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Need help ending lease

XenofeiXenofei Member Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Volkswagen
Hello all,

This is the fourth car I have leased in my life. Previously I had a Hyundai Accent, Honda Accord, VW Eos, and now a VW Jetta. I have 8 months left on the lease, 10k miles per year.

I really loved the Eos, and I switched to the Jetta hoping to lower my monthly payments. I have not had much luck with this car. Most recently, I had a faulty oxygen sensor in the catalytic converter and it took several weeks to order the part and get it installed, with several trips to the dealer required. I've also lost two hubcaps(not really VW's fault but I have never lost a hubcap on any vehicle before), and had to have my tire patched a few times.

That being said, I have only about 3k miles left. On my Eos, when I was getting low on mileage(about a year left on lease), they called me and offered to sell me miles at a discounted rate. I did not receive any incentive like that on this car.

I am ready to get out of this car! I did receive a call yesterday about a pull ahead program, they did not give me any details over the phone.

Here is my question, my VW belongs to a large group of dealerships in my area, all under the same name, Atlantic. If I were to go into the Jeep dealership, would they be willing to work with me or it doesn't work like that? Do you guys have any tips on what I can do here? I have a coworker who recently got into a beautiful jeep, 15k miles a year, no money down and their monthly payment is less than my Jetta!!

Thank you.


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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,821
    It's more likely that a VW dealer can get you out of your VW lease early, and into another VW lease, without taking a big hit.

    The other dealers? Not so much, even if they are in the same dealer group. If you don't want another VW, then ride the lease out and start from scratch.

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