Need to Lease 3 row vehicle that has good head and leg room for tall people. What kind?

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My 2010 VW Routan SEL Premium had an electrical module problem for the second time in 6 months. That's a $1,000 repair. Out the door it goes. Should I look at the Mazda SUV, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, what? Just need some opinions, please. I don't want to buy the car after three years, just trade in.

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    The Routan has had electrical problems for the past year. We never know when it going to start and when it's not going to start. When it does start, sometimes the entire dash board lights up with all the warning signs, no turn signals, no speedometer, no gas gauge, everything shuts down. We spent $1,000 last December to have a module replaced. Now they say we need another replacement. Since day 1, the car has a severe shimmy when slowing down to 50 from higher speeds. The dealer can't seem to fix it.

    Thanks for the advice on a replacement.
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    Any suggestions for a two row truck based SUV? I'm reading that Tahoe is sluggish.
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    My answer was confusing, sorry. I meant to say 'any reason you want to get something other than a minivan?'

    I have no problem with getting rid of the Routan.
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