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2015 GMC Acadia AC (Air Conditioning) Issues

drcorsodrcorso Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in GMC
Just wanted to share an experience with our 2015 GMC Acadia. At about 14,700 miles our AC stopped blowing cool air. Of course this happens at the peak of the heat of summer. We just had it repaired under warranty and it was the rear evaporator core was leaking refrigerant and they had to replace the evaporator core and the blower motor case. I wanted to note it here as a google search brings up a lot of history with AC issues and this vehicle and it's borther and sister models the Traverse and Enclave. I guess we will see how long this repair lasts.

For the record my 2000 Toyota Tundra has never had any AC issues and has not even had to be recharged yet. Granted there have been many other major issues with this vehicle even out of warranty Toyota took care of most issues at no cost to me. Hopefully if this issue repeats GMC does the same.


  • Our 2016 GMC Acadia has just been repaired due to the rear evaporator core. We had about 29,000 miles on the vehicle. It was repaired under warranty. A problem seems to be here...
  • My 2015 Acadia had the AC light flash 6 times. Same thing rear evaporator and blower motor replaced. Under warranty, just barely.
  • mandatinymandatiny Posts: 3
    To my surprise there is quite a discussion happening on how bad GMC A/C works. We have a 2016 Acadia and have to take it in to the dealership to get a new compressor already. It only has 54,000 miles and isn't even 3 years old. Getting a new compressor is not cheap and I cannot believe there was not a recall or that from year to year they didn't fix these issues. This was our first GMC and we raved about it. I won't be recommending it to anyone and I certainly don't think we'd buy another.
  • AkosAkos Portland, OregonPosts: 1
    The a/c in my 2015 acadia just stopped working at 35k miles due to the evaporator core. Seems like there are a lot of these and seems like it should be a recall after $1400 in repairs
  • LitlmomLitlmom TexasPosts: 1
    We own a 2015 Acadia. We took a two week summer vacation last year (2017). We were driving through the dessert on our way to California when our AC decided to quit blowing cool air. We had about 25,000 miles on it at the time. We took it to a dealership and they found a leak in the front hose. They said it had been rubbing against something metal next to it. They replaced it at no cost because it was still under warranty. Fast forward to two weeks ago. We were driving home from a local grocery store when the AC quit blowing cool again. We have 32,000 miles on it now. Took it to the dealership again, this time it was the rear evaporator core. They said it had a leak, which drained all the Freon. The next day they fix it, but while they were charging it up and letting it run, the hose busted that was connected to the rear core. They said it had been rubbed through where it had be rubbing against some metal. We purchased the extended warranty, good thing because even though we don’t have 36,000 miles yet, we are past the 3 year mark. They fixed it again at no charge to us. My husband is about over this Acadia, he is thinking it might be a good time to trade this one in on something else.

    Yes, there should be a recall on this issue.
  • Here we are again. Our rear evaporator coil has failed again in our 2015 GMC Acadia. It failed about September of 2018 but we are just getting to having it looked at now as we did not need it much after it had failed. It was last replaced in August of 2016 and the vehicle was purchased in May of 2015. So it seems these are a consumable item at every 2 months needing to replace it.
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