2016 Mazda3 Prices Paid

donlibesdonlibes Member Posts: 2
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Purchased a 2016 Mazda3 s Grand Touring 5-door with Tech package

Base price $27000
Rebate $-1000
Doc Fee $300
Tire Recycling Fee $4
Subtotal: $26304 ($770 below Edmunds TMV of $27074)

6% Maryland Tax $1638
Title Fee $100
Security Interest $20
Registration Fee $35
Temporary Tags $20
Electronic Registration Fee $20

OTD: $28237

This was at http://www.ourismanmazdaofrockville.com/ which just sent me an email saying that if you mention my name, I'll get reward points (although I don't actually know what that's good for at the moment) but at least they can't deny the deal!

Before agreeing, I took the offer to another Mazda dealer who said "I am not willing to beat that price.......if that's a real price, it would be the deal of a lifetime. That's is it's a real price which I am 100% positive it is NOT."


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