Need help deciding which car to sell

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Hello there,
I recently bought an SUV to accommodate a growing family and now have to decide which older car to replace -
a. 2006 Honda Accord w/ 126k miles - bought in 2008 - paid total incl tax- $15600 - Current value - $4750
b. 2011 Infiniti G37 w/ 51k miles - bought in 2014 - paid total incl tax - $27000 - current value $16500
Both the cars have been paid off.

I tried to put the G on the market, but found the best offer to be at 16.5k. Net net I am making a 10.5k loss in 2 years after driving 16k which seemed pretty bad for me. Then, I started wondering if I should sell the Accord instead since it has already been at a high mileage. My only worry is the running cost of the G and insurance which is much higher than the Accord. My SUV is an Infinti too which will have higher maintenance costs so I wanted to keep the other car running cheap. But, the fact that I am losing a lot of money on the G makes me wonder if in the long run, I am better off keeping it and replace the car for a longer period. I am trying to find out if paying for another car to replace the older Accord is higher than the cost of maintenance on the G.

Any advice you provide will be very helpful. Thanks!


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    Why replace anything? The Accord will probably run for another 50K, presuming it has no major ailments right now. As for the G37, you've already suffered the major portion of the depreciation.
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    Did you mean 'sell' instead of 'replace'? If you do need to sell one, the costs you've already incurred don't matter, they're gone. Which car better meets your needs?

    Another option - sell them both and get something that is a better match for you.
  • autojunkie23autojunkie23 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the answers. Yes I meant to say sell one of them.
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