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Chevrolet Corvette Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • derekw1derekw1 Posts: 8

    I would say you could do better on an 06 than that price. I would check Kerbecks to see what they are offering. They are the largest dealer and usually have some pretty good deals. They are advertising $6500 off 06 3lt coupes and they have a good inventory. I would want to get a great deal on an 06.

  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    06 and 07 largely the same, but I've seen too little difference in the price between an 06 and an 07. $6500 off the remaining 06s -- but you'll have little color and feature choices. And $3500 off a new, configured-to-order 07... but you'll have to wait to get the 07.

    Consider that I'm spending $50,000, $3,000 off is only a 6% discount for a car that is 1 year older, though mechanically identical. Is that enough reason to buy an 06?

    I chose the '07 because I didn't find the 06 configuration I wanted AND because I'm likely to resell my car in 3-4 years. I think that the 07 will bring $1,500-2,500 more than the equivalent 06. So the net difference is really small.
  • cuffs1cuffs1 Posts: 3
    Hey Derek

    It looks like I may be going with a 07. Can order one with these options. coup,monteray red,lt3,onstar,xm,polished alum rims,both tops,factory pickup,destination,black interior. msrp 56,700, I found a dealer that will order for 50,700.00. What do you think?

    Thanks Glenn
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Try for another $50 off.
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    Cuffs1, I've not yet talked to anyone willing to do more than $3500 off an '07 coupe. $6k is ubelievable! If a dealer is doing $6k off, please share the contact info. Thanks much.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    I have seen as much as $6K off remaining '06 Coupes.
    ( Boardwalk, for example )
    I have only seen $4,000 off advertised on '07 Coupes.
    ( Kerbeck )
    GMID \ Supplier price on a 3LT Coupe with a couple of other options ( as I hope to order one ) is approx. $5,400 off MSRP.
    - Ray
    Looking all the time....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • derekw1derekw1 Posts: 8
    This looks like a great deal and I would grab it unless you have a chance of doing a gmid or gms discount then you might do a little better. I have invoice numbers etc and from what you told me I was able to come within $500 of your list price and then when I do the same with the invoice prices I come up with 49758. So it looks like the dealer is only marking it up roughly $500 over invoice which is a great deal in my opinion. I am picking mine up in a little less than 2 weeks at the museum and I can't wait!

    good luck and let me know if I can help further.

  • Hi guys, I am new to this part of the Edmunds forums. I basically want to know what Chevy dealerships in CA (other than Boarwalk) accept GMID on a new or in-stock Vette.

    I am going crazy with research on other forums and have not found much. I know about Kerbeck and a couple others across the country but Id like to save a bit on delivery.. Thank you!
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    Following-up on jayelleseven's message, can someone provide a primer on GMIDs? Are these transferrable from employees at GM suppliers to non-employees? Are they sellable? Is it a certificate with the employee's name or a generic certificate? Does the buyer of a GMID have to pose as an employee of the GM supplier company when purchasing the car? Any consequences if someone is found to be selling GMIDs or buying GMIDs? And finally... if GMIDs can be purchased, where can we find one for sale or trade or ?

    thanks much!
  • I wanted an '06 because of the manual top. So, it's machine silver/black top/titanium int. Not loaded, but had what I wanted: 3LT, nav., Z51, 6-spd. Found it on the Maxie Price website. They knocked about $5500 off MSRP on a $58,800 sticker. I also had a GM card which helped further. This is one great ride. Drove it from Atlanta to San Antonio. Comfortable and 27 mpg at 60-65 mph.
    Didn't want the '07 due to auto top included on the 3LT package. I've had a '62 and manual top keeps it simple. Plus, I'll be keeping this one for a few years. It's just plain fun.
  • rodstarrodstar Posts: 1
    Best I found in southern cal is via Power Irvine Chevrolet. The fleet/internet director was willing to go $3600 off a custom order '07 (my quote was for a 2LT), and free car wash for life. Hope this helps - let me know if you find a better deal
  • Thanks. Thats not bad at all. Do you know if they take GMID? Irvine is A LOT closer than Boardwalk in RedwoodCity. I might also get info from a place in San Diego, not sure if they take GMID.. but you must have really good credit to get a 3600 off...
  • accmc1accmc1 Posts: 1
    Hi guys, this is my first post (rant) on this site. I live in Harrisburg, PA and just returned from my local Chevy dealer and was shocked when the dealer told me the base price for an 07 LT1 coupe was 52,500. I know the car base price is 45 but for some reason I didn't say anything. I just thought the guy was trying to rip me off, but then he told me that a manual transmisson was not standard and would cost extra I new the guy was lying. Obviously I will not be purchasing my car from that dealership, but was wondering if anyone can give me the name of a reputable dealer in the Central PA area, thanks.
  • Yes, $4,000 of the final MSRP (sticker price) with all of the options.

    However, no other dealers in my area would discount an 07 any amount off the sticker price so I was pleasantly surprised. (I live in a small market area.)

    This falls under the category of no one will believe it, but when I picked up the car the sales manager discounted it 4,350. Writing on the contract clean deal/cash. I did not trade and paid cash for the car but that was part of the deal when I ordered it in May. (The salesman was somewhat of a disappointment and often did not return my phone calls and thus I often dealt directly with the sales manager so he possibly was trying to make up for the poor practices of the salesman.)

