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Audi RS4

golfmdgolfmd Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Audi
Any ideas of the approx US price of the upcoming RS4?


  • raven72raven72 Posts: 1
    There is no official word for the US model yet, though Audi has officially released the pricing of the European version. Rumor has it that it will sell in the US for somewhere around $60k base, with the S4 still being priced around $47k. It probably won't get here until early 2006, too, with pre-ordering maybe starting 6 months before that.

    I don't know if you've seen this article:
  • bmk666bmk666 Posts: 1
    I am currently in Houston, I went to the dealership today to place a deposit on my new toy... the 2006 RS4, the price was $74K... I think it is worth the money.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
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  • hal6hal6 Posts: 5
  • The RS 4 is being released (open for order), in Great Britain for approx. L49,980 (British Pounds). Available this Fall for Delivery. If that helps any not sure on the exact conversion rate (1.5/1)...hope this helps (a little)...
  • hal6hal6 Posts: 5
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986

    Turn off the Caps Lock, OK?

    I feel like I'm reading a Fox News (oxymoron) breaking headline!
  • aec11aec11 Posts: 13
    Try $1.90 to the pound, or about $95K!
  • daveycdaveyc Posts: 1
    Greetings, I'm new to this forum but I just checked with my dealer last night and got the #2 spot for this time next year. Pricing is in the low to mid 70's. So I've got at least another six months to change my mind about a hundred times.
  • Hi all, Just put an order on an RS4. I have had a holding fee on it for about 8 weeks but Audi are now taking full orders. Cost was around £55K with all the bits and bobs on and i've been told I should get it in September. My dealer has already taken 6 orders on the RS so if you want one you have to be quick because apparently their will only be between 200 to 400 released in the UK. No demonstrators will ever be available as every car coming in will be pre-sold. Not sure if its a sales thing but even the dealer seems excited by the car......must be something special.....I hope..!
  • joemama1joemama1 Posts: 2
    Unfortunately, Audi has three major problems:

    1. Pricing. Audi does not have the cache to command premium pricing in the USA. If they want to beat the M3. They have to have a car that performs better in all categories AND cost less. Is this fair, no, does Audi put a lot more in their cars than BMW, yes. Should they be able to charge more, yes. But the reality is that BMW can command premium pricing...Audi cannot. Audi will not catch up to BMW until it can solve this issue. I think they cannot unless they move production out of Europe.

    2. Front Wheel Drive. Audis are FWD based cars with RWD added. The weight balance (and over all weight for that matter) on BMWs is far superior to Audi. Audi has said they will never have RWD-based vehicles. Any serious sport sedan buyer will insist on a vehicle that doesn't have 60% plus of the weight on the front wheels.

    3. Reliability. Audis are so complicated, they are extremely unreliable and are terrible as long term cars. I asked my mechanic who's parts cost more and he said Audi and VW are far more expensive than BMW. Sure if you go to a dealer, BMW parts are expensive, but go to a reasonable mechanic who works on Audis and BMWs and you will see the Audi parts cost a lot more.

    I really hope Audi can figure it out and learn to compete with BMW, however, until they solve these issues, I think they will continue to get beat by BMW/Mercedes/Lexus.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I think your're absolutely nuts with those 3 comments.

    First off...Audi has made an incredible comeback in the US over the last 5-7 years. In Europe, It's AUDI who is considered the premium brand and in some segments, Audi Outsells BMW and Mercedes combined.

    Audi is thousands...sometimes 10's of thousands.... less than BMW and Mercedes high line cars.

    The Bangle editions of the 5 and 7 series have been a small disaster in the states. BMW is tarnishing it's image by having to literally give away their 5 series cars with sub-vented leases because they can't command the premium pricing they once could. They don't have the prestige they once had.

    And E class pricing is absurd. $65,000 for a 4 matic V6 E class? Gimme a break!. I can buy a 340hp V8 A6 quattro loaded with every option for under 60 grand. And the reliability of Mercedes over the last 5 years has been horrible. Mercedes WON"T even pay for maintenance anymore.

    You can't compare most AWD systems w. Quattro. Audi's Quattro is a pro-active system. It's a true 50/50 power split with all 4 wheels getting power. It can put up to 70% of the power towards one specific wheel.

    Many AWD systems on the market are not as pro-active as the Quattro. They are bascially rear or front wheel drive cars, with the other wheels getting power only when the others are slipping. It's not pro-active like quattro, but reactive instead.

