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Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline



  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713

    First off, I don't want to sound like I'm bashing the Ridgeline, it looks like a winner.

    Since I'm just plain stupid, you do the math.
    The Ridgeline has a Gross Combined Weight Rating of 10,085lbs. Now subtract the base curb weight of 4,494 from GCWR which = 5,591 lbs. If your towing a 5000lb trailer, subtracting 5,000 from 5,591 leaves you with 591 lbs not including fluids or PEOPLE. Now if your family is very thin, maybe you can put 4 people in the Ridgeline and still be under the GCWR.

    Oh, if you don't understand GCWR. It means the max a vehicle and trailer can weigh together.

    For comparison, you can equip an f150 to have a GCWR of 15,000lbs. I don't doubt the Ridgeline can pull a 5000lb trailer as quickly as the F150, the F150 is significantly heavier, but if I were to be towing 5000lbs on a regular occasion (which I do) I know which one I'd rather have to tow.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    My man, you say you wish people would read and study, yet the battle you just described with the F-150 didn't exactly go that way. The reviewers felt the F-150 had a little more snap off the line and there was no mention of the handling vs the Ford F-150. The only mention was of the Toyota and the review said the Toyota felt stiff, almost sporty. You are confused with the SportTrac that was tested which to me makes Honda look ridiculous. An Accord would handle that thing.
    By the way, the F-150 would have creamed the Ridgeline if they had taken the F-150 out of 4-lo.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    Where can I find this comparison? Sounds interesting..
  • nwlily36nwlily36 Posts: 6
    We bought one last sunday.. first one North of Everett WA.. Woo Hoo! paid 1000.00 over MSRP.. it was worth every penny.. all the dealers in Washington are asking 2500-4000 over MSRP.. its crazy!!
    The tail gate is soo cool the way it opens two ways.. and when you swing the gate open.. the lights in the bed light up!! VERY COOL~!
    and the trunk is really roomy for whatever you want to use it for.. We got a Black one !! wow is it a beauty.. Totally cool
    We bought a Odyssey last yr.. and the Ridgeline this yr.. Honda is the Bomb!!! :-)
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    I am a Honda fanboy, albeit a reasonable one.I already placed an order for a Ridgeline but came across the towing issues. I have a 4000 lbs boat which can be towed by the Ridgeline easily as long as it is only me and my wife riding it. However I will have three more family members riding at the back. With 5 people plus a bed full of stuff whats the safest load I could tow now?

    Do you know how much I can tow with the Frontier with 5 passengers and stuff. How about the Tacoma? Pls don't suggest any V8's. V6's only domestic or Japanese is OK.

    Thanks in advance for your response.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    In answering your question, it all depends on how much weight you'll be putting in the Ridgeline.
    Since the GCWR is 10085 and the truck weighs probably somewhere around 4650 with a full tank. Deducting 4650 from 10085 gives you 5435lbs. From that, subtract the weight of your boat, 4000lbs. So you have 1435lbs left for people and gear. Now that is what the truck is rated for. If your not towing far or only on occasion have extra people then you'll probably be OK. If you'll be towing where it's hilly I wouldn't recommend being near or over the GCWR. Hopefully your boat has surge brakes and I would recommend changing the trans fluid after every summer. My boat is about 4500lbs and I've always changed the trans fluid in the Pathfinder every year and haven't had any trans trouble.

    As for the Tacoma, it has a 11,100lb GCWR and a 4100lb curb weight, so you have an extra 1500lbs to play with, plus quite a bit more power w/ the 4.0 V6. The extra torque will pay dividends and I'll go out on a limb and say it would be the better tow vehicle. The Frontier will be similar to the Tacoma. But they probably aren't as nice of a daily driver.

    As for a v6 tow vehicle, you can't beat any of these 3. The domestic offerings pale in comparison to the v6s offered by Honda, Nissan, & Toyota. (GMS inline 6s are OK, but you can't get it in a colorado)

    The bottom line is the if you like the Ridgeline, I think it would do fine job as long as you don't overload it. Looking at your situation if all 5 people weigh 200lbs, which probably isn't the case you have 1000lbs of people and can still have another 450lbs of gear. I do alot of boating with friends and family and I don't think I've ever brought anywhere near that much stuff along.

