Which MDX - Same mileage and price but different year and package

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I live in San Diego and trying to decide between 2 MDX's:
1. 2014 certified pre-owned MDX with Tech package, 37K miles, Exterior color grey, FWD, leased with 1 owner, priced around $35k
2. 2016 base model MDX, 34K miles, Exterior color Graphite Luster Metallic, FWD, 2 owners (corporate fleet and personal), priced around $34K, through a BMW dealership.

The 2014 has the longer warranty since it's certified pre-owned and it has the Tech pacakage, but the 2016 is newer. I'm leaning towards the 2014. Is that the better choice?


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    Kind of a coin toss eh?

    When these kinds of questions come up I tend toward the newer model "just because". The 2014 CPO's warranty would offer a lot of peace of mind though and a one year old car with two owners raises questions too. Like, why is it being dumped so young?
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    Basically they are the same car. The MDX is getting a face lift for 2017. The only downside I see to the 2014 is if you try to resell it in the near future, you'll have a 3 year old car's depreciation to deal with.

    Sounds like the 2014 would be a good choice for the long-haul buyer but the 2016 for the one who tends to change cars quickly.
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    one more factor to consider, the 2014 has the traditional 6spd stick shifter, 2016 has the new 9spd push button. this 9spd is a love or hate affair, a lot likes it and gotten used to it in a couple of weeks, but there's also a lot that hated it.

    if you plan to drive it for the next few years, i'd say the CPO 2014 is a better choice with the added warranty.
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