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Mazdaspeed3 vs. VW V GTI vs. Civic Si



  • > For the foreseeable future, gas prices generally appear to be headed down.

    Until the day after the mid-term elections. Then we'll see gas prices rise faster than the space shuttle... :mad:
  • >The best way to compare performance data is to take it from a head-to-head comparo which I'm sure we'll see for the Si, GTI, and MPS3 very soon.

    The MazdaSpeed 3 and the GTI are the only cars utilizing direct-injection (in addition to turbocharged) engines in this class - which is why they have the edge in low-end torque...
  • GTI, 4 door, package 1, DSG, rear airbags, 18s. United Gray.

    First, this car is, for me, so much better looking as a 4 door. The two door looks wide, tall and squat. This sucker is looks a decent length, the rear doors break up the sides and I live the rear view of the car for some odd reason. Helping the look, VW lowered the GTI for 07, so it's 22mm lower than the 06 models. Wow, what a difference 1 inch makes.

    This was the cloth interior package (#1) - my first time in one - and I found it pretty comfy. My girlfriend immediataly complained about the tacky pattern on the seats. Okay, so if this is the car, leather it is.

    I like the interior and feel of the 4 door more too. I've had mostly 4 doors in my life and i like having the b pillar right next to me. Can't explain it. But I like it. The extra length of the GTI 4 door made the car seem more open and roomy too**. The back's got good space and the upright seating position means even 6 footers can get behind me comfortably.

    Love that trunk. Yeah it's not as deep as my 330i but the hatch action is awesome (BMW should incorporate that emblem trunk operation instead of their moronic little rubber button). Space is good, tall and close. Seats fold in a myriad of ways too. All the interior seems inteligently designed. One side note, the driving position, if when I kept the seat low, made me feel like I was sitting inside a tub. The dash is just too darned high.

    So on to the drive. Last time I felt the 06 GTI 2 door was wobbly and too darned tall. The lowered ride height helps but the car still seems top heavy and in sweepers the understeer and teetering feeling kicked in no matter how I approached corners. From tracking my 330is I've been taught how to approach the line and get the car level and pointed in the right way...but that's for a RWD car. This puppy just wanted to understeer if I hit the corner already turning, at the turn or late into the corner. Still it hugged the road better than most cars but the lean and feeling of understeer became a tad frustrating. A sway would probably help and maybe even more lowering.

    The engine's flat awesome. It pulled better than my 06 330i. Quite simply that 2.0T is a dream. Ripping onto the freeway a few time my girlfriend expressed shock at home much better the car pulls from 0 to 100 than my current car. The engine growl also added to the visceral fun of accelerating. You know the car's built for playing when you get on it hard. Obviously, the 400 lbs weight advantage for the GTI 4 door also helps make the power-to-weight better.

    I attribute the following to the otherwise insanely fun DSG: the torque would come on with a squit. The car would start rolling at 1200 or so rpm and at 2000 the damned car would take off suddenly. I squealed the tires many times on launch. I'd say the dsg and my experience driving BMW manuals (you have to give Bimmers serious gas to get their fat butts moving) contributed to the squeal problem.

    The 18s have to go. The road noise inside the cabin was ridiculous. We hopped into my 330i after the drive and immediately we both noticed that road roar wasn't present v. the GTI. Heck, the 3's got lousy runflats too, yet the tire noise wasn't nearly as severe. I'd like to try a GTI with 17s (I'm through with 18s) as that may cure the drone we heard.

    On our 45 minute test drive - the guy gave us the keys and we split - we visited my sister so we could get feedback on their thoughts (overall positive). She and her husband loved the space, the packaging and the price. The gas mileage is nothing to sneeze at eiher, as that would represent a 25% base increase for me (I tend to get city mileage in my mixed driving).

    Overall I'm conflicted now. The 07 GTI 4 door is a car I could live with easily. The power's great, the DSG addictive and the space, efficiency and cost all make this car an insane bargain. At 25k MSRP (figure 2k lower after dealing) it's hard to think much compares. I love the little growl the car makes at WOT - mentally it's so much more fulfilling than the dullness of the 330i at WOT.

