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Hello all,
I recently received a 1977 Buick Regal from a friend and wanted to restore it. Do anyone have any pointers in the order I should get things done and where can I find replacement parts. I want to update the interior and exterior, but keep the parts looking like classic. My idea was to paint it midnight purple, put a black vinyl top, interior seats and doors are going to be a chestnut color with black carpet, dash, and seatbelts. I'm still trying to figure out the headliner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd check around for a Buick or GM club near you. Also I believe there is a national Buick owners club.
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    You might get a copy of Hemmings Motor News at your newsstand. They list a wide variety of vendors who would have some of the parts for your car---at least the stock items. For custom items, you could try Hot Rod magazine for starters. For upholstery work, check with any custom car shops, or hot rod owners in your area, and see who has a good reputation. This kind of work can be expensive so you want it done right.

    The best approach I think to your project is to really plan it out before you start anything. Take care of the mechanicals and body work before you tear into the interior. You don't want one job messing up another. Create a To Do list and a budget. Get estimates for work you aren't doing yourself.

    And remember, for a nice looking custome, less is often more.
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    Can't hurt to check local scrap yards. Mechanical parts should be very interchangeable and cheap as heck
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