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2013 and Earlier - Audi S4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    Nice! Especially the part about the invoice price. I paid about half way between invoice and MSRP for mine, though I'm sure I could have paid a little less if I had been willing to shop a few hundred miles away. Good to hear you found one right away. I found the exact model I was looking for at a dealer as well and after I test drove it there was no way I was going home in a Nissan Sentra. I traded it in, dent and all on a beautiful '06 S4 that will keep me entertained until the new RS6 comes out.

    My B7 has about 9K miles so far. The only problem I have experienced happened one time when I was slowing down for a red light. I put the car in neutral at about 60mph and while I was coasting to a stop the engine stalled. When I noticed what happened I turned it over and the car started immediatly. No big deal, it only happened once, though I may have the idle increased a hair when I take the car in for it's 15K.
  • tcinoctcinoc Posts: 5
    Since I don't know how to post pics here and spend almost all of my time on Audi World you might want to pop in for a visit over there. This is the thread I posted showing the new ride! :)
  • dmvadmva Posts: 1
    Hi, Anyone have an idea of a fair price on a 2005 man S4 cab 25k miles, no nav, bose, prem,cold, xeon. Dealer is looking for about 48k. It is certified. thanks.
  • Hi everybody.....curious what people think about the deal I was offered. A dealership near me has a 05.5 S4 with 600 miles on it. It has nav, bose, prem, and they are talking about invoice for a price. It would come out to about 50k.....does that sound fair? What's the difference between 05.5 and 06? They told me I can still get new car financing on it...don't know where the 600 miles came from, but since it's an 05.5 it's been around for a while. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    I just bought the 07 S4 in Germany, U.S. specs, for $52,200. Includes Navi, Premium package, cold weather package, and audio package. The 07 S4 now has many previous options that are now standard on the vehicle, obviously taking que from the success the Acura TL has had in having all the neat stuff included in the price.

    The best part is that this is tax free, so no state taxes on it. Though I still have to pay the gas guzzlers tax. Will take 3 months to build, but I can't wait to drive on the Autobaun! :shades:
  • Hi there,
    as a female I need to ask your advice...just buying a new S4 and got an offer $3000 below MSRP and lojack at no charge. Should I get more down? I just started to do the whole thing via internet and I think that is a good start...
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    Is it a 06 or 07?
  • 07
  • sounds about right. i just purchased an 07 for roughly 3200 off msrp. good luck. the S4 is a blast!
  • I'm looking to lease a 07' S4. After the test drive the salesman offered me the following:

    Sale Price :51,586
    Cost : 49,586 + 2000 markup
    Total Cap Cost:53,723 (2,137 taxes)

    Security Deposits :$5,400

    57% residual
    (Total residual: $29,537 @ 36 months)

    15K per year

    24 months: $1027 per month
    36 months: $862 per month

    Is this a good deal or is the dealer working me over?

    Thanks! :)
  • the only way i would ever lease a vehicle is if i was sure i would put the amount of miles on the car the lease allows. i leased an A8 and i am currently way under mileage at the moment so i'm pissed i didn't get my monies worth. the 07 S4 i just picked up i purchased. put 6k down. payment is about 980 per month for 60 months. so unless you are sure you will put 36k or 24k on the vehicle a lease may be for you. if not basic finance rates are better than most lease money factors. good luck.
  • just wanted to give you all a headsup...a colleague of mine just bought an 05.5 s4 (tip, loaded) from his local porsche/audi dealer for $40k. the car had 3800 miles on it, original msrp of $56k...i thought that was a very good deal, no issues with the car at all.
  • My dealer tells me it will take up to 5 months to build the S4 Avant to my specs, and they want to sell me one they have. Does that sound right?
  • i can't tell you if the dealer is bs'ing you but S4 avants do seem to be few and far between.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    It doesn't take 5 months to build and deliver, however, the factory is so backed up with orders they may not even get to yours for another 2 - 3 months,
  • Thanks.
  • Maybe this will help you, maybe not. Not sure where you are located, but I talked to a dealer at Hoffman Augo in CT with 3 05 S4's Avants MSRP between $50k - $52k said he could probably work it down to near $45k. Check the webpage and search their inventory.
  • THANK YOU!!!!!
  • I just purchased a 2007 S4 from a dealer in Wisconsin. I ended up at $2100 over invoice. I think I could have got it down more, to probably around $1600 - $1700 over invoice. The 2007's seem to be selling well, but probably not so much in the winter in Wisconsin. The salesperson said they will sell all the S4's on the lot when spring arrives (of course, that could be just talk).
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Audi has really cut back on production of the 06-07 S4's models. They made too many 2004/2005 models with the new V8. Audi is trying to keep the S4 more exclusive and special with the new grill & styling.
  • The dealer (New Country in CT) is offering two 2004 S4s (one with nav and 30k; the other does not have nav and has about 28k)for 36,900. What's a good price?
  • s4ers4er Posts: 2
    Just purchased an 07 S4 with 3,800 mi...think the deal was ok, but believe I could have done better. Specs:

