Oil consumption and now new engine

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We have had nothing but issues with this vehicle since we bought it brand new. From the first oil change up until now we have been told it was normal for some oil consumption with these vehicles. Within the last year alone we have had the oil consumption test done in December 20th 2015 w/52k miles, Then January 3rd 2016 w/53k miles, brought the vehicle back in due to an engine noise at that point. January 13 2016 w/54k miles, engine light came on and had a rough idle when at stop signs or stops, at this time they replaced a solenoid. March 13 2016 w/57k miles, still an awful noise coming from the engine that has been going on at low rpm or idle and didn't matter if the engine was cold or hot. At that time it was concluded there was excessive oil consumption and they replaced the timing chain, tensioners, and piston rings. We also had to PAY for the oil change at that time due to this issue which is really a shame! March 27 2016 w/58,300 miles, coolant was leaking from the vehicle and had to replace the water pump. Then March 29th 2016 w/58,454 miles, radiator hose clamp broke and had to be replaced. Now we come to July 27 2016 w/66,633 miles, there is another engine noise this time on a cold start up lasting about 20-40 seconds then it goes away. They replaced both solenoids this time thinking that was the fix. Noise is still continuing on so now after the dealership had to diagnosed it with GM techs they have to replace the entire engine!! An engine at 66k miles!!!! We have a lemon! I am so disappointed and upset. I can't even say one good thing about our Equinox. We have a 2006 Honda Civic that I can count on 1 hand the number of times it has been in the shop over its "lifetime" and that is only due to normal wear and tear on the vehicle. I am really honestly regretting buying a GM product at this point especially this Equinox. How are we to know that this won't all happen again starting at 50k miles on this "new" engine? How are we supposed to know that it is a new engine and not a rebuilt one the dealership is getting from somewhere. So now I sit on day 7 without my vehicle this time and it will be probably another week from today until its completely done. Where is the compensation for my time away from work, sitting in the shop, without my vehicle for days on end when these fixes were happening?? This vehicle is a lemon. Don't buy a 2012 Chevy Equinox!!!


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    My 12 now has over 110K miles now and running strong with frequent OC and weekly checking of fluid levels etc. still love the nox. Prior 12s if a 4 cyl I won't touch.

    Oh I did do a coolant and trans flush and hoses changes, no vehicle is free of maintenance
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    This is a 2012 with the 4cyl. I understand normal maintenance things but this is well beyond that.
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    My personal experiences over the years has led me to believe, right or wrong, that Detroit vehicles seem to have more variability in production than the Asian leaders. Don't know if that is a result of changing vendors, weaker QC, or too much slop in the tolerances.
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    Have found with these the break in procedure and a meticulous maintenance schedule has more to do with it than anything.
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    2007 Chevy Colorado oil consumption in excess
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    Any help woul be appreciated
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    Dirty, rusty oil on dipstick, 2 qts oil in 12 days. No blue, whit or black smoke. No oil stain on ground or truck body. Engine stalling I’m guessing low oil, soon as I add it runs but rough. Wondering about pcv or the top inlets
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    2 qts in 12 days with no smoke. It has to be going somewhere. The catalytic converter could be catching a lot of the smoke, at least for a while. The rough running after adding oil could point towards oil getting into the combustion chambers. Did you pull any spark plugs to see what they look like?
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    I think I'd do a cylinder leak-down test. This would pin point cylinder wear or head gasket issues.
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