    PS. The polished aluminum wheels look great! I am glad that I ordered them.
  • Wow! Lying is putting it mildly. Go to and you will get the MSRP and dealer cost on the base and all options.
    Can't help with central PA but I would try going online to see what is available.
    Kerbecks in NJ is also an option for you but be aware that they will add some hefty fees onto the price.
    If want to drive 3 hours to Binghamton, NY area then I highly recommend Gault Chevrolet. They have 3 dealerships next to each other. Chev, Toyota, and BMW. I got $4,000 off the sticker on an 07 (upon delivery it actually ended up being 4,350).
    Good luck !
    It is an awesome car!
  • Hey guys and gals, was wondering if anyone knew where or who I could get a GMID from as I plan to buy a GM vehicle in the next 2 weeks. I would appreciate any help!!

    Brandon- SC
  • Hi Brandon,

    I need the GMID cert too. Was any of the users able to provide you a GMID cert?

  • Can anyone suggest a racing school that uses corvettes (preferally C6s)? I'd love to find something in the Western states -- ideally in CA. thanks much!
  • Bob Bonduronte(sp?)has a school in Phoenix using a variety of vehicles including vettes ....don't know if he has moved into the C6 yet, but has the C5's and I believe, Z06's in your favourite shade of racing yellow.....
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I've been to the Spring Mountain 3 day introduction class and then 18 months later to the 2 day advanced driving class. Both are excellent. Most sessions can be in C5 Z06's and those that are interested take some sessions in the C6 Z51, or in the new paddle shifter. Learning heel/toe is very useful on track but seeing how the new 6sp auto compares is interesting, not as bad as some think. They now have more C6 Z06's but all I got was 3 laps in one while doing the advanced class, more than enough to show me it's far beyond my skill to drive it at any thing close to limits.
    After you do the three day you wonder how much is left but the 2 day class takes things to a whole different level of car control skill and is really fun.
  • Can you explain what kind of fees Kerbeck adds to the price of a Corvette over the price they give on there web page?
  • Contact Kerbecks re a car that you may me interested in. I found that their advertised price (which was a very good one) was non-negotiable. When I got to looking at the bottom line their was about $600 in additional "fees" that were going to be added. This included registration for your state which again was not an option and ended up being about 2 1/2 times what I was charged when I bought it from a local dealer in state. Obviously you have to look at the bottom line. (Their price plus their fees versus what you can do locally.)

    I found most dealers in my area (all small volume) were unwilling to come done any amount from MSRP. But I did find one that was willing to compete with Kerbecks. I actually did better than Kerbecks would do, at the time, since the dealer discounted the 07 $4,000 off MSRP (coupe with LT3 package). Kerbecks was doing $4,000 off MSRP on 06s in May of this year. Additionally, I didn't have any hefty fees added on. I paid what the actual title and registration fees were in my state (NY).

    Kerbecks does give great deals but again make sure that you get the total price from them.

    I also liked the fact that I could order mine exactly the way that I wanted it. Most of Kerbecks LT3s also included numerous other options. I added LeMans Blue Metallic paint and polished aluminum wheels. The wheels really set the car off! I highly recommend them or the chrome.

    Good luck!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Congrats on the new '07 and don't forget to wave. It was also good to hear the rest of the story on the published discounts at Kerbeck. I'm sure they turn out to be a good deal for many but as you found out there are others that will discount and not get you at the back door. Great color choice, I just hope they go back to Electron Blue one of these days.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    Their current ad shows $5,800 to $6,200 off on 3LT 2007s in stock.

    I think if you want what they have in stock, their prices are excellent, even with a couple of hundred dollars in additional fees, compared to most other Chevy dealers.

    Their reputation is also excellent.

    If I can negotiate a reasonable deal locally, I will buy locally. I will quote those prices in my negotiations, as even with sales tax impact & a plane ticket added, I'd likely save money buying there...

    We'll see.
    - Ray
    If I only had a couple thousand more dollars in my checking account...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Gents (and ladies?)

    If you're considering an extended warranty (GMPP), be aware of acting on bad info.

    GMPPs may be purchased up to 1 year after you purchase your car. Or I guess 11 months and 29 days after. Prices do vary wildly. Shop around before buying a GMPP. A dealer in Vt (Fichtner) does have great rates and is honest and clear. No slide of hand with them, so I do recommend them.

    I bought my GMPP from where I purchase my car -- Ellis Brooks. That was a bad idea. I've learned that dealer was dishonest with me and over-charged me $800. I paid $1,600 for something that Fichtner would have sold to me for $800 and change.

    This emphasizes something we all should know -- the finance guys at the dealer are not your friend and are there to make a quick-buck. Do not depend on them for information. Typically, expect a rip-off.
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    Hey........Good luck with your Vette..........Quick question for ya...What kind of deal did you get from Kerbeck when you ordered it??....They have great prices on vettes in stock, just wondering if they discount them when ordering it.....Most of their vettes come loaded...I myself do not need the LS3 Pack., or Z51 Option....I would want prob. just the base with auto, QX1 & would want to pick my color choices(Lemans blue is nice, so is the atomic orange).......I went down to AC last week & stopped into Kerbeck.......It's amazing all the cars they have in stock........My building is having garage work done so we temporarily have to park outside...If it wasn't for this I might have purchased the 06 White 1 they have for sale now with 2,000 miles on it for 42,000....

    Thanks for any info. you can give me on the price for ordering your new machine.....

  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I would believe the GM numbers for the 05 and 06. I have a 04 Auto coupe. Last trip I averaged 30.2 mpg doing about 70 mph. The 05-06s with 50 more horses probably don't do quite as well, but hey --hay?--26-28 is not bad either. :shades:
  • I am planing on buying a new Vette soon and can`t decide weather to go with the museum delivery of just buy from the dealer. I have been at the museum on the day that others have picked up there cars and from what I saw, there isn`t much to it or maybe I missed some of the events that you get to do. Can someone tell me about the whole event of getting your car and is it worth it?
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