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Ford Taurus X Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Just because a dealer is honest, doesn't mean that you can't write to the company about their incompetence. They should have called the other dealer to determine if the car is really available or just a demo. The same with the previous message. The only way a dealer is going to get the message are letters to the company. Dealers live & die by the survey.
  • You were a lot kinder than I would have been. I would take my time calling back and make them do it on your time, such as after five some evening. Make them provide a loaner car, put them out some how. If they really want the rims back, they need to work around what you demand! :D
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    How does that old adage go 'he who has the gold makes the rules'? Unless I see some effort with dealers, this the rule I live by these days - never use to - but I have got tired of being inconvenienced for someone elses benefit. This from someone who has had a service manager fired due to plain incompetence. Usually, you will get more consideration and attention if you owe someone something rather than the other way around.

    I would do it at your convenience - maybe at the first service period.

    Reminds me of recent episode with my Saab dealer to replace the left headlamp wiper motor. One hour job went 2.5 hours before they worked up the courage to come out and tell me the motor they had ordered was for the right side!
  • yeah, first service sounds about right. The rims should be okay, but the tires are going to have some miles on them. The wife's going out of town with the car, wonder if there's some legal requirement on reporting actual miles on tires, and I wonder how often dealers switch semi worn tires on cars that look new. No vin number on tires I'm aware of. I'll definitely be requesting new tires.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Of course if you end up putting 30,000 miles on a tire, a few hundred miles here or there doesn't mean much.
  • I went to Ford's website, but they don't have lease information for the Freestyle. I was looking at a Freestyle SE w/ AWD and the convenience package. Any ideas? Somehow I think it will be higher than the nearly ubsurd $299 lease promotion on the new Explorer XLT.
  • I've actually been checking quotes for the FS and from what I can see, they right now are waiving sec. deposits and acq fees, and they have good interest rates and residuals with some cap cost reduction. Good luck.
  • We actually went to a dealer real quickly yesterday to test drive a Freestyle, and ask a few questions about pricing. The salesman wasn't the greatest, and I'm not even sure if he wanted to sell a car from his attitude, but without ANY negotiation on our part or incentives on the dealer's side whatsoever (in fact, the net cap cost was basically set at MSRP), the lease price we were given on a Limited (with no options - no sec deposit) was $477/mo (w/6% tax). If you put $485 (or something like that) down as a sec dep the fee was about $455 (w/6% tax).

    Now, I know the X3 3.0i is a completely different animal, but my parents just picked one up from BMW a few months ago. Their car is nicely optioned, it's a much more expensive vehicle, and they're spending almost $80/mo less.

    Is Ford really trying to push people away from the Freestyle and into an Explorer? The $299/mo value of the Explorer XLT lease is so heavily incentivized compared to the fees for the less expensive Freestyle that it makes me wonder what Ford is thinking.

  • Why don't you share the X3 lease info with your Ford dealer and see if the terms for a Freestyle Limited lease don't get suddenly better. Also, make sure you're comparing apples to apples when comparing lease's. For instance, didn't the X3 lease include a considerable down payment? (capital cost reduction, deposit, etc.) Allowed yearly mileage is another way leases vary. A persons credit rating may make a difference as well.
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Good advice - you really need to be careful in comparing. You can run some numbers to check out what Ford is offering on many auto websites, including this one. You need to be sure Ford is giving you all the terms in order to evaluate properly. There should be no hidden numbers. These tools are also very helpful in understanding effect of downpayment and interest rate.

    On my recent lease, I found the Ford worksheet missing some numbers. As you suggest, I took in my own numbers (both from my own research and competitors) to arrive at an agreeable monthly rate. I jsut made them rework whatever they had to to get the right answer!
  • Hi dieselg4. I suspect that a Ford Freestyle will be more expensive to lease than a Ford Explorer as well. We can find out how much the exact Freestyle that you want will cost to lease if you let me know which model you want, a Freestyle SE 2WD, a Freestyle SEL AWD, etc..., its full MSRP, and approximate selling price.

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  • These posts have been very interesting to read.

    Here's my buying experience--I purchased my SE Freestyle Jan, 12, 05 from Gresham Ford in Gresham, Oregon (near Portland).

