engine diagrams for 1996 chrysler sebring convertible 2.4L to help with fire damage repair

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My power steering fluid leak just caused engine to catch fire. Due to age of car I couldnt get full coverage so either have to repair myself or junk. Engine is fine its ALL the hoses, tubes, and wiring near passenger side firewall that are the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  • willn2nstl4uwilln2nstl4u Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, that helped a LOT!! Never would have found that site without your info! Anginny chance you know of a sit i can get pics/diagrams of how vacuum hoses and engine components are located? Also how hard is it to replace power steering hoses? Hope I'm not getting greedy now!
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    alldatadiy is a good deal--costs I think $26 a year and given the scope of your project, well worth it.
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    thanks guys!! i havent disconected burned hoses and tubes to make it easier to replace them. then ive been goin to auto salvage yards to "reverse engineer" damaged parts. I also take pics of how it should look if i find my engine but once i get home its all just so overwhelming! I really appreciate your help!! gonna check out alldatadily tonight
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