    Please do some more research on your claims. You make general statements, but when you look at real numbers and facts, they don't make sense.

    Audi has one of the best line-ups of any high-line car company right now.

    The new A3, A4, A6 & A8 are as stong as any high-line brand right now.

    The RS4 is on the way and people are already putting deposits down on cars that won't even be out for a year. AUDI will sell every last one of them at 70 plus grand, and there WON'T be enough to go around.

    Audi has the best-looking wagons in the business and the new Avants are on the way. The Q7 is coming, too, and it looks awesome.

    It's great to be Audi right now!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    In Europe, It's AUDI who is considered the premium brand and in some segments, Audi Outsells BMW and Mercedes combined.

    As a brand? I don't think so. In any one segment? Not. That research you spoke of is seriously in order here. While Audi does enjoy premium brand status in Europe so does BMW and of course Mercedes does.

    Also, Audi's reliability is nothing, nothing to write home about. Some improvement in one 90 day survey doesn't say much about long term reliability and Audi is in the same boat as Mercedes.

  • krzys2krzys2 Posts: 1
    Audi wants 75K for RS4? I can't believe it. M5 is supposed to be mid-80's. A car that will annihilate RS4 is supposed to cost only 10K more? On the other hand, the new four-door M3 is supposed to be mid-60's. There is no chance in hell I would go for RS4 in those circumstances. It's gonna be either M5 or M3. Audi are out of their minds.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Mid 80's for an M5?...we'll see. You know how BMW is with their pricing.

    I wouldn't doubt if the M5 came in about 90 grand or so. A 15k difference is pretty substantial to the RS4 in the low 70's.... if that's the case.

    People were complaining about the high prices for the RS6 @ 85 grand back in 2003 and were afraid they would lose their shirt if they bought one.

    But the market value of a used RS6 right now is still about 65k for a nice one with low mileage. I've even seen dealers on the net ask $70,000 for a used RS6's.

    I think that speaks very highly of Audi to have that high of a resale on the RS6.
  • joemama1joemama1 Posts: 2
    Absolutely nuts?

    I think that is a little strong. I'll defer to the experts on pricing. Edmunds itself in several reviews comments on the high pricing of Audi's in the high end. I'm talking about the RS4, RS6, A8, not the A4 or A3.

    In my opinion, RS4 sales (funny how if you hold the caps lock down it becomes RS$) will get spanked by the M3 just as the RS6 (didn't they stop selling that one in the US...hmmmm) will get spanked by the M5. Let''s just wait and see ;-)

    I really could care less how Audi's sell in Europe. In America, reliability is terrible, parts are rediculously expensive and Audi does not have the cache of BMW or Mercedes. BTW: I totally agree with you on Mercedes...beautiful junk!

    I've known several Audi (and VW) owners and the response is always the same. When the car is new and hasn't broken yet, they love it. When it is old and out of warrantee, they hate it. One of my neighbors got rid of his Allroad because it kept breaking and even though it was being fixed for free under warrantee, the inconvience it caused was too much.

    A few more points. Audi Quattro: Wonderful system, probably the best. In California or out of the snow belt people could care less. Oh and it also weights so much that the gas mileage is terrible. Isn't it interesting that the Audi USA site no longer shows the window sticker for the S4 when you configure it? Maybe they don't want you to see the $3000+ gas guzzler tax? Or maybe I'm just paranoid ;-)

    In my opinion, Audi will win the US just like VW will beat out Honda and Toyota (or maybe everyone will stop buying the Lexus LS430 and start buying the Pheaton for more money). It could happen, but I doubt it.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You tend to be a bit extreme in a lot of your comments, as the gas guzzler tax is not $3000 +.

    The guzzler tax is $1300 for the auto, and $1700 for the manual, if I remember correctly.

    And yeah, you are paranoid!
  • revenreven Posts: 1
    I can't talk about the US much but I'm livinbg in Germany and orded the RS4 for 76.
    Now that's not really expensive .... I mean what else do I have ? The M5 selling for 95... if you want it with the same configuration as the RS4. (it has lots of stuff already in it.)

    The new M3 ... when ever it comes. (I'm sure it will cost around 65-70 cause the model right now already costs 60.... way to much for that kind of car...)

    Another point is, that I would never buy such a ugly car like the BMW 5 or 3....

    So that I think the RS4 will sell fantastic in Germany.
    To the reliability I can say that the last two years audi was better than BMW and Mecedes here.