    They treated me very well-were patient and not condescending--very important because I was a "single woman" buying the car. And I should mention that I had excellent credit but no job at the time. I took it for a test drive and really liked it. When I told them I had to leave for a doctor's appointment they offered to let me take the car. We hadn't done any paperwork on it or anything. I came back after my appointment and finished the purchase. It did take a while but they worked to find me a good deal for the financing. I even got a free Ford watch and baseball cap out of the deal. And my son got a free toy Ford semi-truck. We drove home that night in our new car! :D

    About two days later I noticed a problem with the paint-it was "bumpy." It took three trips to the dealer to finally get it cleared up. The Ford district manager was there and even looked at the car & took pictures. Each time they gave me a rental car for free. It was some sort of material on top of the paint, possibly picked up during transport. They buffed it out and shined it up-it was gorgeous and the whitest white car I've ever seen.

    Unfortunately I wasn't planning to buy a car-I just wanted to look at the Hybrid Escape and ended up driving a Freestyle. I could have waited to buy and get in on the financing deals but I didn't want to. My 05 SE AWD cost me 27295 USD. But the treatment at the dealership has been worth the few extra bucks it cost me to buy it from them. I'll take good service over a good deal any day. And I don't think I paid too much, I just didn't get a great "deal" on the car. But I LOVE IT and won't trade it for anything, except a new one in a year or two. :shades:
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I agree with u. Well said.
  • mtdsmtds Posts: 1
    Car_man - Since I haven't seen dieselg4's reply I am interested in a Ford Freestyle Limited AWD with MSRP ($30,580) and approximate selling price, true market value($30,254)per
  • Hi mtds. I take it that you would like me to estimate what this vehicle's lease program should be for you. You never mentioned how long you want to lease it for or how many miles per year you want to be able to drive it, so for now I will assume that we are talking about a 36 month lease with 12,000 miles per year. You definitely can do a lot better than the terrible True Market Value price that is listed for this model right now. Using the pricing that is currently being offered through Ford's "Keep it Simple" promotion a 2006 Ford Freestyle Limited AWD has an MSRP of $31,280 and a selling price of $28,228.62. Since you are leasing though, the cash incentives on this model are $500 less, so the capitalized cost would be based upon a price of $28,728.62. Using these numbers, if you were to lease this truck through Ford Credit right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $378.

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  • n_a_cn_a_c Posts: 7
    I bought a 2006 SE with traction control and the safety package for $23,495 cash with no trade in. I’m happy with getting $3300 off MSRP :) Two months ago I had signed to buy a similar 2005 for $22,400 – but that deal fell apart when the dealership found out the car (which was at another dealership) was a demo. I believe that was an honest mistake. It worked to my advantage because the dealer knew I was serious. In our negotiations, I stuck to my desire of a SE in Silver, with 2nd Row bench and safety package – no exceptions.

    They called with a couple prices for a 2006 – first 24,300 then a week later 23,700. I went to the dealership on a rainy Friday, ready to sign if they came down to 23,500. Instead, they withdrew the 23,700 offer. I walked out and they said they’d call if they could come down in price. They called a few days later saying the exact car we wanted was coming into their dealership in a few days, and they said the could offer the 23,700 price again. My wife held firm and said we wouldn’t accept anything above 23,500. They said ok and the deal was done over the phone.

    I just picked it up a few weeks ago, and with tax and registration I gave them a personal check for a bit over $25,000. I also found out then that the car has traction control – which I hadn’t requested. I was happy to get the $200 bonus :) Even though it was standard for 2005 and the option probably costs Ford all of $5 to implement (change the ABS computer code and put the switch on the dash).

    I am very happy with myself for holding firm on price and options, and getting the exact car I wanted.
  • Just purchased a 2005 SEL AWD w/Safety & Front Comfort Packages along with 50/50 3rd row seat; out the door excluding T,T & L for $ 24,720.00 The dealership also gave me fair trade-in value on a 99 taurus w/118,000 miles which came off the $24720.00 total. Actual dollars spend $ 23,520.00 Everything went very smooth until, signing paperwork time came. I made an appointment with the finance person, my sales person phoned me to ask if I could come early. I did and ended up waiting 90 minutes just to get into the finance office ( this turned out to be 60 minutes past my orginal appointment time). I honestly just about cancelled the deal and left because of this, It turned a great buying experience into a below average one.
  • These boards at Edmund's are fantastic! I just bought a 2006 Freestyle SE (FWD) from Patchett's Ford in Stanislaus County, California for $24,944 (Convenience & Safety groups + Traction Control). The boards here helped me zero in exactly which vehicle I wanted, and alerted me to a Freesyle dashboard reflection problem which I was able to avoid by specifying a dark shale interior.

