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Paint advice for Civic

kris2001kris2001 Member Posts: 17
edited August 2016 in Honda
I have a blue 06 civic EX. Paint in top and trunk is worn and exposed (black metal skin). How can I repaint or fix it cheaply? Or should I fix it?

Can I DIY it or pls suggest best way?


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Sounds like the clear coat has worn off. Some folks learn how to do a pretty decent amateur paint job (or panel job) but you have to gear up with proper gun, solvents and prep work tools, and then you'll have to make yourself a paint booth out of duct tape and clear plastic. It's a lot of work and a mess to do in your garage.

    I would go to one of those discount paint shops, like Miracle or Maaco and see what they'd charge you to just spray those two panels. Of course, with old paint you run the risk of not getting a good match.

    Whether it is "worth it" on a 10 year old car is more a matter of how you feel about driving it rather than economics. You could paint the whole car and that might improve the value somewhat.

    My two cents is that some worn clear coat is better than getting a really awful paint job done. But operations like Miracle and Maaco can do "decent" work. I wouldn't give them a new car but on a used car, sure why not. It's possible you can get the whole car done for maybe....what? $1500? It won't win you a trophy but from 10 feet away might look pretty good.

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