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Chevrolet Aveo Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
Talk about what you paid (or think you should pay) and buying experiences here!


  • tronno22556tronno22556 Member Posts: 32
    $7999.02 US with taxes, tags, everything.

    This included a $1500 factory rebate and I financed with Capital One Auto for 3.49 or 3.69% or something.

    The vehicle was new.
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    I paid a little more $9,900 U.S. and my interest rate was more 8.6%. I am digging myself out of the earlier part of this decade finance mess. Oh but I had the best sales guy and they didn't treat me like crap because my credit was a little (damage?).
  • artooaveoartooaveo Member Posts: 2
    We paid $8,900.00 US with a 7.95% through Compass bank on a pre-owned Silver '04 hatchback.

    Listed for 12,900 new... it had just over 9k miles on it. :shades:
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    That sounds like a good deal. How was your experience, and how do you like your car?
  • mletourmletour Member Posts: 4
    How'd you swing that deal? I am trying to get into an econobox cheaply, and I would be ecstatic with that deal.
  • sbspencesbspence Member Posts: 16
    I purchased a NEW 2004 leftover in Feb of 2005 for $8995 Mine is the mid level victory red 4door sedan with auto,ac, and a nifty grey graphic splash ... I ended up out the door at $9200(plus tax,tags) as I wanted the MP3 player added on.

    I'm VERY happy with the car and it's performance as well as the dealership's trtreatmentf me and my family. My kids love the spunky good looks, and the bright color! I added on a set of GM splash guards(recommended), and a GM bug shield...it turned out to be a cute lil bugger! I get compliments on it all the time. Enjoy! :shades:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
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  • tronno22556tronno22556 Member Posts: 32
    I faxed about 50 dealers within a 50 mile radius of me for the best price and got a few replies faxed back. I took the best offer and faxed again asking if anybody was going to beat that price. Nobody did, so I went to http://www.capitaloneautofinance.com and was able to get a check loan for 3.69%.

    The faxed quote was about $8350 or so (this included $1500 cash back that Chevy was offering at the time). My fax specified white, but when I went to the dealer, they didn't have white. So as I was about to walk out of the dealership, the guy said that for $8000 I could have the red.

    Well, that was enough convincing for me so I stayed and filled out the paperwork.
  • rbehrensrbehrens Member Posts: 2
    Hello - thats what i'm taking about!! Can you share the model you bought ( was this the base version) Dealership and person you dealt with? I am interested in one but seems the prices are about $8900-$9000 right now. Thanks

    If anyone else has the "inside scoup" to get the Aveo at under $8K, I am all ears!!!!
  • rbehrensrbehrens Member Posts: 2
    Hello again - had two dealers quote $8K for me in white or silver! Also told me that about once a month or so they get a few "leaders" in for $6900!! I told them to let me know when those come in and I will buy!! Come on a new car of $6988?? I was going to buy a used car for $4K with 100K mileage - I will wait for the $6988 commuter special !!
  • rollthedicerollthedice Member Posts: 3
    Out the door price was $9,200.00 for the base Aveo sedan.

    I have the metallic blue one. Purchased on 18 Jan 2005.

    I have had no problems as of yet with the Aveo, gas mileage is ranging from 27 to 30 MPG city driving.

    I like the roomy interior and large trunk space. The seat height adjustment and the sunglass holder not to meniton a cigarette lighter was a suprise to me.

    Over all driving impressions are quite good, the Aveo turns on a nickle and gives you $0.04 change
  • jlandmarkjlandmark Member Posts: 10
    Man I live in canada, And i got a good deal on my aveo when i bought it back in jan of 2004 for $14,000 fully loaded and that was the best they could give. And you guys are talking about 9K and 8K a 2001 chevy z24 up here barly goes for 9k let alone a 2004 aveo WOW. :shades:
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    $14K Cn works out to $11,400 US. Is the difference since 2004 due to the fact that your car is fully loaded and a change in exchange rates? Plus you probably are suffering from the old GM trick of introducing a car at a high price and then discounting the hell out of it in a year or two. Hopefully the new prices on the HHR indicate that they're not trying to sucker the early buying public on their new cars. I think more realistic prices and smaller discounts would help everybody.
  • canroccanroc Member Posts: 5
    I have been trying to sell my 2004 Aveo Hatchback LS. I am now down to a $7500 asking price. I love the car but need to sell because I have three vehicles and a motorcycle.. just too many to maintain, wash, and insure. For practical reasons I need to keep my new truck and my '99 Intrepid.
    ...but I have been advertising for eight weeks now and not even a nibble. I recommend all to buy used rather than new.. let others take the depreciation hit.
  • jeffdavisjeffdavis Member Posts: 11
    If you are in the market for an Aveo, you may want to wait for the 06 model. GM is upgrading the car, with side air bags as standard equipment. There will be a cruise control/keyless entry package on the LS & LT models. A/C will be available on the SVM model. The 14" alloy wheels will have a new style, and now there will be a 15" alloy wheel, standard on the LT, available on the LS. Also the LT will get new satin chrome accents on the instrument panel. This info is on www.carquotes.com.
  • ratsoferrariratsoferrari Member Posts: 20
    I was going to wait for the 2006 aveo but decided to check out the 3 chevy dealers that are within 15 minutes of each other.The gm employee discount kind of made me curious as to how much of a deal I could make.Was set on an ls automatic.The first dealer had 2 automatics for $11,200.The second dealer was so busy there weren't any salesmen available at the time. This dealer had only 4 aveos anyway.The third dealer had 11 Aveos on the lot which included a black hatchback with auto, alum wheels and mp3 player.After a bit of haggling in which I told the sales manager I would probably go back to the first dealer he came down to $11,600 which I agreed to.I paid it all with a check to keep the numbers simple.The Fand I guy tried to sell me a 1600 dollar extra warranty which I got down to 300 dollars.Since it was the end of the month (june 28) the car dealers wanted to get as many cars off the lot as they could.After state tax, doc fee,prep fee, 4 year mandatory NJ registration fee, and new plate fee it came to $12,700.
  • ratsoferrariratsoferrari Member Posts: 20
    The salespeople at Pine Belt Chevrolet in Eatontown, NJ were very helpful and open about the pricing.Since the profit on Aveo's don't amount to much compared to their other models they went the extra mile to make a sale.All the info and tips on Edmunds and the other internet sites helped me prepare for the car buying experience they were a great help.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    congratulations - let us know how you like it.
  • btr76btr76 Member Posts: 2
    By the way, is that a LT or LS?
  • ratsoferrariratsoferrari Member Posts: 20
    The model I bought was an LS with automatic trans, mp3 player, and aluminum wheels as added options.I have only 112 miles on the car but it runs smoother than I thought it would.Believe it or not it is roomy inside and runs quiet on the highway with enough power and manueverability in this crazy New Jersey traffic.
  • rsononersonone Member Posts: 3
    I got a deal on Aveo, 4dr Sedan, for $8200 MSRP. It is manual and comes with A/c, no CD. I think this is a good deal. Wha do you folks on the forum think?