    I used Edmunds four years ago to decide on a Camry XLE, which I bought from Cars Direct on-line due to advice here.

    I wanted a station wagon with reasonable gas milage but the Taurus has been phased out with no replacement wagon from Ford. We're still moving college-age children to and from school, and need cargo capacity capable of carrying a twin bed mattress and box spring.

    Passats are too small, while the Mazda DA6 has a lethal side-impact safety rating absent side airbags. The Subaru Outback requires high-octane gas while its stock engine can't handle hills and airconditioning both, and is too expensive with a more powerful engine. The Toyota Highlander's stock engine has lousy gas milage - 20-21 mpg on a highway. We even considered a minivan, but the Toyota Sienna is the only one with decent mpg while requiring high-octane, which defeats the point. The boards here were critical in teaching me the bad points of vehicles I decided not to buy.

    The Freestyle topic about Real World MPG convinced me that the Freestyle is capable of 25-27 mpg freeway milage if cruise control is employed to take advantage of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). My 2002 Camry XLE with the 4-cylinder engine gets 32mpg on the freeway when the cruise control is used.

    My wife and I test-drove an AWD Freestyle today to check its visibility (marginal), its ride (adequate on the dreadful local freeway - Highway 99 betewen Turlock and Modesto, but not as good as my Camry's), and interior noise (almost as quiet as my 2002 Camry's, which is saying something).

    The Ford dealer knew he was competing against Cars Direct and so gave us a good no-hassle price. We probably could have gotten another $500 off, but we've bought cars from him before and relationships are sometimes important. When my wife totalled her previous station wagon, the Ford dealer found us a replacement for it within 48 hours.

    And I am aware that the Freestyle will be phased out after the 2007 model year - I read that here too. The decision is understandable if you consider that Ford trades off performance for reliability, as shown by the 200hp V6 Duratec engine in the Freestyle, which is less powerful than competitors' engines with the same displacement.

    The CVT Ford uses would have its reliability fall off too much with a more powerful engine, so Ford has to drop the CVT if it wants to increase Freestyle power. And customers in this market are not like my wife and I - they prefer power over milage. Not to mention that the newness of the CVT means that most buyers don't know how to maximize the CVT's mpg advantages over a conventional transmission.

    So the 2008 Mercury-only version of the Freestyle will probaby debut with 250hp engine and conventional transmission. Ford will use CVT's only for vehicle lines whose engines never exceed @ 200hp.

    For my wife and I, however, the 2006 Freestyle has the same horsepower per weight ratio of our 2002 Camry sedan and Taurus station wagon, i.e., adequate. And the Freestyle is the only vehicle we can buy with both our desired cargo capacity and 25+ mpg freeway milage using regular gas.

    The discussions here are marvelously informative. Thank you.
  • The only Freestyle Limited I can find that comes close to the options, trim, etc. I want is halfway across the country. The dealer wants to charge me $1300 for profit and transport to their lot.

    I figure I am better off just ordering from the factory. I found a dealer who will gaurantee x-plan pricing + whatever rebate is availble when they deliver my Freestyle.

    Does this seem reasonable for a $500 deposit?

    I get the exact vehicle I want but may only get the x-plan discount if there are no rebates next month. However, if they offer a rebate I'll get that too.