    (I'm not only an Audi fan .. I have an Mercedes G55 AMG and had an BMW ... but right now Audi is way ahaed)

    P.S. The RS4 has 40%/60% on his back wheels. So it's going to be fantastic.
  • tkenesstkeness Posts: 1
    u can not compare the rs4 and the m3 like that, for the mere factor that ther rs4 has AWD, i am purchasing the rs4 next june for that reason alone.
    in new york u can not drive an m3 all year rou8nd however an rs4 with its insane handiling and awd is great for the snow, so the m3 isnt really an option at all..
    not to mention the natrully aspirate 420 h.p v'8 wait untill i twin turbo that hmmm....500 h.p. 525 lb tq. caint wait...
  • teds1teds1 Posts: 180
    You are right the m3 is not adequate for our lower new england/upper mid atlantic state whatever it is. A lot of that is due to tires however. They do sell winter tire packages for M3's but like the rest of the car, they aren't cheap. Good traction and maybe an esc sytem can be just as good as the heavier audi in snow. I would totally buy the rs4 though if I had the bucks... 4 doors man! you gotta share that power with some friends
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Autoweek just had a write-up on the RS4 in this weeks issue. They had the base price @ 78k. Considering the old RS6 was about 86 grand or so, that's pretty steep pricing for the RS4. But I have no doubt that Audi will sell every one of them, and may not have enough to go around even at that steep price.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    There are a lot of conflicting reports on price for this thing. Some say 55K, which doesn't seem believable with the current S4 being very close to that. This RS4, not that I've read more on the specs etc. is an awesome machine that I don't think will have much trouble fetching 70K. That price kinda puts it in between the M3/C55 and E55/M5/CLS55. The burning question is whether or not Audi will do a RS4 Cabriolet when the Cabrio gets its facelift early next year.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    That 55k is a major typo. A regular 340 hp S4 with Navigation can hit 55k.

    Figure on 75-78 for the RS4. An RS4 cab would indeed be nice!
  • captain23captain23 Posts: 1
    Not sure how credible this is, but a recent article from car and driver stated that the new RS4 would start around 55K when it comes on our shores next spring. It does sound too good to be true though.......

    here is a link for the article:
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I'm a long time C&D subscriber...they're wrong, too, about the price.

    The RS4 is reported to have 414 hp. The S4 has 340.
  • I am anxiously awaiting the '06 RS4, and have set up with the local dealership to pick mine up when it arrives.

    In response to your staetment on adding a twin turbo, you will be hard pressed to pull that one off. The engine's compression is up around 14. You'd have to de-tune it to add turbo or to supercharge it, if I'm not mistaken. Quite a task for ANY aftermarket tuner.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I attended a motor show today and has was lucky enough to sit in the RS4. Obviously I couldn't drive it but I did evaluate it in other areas.

    First of all, the sport seats are great and hold you tightly. My back was tired after walking around the displays, and the firmness of the seats really feels good.

    I have never sat in Audi cars before today, so I must agree that materials quality is just as good as the reviews describe it. I sat in the A3, A4, S4, A6 and A8 and all had superb materials. Everything in the RS4 feels soft and well built.

    The steering wheel has a flat bottom and looks and feels great. Very thick and it feels great when you grip it tightly.

    The shifter is amazing. Short throw and feels great in your palm. It is covered in carbon fiber trim, which by the way covers everything else and looks great.

    The stereo and climate controls buttons feel great but look more complicated than the Japanese cars I sat in earlier. But then, all German cars seem that way.

    And the rear seat is nearly useless. Im 5"11 and couldnt really fit. The driver's seat wasn't even pushed back. The rear seat shouldnt be used, or if it is, only for small kids and cargo. An RS4 coupe would be neat.

    Finding a comfortable driving position was no problem for me.

    I'll post pictures soon.
  • Word of advice for the not so rich: Buy an economical sensible family car for everyday use, and a Suzuki Hayabussa motorcycle for your thrills. This combination will cost about £8k for good second hand of each. I can annhilate any m3 or rs4 on my bussa with 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and top speed of 190mph. In fact I am quite a sick puppy because when I see M3s I play with them for a while B4 ANNHILATION, then laugh when I think how much they paid for it. The word MUG comes to mind. There is nothing more thrilling than hearing an M3 on the rev limiter just as I begin to go into the power band!!!!! :sick:
  • Can I be the first to call you noodlehead after you put your bike onto a tree at 160 mph? :P
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    How do you hold on? say three seconde to sixty...Man that`s fast Tony
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