    That said, the FWD understeer of the car and the body leaning got on my nerves. Driving in my 330i the seating position felt much lower and natural (my old 46 had the perfect driving position, the e90 it's pretty good). The 330i's cornering attitude really does trump the GTI by a wide margin. Some say the GTI can whip through a slalom faster and maybe it can. But the chassis gives every indication that the car is going cause a flip or a serious slide when hitting corners fast. And finally the din. I'm assuming it's the 18s. If it isn't, then at 80+ the car's pretty darned loud. Not a deal breaker.

    At this point, I'm left running numbers and trying to decide if I can put up with 11-12 more months of my 330i (BMW usually offers a lease buyout with 6 months left on the lease). The GTI 4 door offers a great value being fun, efficient, small, and hints of of luxury. My girlfriend thinks I'm more in love with the DSG and the size of the vehicle than the overall car: she contends i'm drawn to the turbo's power, the DSG's quickness and the smaller, lighter car without really enjoying the drive nearly as much. She could be right. Damn BMW for not selling a small car here!!! Her take: wait for BMW to release a DSG-like tranny and snatch up a massive 335i sedan in 08 in Europe.

    Now if VW put 4 motion in this bugger...well argh. VW should release the R32 in the 4 door model here too. they've got it all over the world but here. From a Top Gear review I watched online that car looks like stupid fun for 32k.

    ** On the VW Boards people are saying the 2 and 4 door are the same length; they felt decidely different to me.
  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    Geez that was an informative post!
    I drove a GLI last year and really liked it.. don't remember sitting too low.
  • How many cars have you gone through the past five years? Just curious because you always seem to change your tune. You traveled to Europe to pick up your BMW.
  • In five years?

    2001 VW Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg (sold June 2003)
    2003 BMW 330i Perf. Package (returned May 2006)
    2003 Mazda Protege ES (sold in June 2005)
    2006 BMW 330i ZSP (picked up in Munich, April 6, 2006).

    I'm never satisfied. And I'm the auto industry's dream come true. I go through cars constantly and the 2003 330i was the only car I've held through its entire round of lease/payments. Before 2001 I had a 91 Nissan Stanza I drove from 95 to 2001.
  • I purchased a new car last saturday, the car 300 miles on it, and the second first day blinkers stopped working, then, after 5 day engine light show up in my panel...
    I live in GA, the lemon law does not help to return my car...beacuse it have not even been in the shop yet (i SUPPOSED TO HAVE AN APPOINMENT WITH THEM TO FIX IT NEXT TUESDAY, BUT THE ENGINE LIGHT CAME UP TO DAY)
    Together with that they sold me the car with a contract that is subject to aproval, and they just ask me that the need that my co signer have to go like primary...and I have paper work again..will that be my way to finish with this nightmare?

    So if i refuse to make a new contract they just have to keep the car, ant thay don't suppose to charge nothing to me?
    I need help as soon as possible, if someone know about this, or had the same situation I will apreciate advises...I do not wanna keep a "new problem car"

    please help :lemon: :cry: :confuse:
  • According to Car And Driver's 2007 new car preview, the GTI's suspension will be lowered about an inch or so, and launch control will be offered.
  • Vortexers are saying that the lowering won't occur until December for 07s. Shrug. They'd probably know more than me about it.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    What's interesting is that I've read a large number of (overseas) reviews of the Speed3, and THAT reviewer is the only one to have ANY issues with the characteristics of the electronics managing the DSC/torque steer management system.

    I couldn't tell from the review but I wonder if a pre-production car was being evaluated? Is it possible that the behaviour of the torque steer management system was still being tweeked?
  • do you have any links?
  • hmm
    I don't know how much to trust those reviews. I don't see the horses listed anywhere for those cards. Their conclusion seems very unsatisfactory. They need to list out in order what they think each car is rated on a scale. Also, MOTOR TREND did a write up on the SPEED3 and they were impressed. so that gives us conflicting reviews. which is not good for the consumer basically. At this point, I still think MS3 will be a fun to drive car and nice overall.

    By the way, news on the ship carrying MS3's for the west coast is that its being pulled into Seattle harbor and after inspecting. All damaged cards will be sold are there are going to be some insane deals on the west coast.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    There were NO Speed3's on the Cougar Ace.

