we see everyday? The incorrect traffic information (at least in San Francisco bay area) is absolutely frustrating, and just makes the system useless. If the traffic info does not get fixed, I will not resubscribe to XM after my free 1st year trial period.
    Below are examples of the incorrect traffic information I see almost everyday. Note the errors are usually showing heavy traffic when actual traffic is light or vice versa. I have not seen significant errors with accidents and incident locations.
    1. I-85 between I-280 and I-101.
    2. I-237 between I-101 and I-880
    3. I-280 between I-85 and I-880
  • Has anyone been told that a TSB is imminent for the auto-headlight-reminder-ding issue?
  • getakeygetakey Posts: 23
    agree with you on frustrating traffic data in bay area.
    Often 92 (San Mateo Bridge) is wrong in reverse commute direction. Will sometimes show yellow or red when everyone is going 70+

    Traffic flow on 280 has dissappeared from mine, but they seem to have added some stretches on 580 that were not there before.

    Also, the traffic flow has a signficant lag time even when it eventually becomes accurate. I see an incident icon appear pretty quickly, but if I'm in the area and experience slow traffic, flow does not show for at least 15 minutes. Similarly, does not clear back to blue for at least 15 minutes after clearing.

    My RL does not show any traffic info 30% of the time - do you experience this as
  • echangechang Posts: 5
    If your RL does not show traffic info and XM radio is working, it's most likely due to the SW. Acura had a SW patch sometime in May to fix this. I brought my Acura in for an update and it's not failed to show traffic so far since then.

    You may be right there is a lag time when the flow info becomes accurate, but I've not been able to validate it since I don't stay in the location long enough to check. If it's really updating after 15 minutes or more, it makes the system even more useless.

    I also wonder if the flow inaccuracy is partly due to car-pool lanes, since the website claims it shows the average of the lanes. Another thought is maybe only newly renovated lanes (like carpool lanes) have the underground sensors, but not the standard lanes. If so, the flow info is wrong based on the usually free carpool lane. Any thoughts on these hypotheses?
  • I took my RL in to get the front-end rattle fixed after I read here about the Service Bulletin. It's now fixed and it's wonderful to drive it on city streets now - it's like driving a different car.

    Now, if they could only fix the headlight warning chime!
  • getakeygetakey Posts: 23
    thanks for feedback on sw patch - I'll check with dealer. (I'm also having some volume issues with XM - there is a significant volume difference between some stations - perhaps all these problems are related.) Are you talking about the recall item or is this a separate patch?

    That said, my observation of incorrect flow is generally on freeways that do not have carpool lanes.

    I have yet to be able to use the system to make a decision on alternate routes. One-time I almost changed course because of displayed flow problems, but it did not materialize when I got to the displayed problem area. The other route would have been significantly longer.
  • echangechang Posts: 5
    I do experience the volume difference between some XM stations, but I thought it is normal even for other XM radios. The SW patch did not fix this.

    I also found out from XM website that we can report traffic errors from XMNavTraffic by calling XM Traffic at this number - 1-866-374-9396. I called this morning when flow was incorrect on CA-85. Surprisingly, there was no hold time, and I reported the problem. The person I spoke to informed me he will get someone to look into this.

    I think ALL of us RL owners who use (or try to use) XMNavTraffic need to call into 1-866-374-9396 to report traffic errors when we encounter them. If XM hears enough complaints from us AND if they get enough information on the error locations, they may finally fix the problems. Come on everyone, CALL XM TO REPORT YOUR TRAFFIC PROBLEMS!!
  • echangechang Posts: 5
    I was informed by XM website to call 1-866-374-9396 when our XMNavTraffic on RL shows traffic errors (like incorrect traffic flow and accidents). If all of us call XM when we encounter these traffic errors to complain as well as to provide information on the errors, XM may finally fix the problems.

    I called this morning to report a flow error while driving to work, and there was no hold time. The person I spoke to informed me he will get someone to look into the problem I reported.

  • bucketsbuckets Posts: 6
    regarding messages 196 197 and 199. xm screen not in sync with what is playing. has anyone had this problem fixed? i have been waiting since july for acura to call. no response. thanks
  • getakeygetakey Posts: 23
    thanks for the call-in number. They will get plenty of calls from me

    Regarding the volume changes between channels, I called XM support and they said that was not supposed to be the case and to go back to the dealer.
  • My RL is just one week old. After years of being a real stickler for regular tire pressure checks, I'm happy to have the TPMS. Of course, old habits die hard, and I got out my digital tire pressure gauge and checked the tire pressure this morning after a chilly overnight. I found a 2 psi difference between my digital gauge and the TPMS on the car. (My gauge showed 32 fronts, 30 rears, while the TPMS indicated 30 fronts, 28 rears. Has anyone else experienced this? Can this system be adjusted? Has anyone else experienced this? Can this system be adjusted? Which should I technology or my trusty gauge? Any input is appreciated.
  • Trust your gauge. The TPMS is NOT accurate for pressure. However, it will alert you to an incipient flat. I don't believe the system can be calibrated
  • I found my TMPS to be off by more than 2 psi.....and I double checked 2 different pressure gauges. The pressure gauges were correct while the TPMS was off by 4-6 psi. All in all, its still a really cool thing to have.
  • Has anyone encounted losing the titles of your pre-set xm channels. It wasn't like this when I first got my car, but now, when I turn the car on all but the current xm channel are labeled with only the channel number. If I change to FM and then back to XM I get the labels back. Also if I just select another xm channel that channel label comes back.
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