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My first post on this forum so expect some silly questions. I have a Chrysler Grand Voyager Europe model with a 2.8 Mercedes diesel engine and auto 'box. Not had it long so still learning it's little foibles.
Question 1. There has been a very small leak of a green/yellow liquid from a plastic box under the dash on the passenger side. The other day a plastic try fell off into the footwell. This contained some of the liquid and by performing various contortions and the judicious use of my wife's vanity mirror and torch I could see that it should mate to another piece of plastic which has what appears to be a thick paper filter in it (also green/yellow). It clipped back on and this appears to have solved the leak. What is this 'box', is it a cabin filter for the air con?
Question 2. Since curing that leak we now have another which having searched the forum I think it's the air con drain tube. Water like, no colour or smell. Am I right?
Many thanks for any helpful suggestions, like buy a Ford... ;)


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    Sounds like you're correctly onto the cabin air filter on question 1. Some of the parts in this video might look familiar.
    And it sure sounds like the AC condensation drain tube is the source of your new leak. Lots of how-to videos out there like this one. Not exactly your vehicle, but illustrates what's going on.
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    Either a clogged AC drain tube or the fresh air cavity drain is clogged up from leaves, debris, etc, getting into the fresh air vents under the windshield wipers. If this cavity fills up with water because it cannot drain, it will spill through various grommets and seams and leak into other portions of the car.
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    Thank you both for your suggestions. I am now worried about the green/yellow fluid that is in the filter housing as the one in the video is dry, which probably means another problem! Here in France Chrysler don't have any dealers so the nearest thing to it is Mercedes who in this region are rather thin on the ground and, being Mercedes charge Mercedes prices. Lovely car though.
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    Further to the above, is the green/yellow liquid aircon fluid or something else?
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    Having had the aircon recharged on another car I asked the mechanic if he had any idea what the coloured liquid could be and he immediately said it was added to the aircon fluid to find and fix leaks and as the leak hasn't persisted and the air is ice cold I think that's probably it. Thanks once again guys.
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