    A list of the VIN's of all Mazda's on the Cougar Ace which are salvagable and offered for sale will, at some point, be listed on Mazda's web-site (and sold as 'used' rather than as 'new'; I have no idea what kind of warranty will come with those cars).

    Here's another hands-on review of the upcoming Speed3 (with the reviewer doing track-time at Laguna Seca):
  • it's funny, both cars trace their lineage back to the C170 Focus. The Mazda3 obviously, and the GTI not so obviously. Volkswagen hired ex-Ford Focus engineers from Germany to insert the Focus rear suspension into the MKV Golf. (Note the irony in VW's unpimp auto ads - they smash a Ford Focus in one). That's why both cars handle so well over mid-corner undulations. It's a shame that the GTI steers with an electric system while the Mazdaspeed 3 reverts back to a conventional hydraulic system.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    It's a shame that the GTI steers with an electric system while the Mazdaspeed 3 reverts back to a conventional hydraulic system.

    Where did you see this? I was under the impression that the MS3 used the same electro-hydraulic system found in the regular production Mazda3

    That 5.9 0-60 (Edmunds is always conservative) and 68.2 mph slalom tells ya everything you need to know about how this car will fair against the vaunted SI.

    Let's see, it's off the line over a second faster than the SI and can corner almost as fast. Of course, coming out of the corner the car's got 280 ft-lbs of torque to hammer home, giving it a terminal velocity in straights that an SI would never be able to achieve.

    How will Mazda keep these things on lots?!
  • In part, depends on how greedy the dealers are (are $5 - 10 K markups likely here in California?). But that hasn't slowed sales of hot cars here.
  • No markup at all on the mazdaspeed3 at my local dealer. Shrug. Markup on an economy car?
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Many dealers marked up the Subaru Impreza WRX when it came out in 2002.

    Many more dealers marked up the Honda Civic Si, and some continue to try to do so.

    I used to get mad about stuff like that, now, I just don't care. If someone wants to pay up, let them.

    There are plenty of cool cars out there, and more on the the 2008 replacement for the WRX, among others.
  • The markup on the civic is hilarious. My co-worker spent over a month tracking down his SI. He finally found a dealer in Riverside who didn't add anything to the car (the favorite markup trick: it's not marked-up, we just added better rims and a different chin spoiler for and sold it at MSRP.

    Hard to believe people are dropping 27k on a Honda Civic SI.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    One of the local Honda stores has a USED Si with upgraded wheels, and a bunch of body kit stuff on it...they're advertising it for $28,495 !!!

    Good luck to them.

    Ridiculous USED Si
  • Sounds like a crooked dealer trying to take advantage of availability. The same thing is happening with the Honda Fit. I paid MSRP for mine, and I had to wait almost 3 months. I would NEVER pay over MSRP.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Sounds like a crooked dealer trying to take advantage of availability

    nothing crooked about it..nobody has to buy the car if they don't like the price....if you advertised your personal car for more than it was worth and somebody offered to buy it would you turn the buyer away? I suspect you would be laughing all the way to the bank..thrilled that you found an idiot who was stupid enough to pay your asking price...
  • True. If anything the pricing of Si's shows how stupid the buyers are. 28k for a civic with a 200 hp engine is hilarious.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Just saw the November issue of C&D on the newstand at my local B&N over lunch. A bright red Speed3 was plastered across the cover and full road test spanning several pages was inside.

    One notable quote I'll paraphase here "...and it'll slap a Civic Si silly."

    Overall, they were very impressed (with one editor writing that "the line for a new Speed3 forms behind me). Their biggest gripe concerned the feel of the shifter.....and difficulty in perfecting their launch technique.

    They had a real tendency to either completely boil the tires, resulting in poor times, or let the revs fall too much and come off boost. They noted they 'painted' their launch area black with more than 30 launches trying to fine tune their technique.

    As I said, overall they were very impressed.
  • I will take my SI over a MSP3 anyday. Honda vs Mazda, any day. I surely hope that a 260 plus hp turbo will beat an SI! Although, slap it silly, Nah. Probably win by .5 - .75 second.
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