    One more thing. Have you every had your boat weighed at a public scale. If not, it might be a good idea to find out exactly what it weighs. They always seem to way more than what the salesmen and brochures claim. Hope this helps....
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    Thanks a million for your very fast response.I guess I have to go Nissan for my needs. Can't justify paying a whole lot of dough on Tacomas. The only safe Tacomas,with side and curtain airbags comes with a whole lot of unwanted price gouging bells and whistles. Wth Nisaan $250 dollars is all I need to get the optional protective sideairbags I need.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    Here's a link to Trailer Boats Magazine's tow vehicle of the year article. The Ridgeline is not included, but the Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado, Dakota, and Ranger are.
  • chuck999chuck999 Posts: 38
    I have the Ridgeline brochure but not the Owner's Manual. Throughout the BROCHURE there are lots of *** (Check manual for details) regarding towing.

    Someone on this forum reported that the OWNER'S MANUAL had a table saying something like this:

    Towing Capacity:
    2 Passengers - 5000 lbs
    3 Passengers - 3500 lbs
    5 Passengers - 2000 lbs

    I called Honda to see if this was TRUE, but the very polite person on the phone somehow did NOT have the owners' manual either ....

    Would an actual OWNER with an OWNER's manual be so kind to look this up and verify ...

  • chuck999chuck999 Posts: 38
    SO - on the honda forum someone ANSWERED this question .. Apparently the OWNER'S Manual Reads:

    "tk67triumph wrote:

    I did check out the owner's manual for towing info, which is:

    5000 w/2 passengers
    3500 w/3 passengers
    3000 w/4 passengers
    2000 w/5 passengers "

    First - this explains all the * (asterisks) in the BROCHURE ...

    Second - I think that Honda is being a bit deceptive, with the 5000 lb tow claim. What good is towing a 5000 lb boat or trailer if you've got to leave your three kids and dog home? ....
  • 6spdtl6spdtl Posts: 30
    The average weight for a " normal human" is 70Kg that is exactly 152lbs since the Ridgeline payload capacity is 1558 lbs, that means you can carry 0.5 tons (1000 lbs)in the back plus exactly 3.67 adults in the cab. Your GCWR calculations are entirely correct but that was not what I was talking about. The standard towing capacity of a tacoma is 3500lbs, its payload capacity is 1500lbs (same). And that is with a solid rear axle sorry guys, were are talking you are trying to compare vehicles that are on almost different planets when comparing "truck credentials" between the tacoma and the ridgeline. The ridgline is a compact truck that blows everything in its category clearly out of the water and canplay with the big boys as far as passanger accomodations are concerned. The fact that you can compare the towing capacity of the ridgeline with that of a fullsize truck with an optional big engine while hauling the same amount of weight is not to say that the ridgline can outtow it (DUH)the ford can tow >9000 lbs. Its simply a testament that no midsize truck can even touch its truck credentials. All the while providing a driving expirience that no truck in the planet is even close to offering.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,786
    FWIW, that "someone" was me. Yes, that' what the owners manual states. Also the tongue weights drop with passengers too. Those numbers are also there, but I couldn't remember them.

  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    did check out the owner's manual for towing info, which is:

    5000 w/2 passengers
    3500 w/3 passengers
    3000 w/4 passengers
    2000 w/5 passengers "

    First - this explains all the * (asterisks) in the BROCHURE ...

    Second - I think that Honda is being a bit deceptive, with the 5000 lb tow claim. What good is towing a 5000 lb boat or trailer if you've got to leave your three kids and dog home? ....

    THANKS for the above post. i'ts good to know that I've been spared from a potential expensive mistake.I'm a Honda person for life but I'm gonna pass on the Ridgeline.The Ridgeline can't just handle my needs, 5 passengers plus tons of stuff and a 4000 lbs boat.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    If you look at the tow ratings of most vehicles, the max tow rating doesn't leave much room for extra weight in the truck. Thats just the facts, they all do it. That's why it is important to understand how the tow ratings and GCWR relate to one another. The rule of thumb on tow capacities is to keep your towed load under 80% of the vehicles tow rating. That will give you a cushion when you have people and gear in the truck. Which means ANY vehicle with a 5000lb tow rating can in a more real world scenario tow 4000lbs.