    - Brilliant Black
    - 18" BBS RE Rims
    - Nav System
    - DTM
    - Audio Pkg
    - Premium Pkg
    - Blue Tooth Phone Prep
    - Carbon Fiber Beltline Trim
    - Rear Acoustic Parking
    - Tire Pressure Monitoring
    - Heated Front/Rear Seats

    Dealer wanted $52K I offered $49K...they accepted. In hindsight, know they would have gone lower...damn! All that said, love this all around car (power, luxury, fun to drive) I've owned :)
  • Leased a 2007 S4 Cab Fully loaded with 15k mile allowance and every available option for $1100 with nothing down except gas guzzler charge. Tax worked into payments. Looks like a good deal because no one else came close. Took 4 months to get it.
  • Early 50's mid-life crisis here. Want a quality fast German 4-door sedan. Owned a new '86 S-Series M-B for 3 yrs. and loved it, but gave it up for perception' issues (don't ask :cry: )... went 'American' for quite awhile, but need that German feeling again. I'm torn between a new M-b C55 and the S4. Need advice... thanks!! :confuse:
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    If you want a fast car that corners on a dime, the S4 is for you. Sure, the BMW M models might beat it off the line, but in a slalom, the S4 kills it. The quatro on this thing is amazing. I actually live in Germany right now and am having a blast with this car. There is this windy country road in between my house and my work that I take the thing on and I am doing corners at 60 - 70 mph that I would have never have thought before to take above 40mph. It is just fricken amazing. If you are looking for something to shoot off the line, this car is not for you. However if your looking for that power to give you constant acceleration from zero up until as fast as you want it and to take corners at almost any speed, this car has the power at any speed. On the autobahn I can get this thing from 80 mph to 150 mph in about 10 - 20 seconds.

    Again, it wasn't the speed that so impressed me about this car, it's the fact that it corners on a dime!!! :shades:
  • s4ers4er Posts: 2
    Agree with mdhauke. M3 vs S4, S4 is a slam dunk...Audi interior craftsmanship is 2nd to none, all-wheel drive, four doors and superior handling caps the 2-door M3's slight advantage 0-60. That said, the new BMW 335i 4-door is worth considering...couple ticks advantage 0-60, 4 or 5K price advantage...all around a very good car, but lacks all-wheel drive. Bottom line...I'd drive both and make your choice and buy the car that's right for you.

    BTW...I decided on the 07 S4. More exclusive (just don't see that many compared to the BMW 3 series), all-wheel drive, a sweet sounding V8 and a look that really appeals to me.

    Bottom one can make the call for you; you need to buy the car that speaks to you.
  • Hi everyone! I am planning to do an engine swap for my A4 to the S4 engine 2.7T bi-turbo V6. I know that its cheaper to buy the Audi S4 itself but the point of me doing the engine swap is for cheaper insurance and i don't mind the money and time i will put in the swap. So if anyone knows, i am just wondering which year 2.7T bi-turbo V6 engine is the Best selection in terms of power and quality for the B5 model. If anyone can tell me the year and why, i would really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much.
  • Are there any end of the year killer deals on S4 leases?
  • 1in2501in250 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm considering purchasing this 25th anniversary S4:
    link title
    I drove it today, and it's pretty sweet. However it's got a black roof. EVERY other pic I've seen on the 'net of the 25th anniversary cars shows the roof body-coloured.
    The Carfax is clean, so I'm curious if Audi changed the roof colour during the limited production run, or if the original owner must have painted it?
  • I have never seen or heard of two-tone S4s, I agree with you that the owner likely painted it black. I have one S4 and am shopping for another one - not impossible to have a two-tone factory original, but unlikely.
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