Radiator Fan not turning on

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My radiator cooling fan is not turning on and is causing the car to overheat. I took it to the dealership and they said it was a bad TPIM module and quoted me 1,400 dollars to repair. Anyone else having this problem?

I have heard a bad TPIM module can cause fuel pump, airbag, and other safety issues but the vehicle is not having any of these problems.

Any thoughts?

Also, as a workaround I was thinking about whether it would be possible to bypass the TPIM and wire the fan to a switch? Lord willing I am going to drive this car till it dies but I don't have 1,400 dollars to layout right now.

Thank you.


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    You should contact THIS GUY

    He *claims" to offer some by-pass solutions but I can't endorse this because I haven't checked it out.

    In any event, Chrysler has had some massive TPIM problems, but I don't think your vehicle is on the settlement list, unfortunately.

    See MORE HERE.

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