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    I have an 08 se and have been trouble free just have 28,000 kms on it . Just love the car before that had an 07 sxt and it was good until I wrote if off. But one of the safest cars I have ever owned. Very reliable and just had the integrated Ipod accessorie added to it works excellent. I also put on the Mopar Performance dual cat back exhaust system on it and the milage is even better than before. So I am very happy with my car.
  • 77mac7777mac77 Member Posts: 13
    Nothing to do WITH the 2010-- I've got a 2008 AWD, RT-- but, the, RECENT
    SMALLER THAN USUAL number of posts to this forum with AMERICAN cars
    is due to the economy which is-- in part-- BECAUSE of the infatuation with
    While I happen to LOVE Chinese- and Thai-food, I hate Sushi and most
    OTHER Japanese and Korean made merchandise.
    I happen to actually ENJOY being A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-- despite living in a re-
    mote European location [volcano in backyard]. My WWII-veteran father would
    probably roll over in his grave if he knew my last car was German/ Japanese/
    American: a Dahmler-Chrysler with a Mitsubishi motor.
    Well, anyway, I'm not certain WHO the co-owner/owner of Chrysler is now, but I
    REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like my car. I treat my car better than my cat, and
    nearly as well as my wife. I'll always buy AMERICAN cars-- let the Japanese
    buy JAPANESE!
    Read any of my previous posts to see HOW much I love MY car.
    Did they ever fix the problem with seeing OVER the back seats in subsequent
    year models? THAT is the only problem-- which I OVERLOOK by keeping the
    back seats DOWN!-- as I "SEE" it!
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    I agree 100% but having said that facts are that there are 4 kinds
    of car owners that post to forums:
    1-people with real problems looking/needing help.
    2-people who suffers buyers regret and any shortcoming percieved or real
    generate rants.
    4-real car enthusiasts who are more than appliance operaters and
    enjoy exchanging ideals and helping the people with real problems.

    I like to think I fall in #4 but then again I have only 3 things to keep
    me busy my car,honeydolist and surfing the net.
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    I bought one of the first '07 Caliber SXT's sold in my area (Southern Indiana) and have been very pleased with the car so far. I've had it for 3.5 yrs. , had a flash update for emissions, and had the computer re-flashed for the stalling issue. Other than buying one set of tires for it that's it! I have 98K miles on the car now and am planning on replacing the drive belt and plugs at 100K. It's too bad a lot of Caliber owners got stuck with a lot of issues that new cars should not have. I guess I was fortunate enough to get a good one!
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