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Delayed Throttle Response, Drive-By-Wire system lagging

midnightdriv1midnightdriv1 Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Hyundai
I'm considering purchasing a 2016 Sonata SE (or maybe the Sonata Sport) as one of the larger dealers in my area is now offering the stripped Sonata SE's for $17,000. I test drove both an SE and a Sport. They both drove pretty well, but they exhibited a very noticeable lag in power response when taking off from a stop, and when stepping into the throttle when moving. There was almost a second of delay from pressing the accelerator before the engine responded. (In contrast the 2016 Camry I recently drove as a rental car had a very peppy throttle with no delays). I read some postings about a software patch to address this issue on the drive-by-wire system on the 2015 Sonata, so I would think this was already incorporated in the 2016's. Is anyone out there familiar with this issue? I really want to like this car more, but a sluggish right pedal is unacceptable. I miss the good old days of the mechanical throttle cable.


  • Was it in eco mode? I had rented a 2016 sonata and saw the same, but turns out it was in eco mode when I changed to normal/sport I did not see a lag.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've seen a few similar complaints about the Tucson doing that, also in eco mode. Seems kind of odd that both testers you drove would have defaulted to eco mode though.
  • tonyg2016tonyg2016 midwest, usaPosts: 665
    i own a 2011 sonata gls for the past 6 years; it also has the electronic throttle (old tech). There is no lag on mine - basically the same powertrain as the 2016. There is a software reset for the throttle system that MAY improve response but if it is that noticeable i would try another car. these Sonata's have many issues...the hyundai forums board has much more info on user issues than here...

    The Tuscon issue is with the ECO model, not ECO mode.
  • stekicarstekicar Posts: 31
    Avoid purchasing Hyundai. Lease it instead. Too many problems that Hyundai avoids to address. Talking from experience.
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