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Can anyone tell me where these go on a '68 Merc Monterey Convert? Trunk? THANKS.


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,445
    Real blurry pics...what is it made of?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Looks like you need more light for these photos and yes, tell us what the material is and the dimensions.
  • EdubEdub Member Posts: 1
    Yes! I know exactly what those are!! I have a 1969 Mercury Monterey. I recently cleaned out my trunk which is bone stock and original.
    Those are cardboard like but thicker material and they go on either side of the trunk under the vinyl trunk liner. They sit on what I would call "hips" on either side on the raised up portions that arise from the bottom of the trunk.
    They are meant to provide support for the flimsy vinyl liner as it extend outwards towards each inner fender panel.
    Since there is a 3 or 4 inch gap beside the fenders, these support panels, which will lay in a flat orientation, will be under the vinyl liner.
    Make sense?
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