    For comparison, Toyota really cuts the Tacoma close with its max tow rating of 6500lbs. Look at these numbers and you'll see what I mean. The Tacoma has a GCWR of 11,100lbs. 11100 - 4100 curb weight - 6500lb tow rating = 500lbs left for people and gear. I could probably do this for any vehicle and come out with similar results.
    What is sad is most sales people don't know, or at least tell this to customers and someone ends up buying a tow vehicle with a 5000lb tow rating to pull their 5,000lb boat, and the fully expect to bring along 5 people and their luggage for a weekend trip to the lake that is up in mountains and then they can't understand why they can only go 30mph up a hill.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    Your severely misguided if you actually think the Ridgeline blows everything out of the water in regards to towing. It's payload capacity looks good and as with all Honda's it's on road performance is probably better than the other trucks. I guarantee a Tacoma will walk all over the ridgeline with a 5,000lb trailer on back. The Tacoma has a 500lb weight advantage and lots more torque, which is what's needed to get things moving. But I think we a beating a dead horse, since most who need a tow vehicle to tow much over 3000lbs will be (or atleast should be) looking at other vehicles, which won't hurt Honda one bit. If someone has a fairly light load to tow , the Honda will do fine.

    IF the info in the manual actually shows different tow capacities down to 2000lbs for 5 people in the ridgeline, it shows towing is not one of its strengths.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    This is the reason I bought a full size truck. I don't want to be the guy who loads up the gear and the family/friends then breaks something. I guess the best way to settle the towing debate is ask Honda what they cover under warranty if you tow a 4,500lb trailer but one of your friends weighs more than 152lbs. I guess we all eat too much McDonalds.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 497
    I've got it - If you have a 4,000 lb boat to tow, just put your family in the boat! The Ridgeline should handle the 5,000 lbs just fine if you are riding solo.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 497
    Look at it this way. I do not have the exact numbers, but my guess is that 2 million plus pickups get sold every year. More SUVs than that get sold every year. I bring that up because I think the Ridgeline has good appeal as an SUV alternative.

    Honda is selling a niche product. While it is not the vehicle for heavy duty towing, it is not a work truck, and it is not a rock crawler, most buyers of pickup trucks and SUVs do not regularly tow 4,000 lb trailers, do not regularly carry 1,500 lbs of rocks, and do not drive the Rubicon Trail on their way back and forth to the office. THE RIDGELINE HAS ALL THE CAPABILITY MOST PICKUP AND SUV BUYERS NEED.

    Is it perfect? No. But along with offering enough truck capability to meet the needs of most folks, it promises to be a comfortable and safe ride, and it is a Honda. Is it more truck than the Tacoma, Frontier, or Dakota? No. But IMHOP, it is probably a better real world vehicle for most.

    To sell 50,000 units, Honda needs less than 1% of the total pickup / SUV market. Don't count on finding rebates and special deals on these babies anytime soon.
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150