    Another dealer I talked to wouldn't gaurantee anything. He wasn't asking for a deposit but the price would be negotiated after the car showed up on the lot. He did indicate he would sell for $300-400 over invoice which they do for most of their vehicles anyways.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I rather pay the deposit and know the price up front. You're risking the $500 if there's something wrong with the car, but otherwise when the car comes in who knows what you'll pay!
  • I agree. I would rather pay the $500 then not be certain what you are going to pay when it arrives. I knew someone that waited until their car came in and then someone else saw it at the dealership and the dealer sold it to the other person because they were willing to pay more.
  • 05 Norsea Blue SEL

    50/50 Split Seat
    Front Row Comfort Package
    Aux Climate Control
    2nd Row Center Floor Console

    28425 MSRP
    Simple Plan Price 26540
    -2000 cash back
    -1000 ford credit bonus
    -750 katrina discount
    +1195 dealer added all leather seats in all three rows

    Final price 23985

    4440 below original msrp / 2203 below original invoice

    Seems like a good deal especially with the real leather seats as opposed to leather seat covers on the first two rows and vinyl on everything else. Since it is an '05 traction control is free.

    Still trying to score on the deal of the :)
  • Congratulations on a great deal. I didn't know you could get factory leather seats for third row? I'll have to check into getting those.
  • Sounds VERY good. I never heard of the Kartina discount. Is that for the Louisiana region or something ?
  • Yes, the Katrina discount was just for certain areas of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

    I decided to go with a shadow gray limited as I just had to have the black leather and sliding bucket seats in the middle row.

    What a great car!
  • I do not beleive the third row is leather from the accounts I have seen here on this site and the other FS forumn. I thought the "leather" package for the FS was only the 1st/2nd row seating surfaces only...

    from the website;

    "3rd-row 50/50 split bench seat with perforated vinyl with fold-down- into-floor feature (requires Front Row Comfort Package, leather-trimmed front seats and 2nd-row seats)"
  • I believe from the original post that the leather interior in this case was dealer installed (aftermarket). You are correct that with the factory leather interior, the 3rd row seat is all vinyl (on the front seats, only the seating surface is leather, the remainder is vinyl) with either the SE/SEL optional or Limited standard. The vinyl available today is very good and can be difficult to tell that it is not leather. By the way, this is the same with most other US manufacturers also - Chrysler and GM -
    the 3rd seats are all vinyl and only the seating areas are actually leather.
  • Why would the dealer be installing an aftermarket leather interior? I have never heard of such a thing... Not to say it doesn't happen it just seems a bit fishy to me that they would be doing that on a brand new vehicle, it more seems to me a bit of a $1100 scam...Having the dealer install a aftermarket leather package might affect the passenger side air bags effectiveness if the seats weren't tested with them. This story just seems more than a bit wrong to me that's all... just pointing out my skepticism
  • Dealers install aftermarket leather interiors all the time when a customer wants to replace the original cloth interior with leather at purchase, or when a certain vehicle or trim level is not offered with a leather interior. Note that the optional leather interior on many cars runs $800 - $1200, so $1100 is not too bad a price. I had the cloth interior replaced on my Tahoe at delivery several years ago. The vehicle they had in stock was cheaper to have this done than to factory order one, there was a $2500 rebate that would expire if I did not buy from stock. On many vehicles, including my Tahoe, the side passenger airbags are not effected as they have a cutout on the side of the seat with a plastic cover that the seat fabric/leather goes around.
  • Just took delivery of a 2006 Merlot/Pebble Freestyle Limited, with safety option, 6 passenger seating, second row center console, front wheel drive, auxiliary climate control, and adjustable pedals. Would have liked to have the remote sensing option, but couldn't find one with the rest of what I wanted.

    So far, so good. Price was $27,600 on X-Plan and I got 48 months at 1.9% financing. Ford Dealership (Hagen Ford, Bay City, MI) was fine. I actually went to the next town over, as the dealership in my town seemed to not care whether they got my money or not. Same impression on three separate visits to the dealership. I felt like I was having to beg to get someone to pay attention to me.

    a) the auxiliary heat for the second row is really only on the driver's side. There's not a vent on the passenger side.
    b) the third row only has cup holders on the passenger side, which is kind of stupid. They could have easily put cup holders into the center console or on both sides, but didn't. The sales rep thought that the third row cupholders were because of the location for the fan motor for the auxiliary heat. Could be, but it's still some poor design.
    c) The second row center console has a significant amount of dead space that could have been used, like for a storage drawer or something.
    d) on the 7 passenger model, the front console has a flip out for second row for cup holders. They take that out when there's the second row console, which also seems stupid to me.

    However, I like the lines of the car, the way it drives, and the fact it gets significantly better milage than anything else close in size.
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