    Hey that was brilliant, (seriously, no sarcasm intended). If push comes to shove and I insist on the Ridgeline even though it has towing limits, putting most cargo on the boat woud probably be the best solution. Any experienced boaters their care to react about the above solution?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    Honda says it's a 5000 lb tow rating with 2 adults and 175 pounds of cargo. So 2 adults and 3 little kids is feasable. I'm sure you can fudge those numbers a little. So you would be just fine with your 4000 lb boat and a thousand lbs of gear in the boat.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,194
    I don't know about the rest of the trucks in the world, but mine much prefers the weight in the bed versus on a trailer as far as hill-climbing, acceleration, etc. If your boat trailer has brakes, not a safety issue to put the gear in the boat, but I would think that it could pull it better with more weight in the bed and less on the trailer. I can put 2500# in the bed of my truck and still pull a hill at 60, but if I pull that same (or less) amount of weight in the form of a trailer, I have to shift down (~35 mph) to get the torque I need to pull the same hill. The funny thing is that I can pull a 10000# trailer at the same speed (~35mph). Oy. It can haul anything, but it won't do it fast!
    2008 and 2010 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • merrobmerrob Posts: 10
    can anyone post the recommended fuel for the tacoma and the frontier. i know it's regular for the ridgeline. with gas prices up this is a major issue for me.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    05 Frontier V6 crew cab automatic regular fuel 3000 miles no problems 19/20 mpg every tank
  • bootymanbootyman Posts: 1
    Are you getting that kind of gas mileage on a 2WD or 4WD truck? TXS
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Frontier CC LE V6 4x4. 17 mpg with 70/30 freeway/city 87 octane. I drive about 75 mph on freeway and punch it off the line a lot in town (too much fun with this much power).

    On a different note, I can't believe people on this forum who are concerned about their families health and will get everything to pretect them (side airbags, vsc, etc) and then will try to push the limits of these midsized trucks. If you need to do heavy pulling, get a full sized truck. If you are trying to decide if the dog pushes your GTW over the limit and if you can put him in the cab or has to ride in the boat, get a bigger truck, that simple (IMHO).
  • novanova Posts: 135
    2 WD . I live in south Florida. I understand that in cold weather you get less gas milage. In south Florida it never gets very cold, that it would impact the mpg's.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,713
    Yes you could move some things into the boat, but you need to pay attention to where you put the weight. Each axle on the tow vehilce has a specified weight capacity. You don't want to much weight in the back of the truck, then add 400lbs on tonque weight on top of that. You would be putting to much weight on the rear axle w/o a weight distributing hitch, which very few boats use. OTOH, boat trailers have max amount of weight they can carry as well. My boat trailer has a GVWR of 5000lbs. The trailer w/ a 4000lb load rating, meaning the trailer weighs 1000lbs itself. The boat weighs somewhere in the area of 3200lbs plus fuel etc. The last time I had it weighed, it was around 4200lbs w/o fuel. Add 35 gallons of fuel and water toys etc and it's around 4500lbs, so the I could put another 500lbs in the boat w/o overloading the trailer. You also need to be aware of where your putting the weight in the boat. To much in the front and you'll have to much tongue weight, which causes the front end of the tow vehicle to feel excessively light. To much weight in the back of the trailer will cause the opposite, to little tongue weight which causes trailer sway.
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    Thanks a million,

    Thats it for me I don't want to do any math and get myself a headache distributing the weight all around just because I got a Ridgeline. Leasing a Frontier would be my best solution for now.I'll check the Ridgeline 2 years from now and see if the the towing has improved and gas hasn't reach the $3.50 forcasted price ceiling.
  • 6spdtl6spdtl Posts: 30
    Guys guys (and gals) the point were trying to make here is that the ridgeline matches or exceeds all midsize trucks in hauling of towing. It is not meant to say that it can out tow a full size truck, it can't. Nevertheless, the great majority of truck owners regardless of size never tow or haul even close to the maximum capacity that those vecles can do. The ridgeline offers outstanding towing and hauling(for its size) fantastic driving characteristics plus all the safety and comfort ammenities you can think about. As far a truck credentials, its the truck (and more) that 85% of buyers need plus it offers accomodations, safety and driving performance no other truck and many cars can only dream of providing. If you tow horses, yatchs and other things that require a full size truck, sorry Honda doesn't make one for your requirements yet:)
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I talked to a guy at a gas station Saturday about his Ridgeline. By the way, there are people who don't know about so this guy's face was priceless when I start blabbing on about our discussions here. His wife locked the doors. He traded in a Tahoe for the Ridgeline and loves it. He hauls a ski boat and takes the family to the lake (didn't mention what lake, maybe scared I'd show up) and says no problems and higly recommends the truck. He then quickly left. Those things are pretty fast, by the way! So, while I'm not advocating the stalking of gas station customers, chalk one up for Honda in the real world.
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