  • groth12345groth12345 Member Posts: 17
    How did you get that price? The going price seems to be $8766 after the $500 rebate and the GM employee discount.
  • groth12345groth12345 Member Posts: 17
    And....that's for the base car with 5sp no a/c.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    Great deal - did you use the GM card?
  • groth12345groth12345 Member Posts: 17
    With the GM card it nets out at $6200. A "give away".
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    Wish I had that card instead of the newer one.
    We got $900 off our Aveo, for a total of $8500 (Base w/ auto & A/C)
  • groth12345groth12345 Member Posts: 17
    That's still a very good price on the base with auto/air. What is the MSRP? According to Edmunds it doesn't appear that A/C or Auto can be ordered on the Value Pkg model (?).

    Also, what do you (or others) think of the extended warranty to 5 years 60K miles Bumper to Bumper? This is above and beyond the 3/36 and 5/60 power train. The dealer offered it at cost at $475 (or supposedly $25 over cost).
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    I do know you can get air on the value package....that is the only way it would sale down here. Can you imagine 100.F. with no air... The salesman said it was close to $1000 to do that, and no automatic
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    The MSRP of our 2004 5-door was $11635. I called it a base, but this trimline became the LS for 2005 - it wasn't an SVM. A/C is standard on the base/LS, and the Automatic transmission was like $800 or something. So I was very happy with $8500.
  • rsononersonone Member Posts: 3
    So last friday bought the car! Final deal: $9100 out of the door.

    It is an aqua green sedan, Aveo LS. Manual 5Spd, radio, a/c, floor mats.

    I did not use the GM card.

    I think it was a good deal. So far I love the car, very smooth.

  • jerseydriverjerseydriver Member Posts: 5
    Air Conditioner Package for 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

    Air Conditioner Package
    Keep cool on hot summer days with this GM Air Conditioning package specifically engineered and designed for your vehicle.

    Air Conditioning Package 96430552 $1,228.57

    * Required and optional accessory equipment may vary depending on your vehicle. Prices shown are suggested manufacturer's retail price, not including applicable vehicle calibration, balancing, installation or taxes. Dealer final prices may vary. See your dealer for details.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    Great deal - congratulations. Enjoy the car.

    jerseydriver - That AC package is something everyone should keep in mind when the end of the year $6xxx SVM Aveo's are out...
  • petromiserpetromiser Member Posts: 5
    I have been looking at the 05 Aveo LS comes with A/c and a cd play. I would like to know what is the best price I can expect to pay. So far i have not had much luck talking the dealers down, they seem to stick together.. my price be for tax and title is 10 400.00 Any help would be great.
    Thanks Patrick.
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    Is it an autobox or a 5-speed.....also what part of the country are you in? With the gas prices going up they figured out the can ask more for a smaller car.
  • petromiserpetromiser Member Posts: 5
    Getting ready to buy a Aveo. I want to know the best price I should be able to get..
    I have been looking at 2005 LS with 5 spd and A/C some have cd player some dont. Seems that most dealers are sticking together at 10400.00 to 10900.00 before tax and title. I seen a post that said someone bought the same car for 9100.00 out the door??? If you would post your sale price I would appriciate it thanks.

    IL zip 61755
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
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  • petromiserpetromiser Member Posts: 5
    Well, I bought 2005 Aveo LS Spicy Orange 5 spd, cd mp3 player and comes with a/c.. Best price I could come up with was 10400.00 Add 6.2 sales tax 676.10 Subtract 500.00 rebate and ADD 78 plates 65 title for out the door price 11223.90. I did my best played hard ball and ticked a couple dealers off. one even replied to my e-mail with all cap letters in very large print...Seems they all are sticking together on employe price. my best deals came from dealer added charges. 540 destaion 189.00 dealer prep and the 43.99 dealer inspection.. I did not pay any of them.. they put the paper in front of me with these figures, witch by the way was not what we had talked about just 2min before (final price) I told them I was going to be late for work. witch i was.. and that i would give them till tommorrow to tink out it.. dealer pushed the papers in front of me to sign I told hime I wasent going. Im not paying that I told him. he went to the BIG GUY as he put it and came back with the 540 off. I read it over seen the 189.00 and refussed offer again.. he said that is less than it cost them to put it on the lot.. I told him out of the two dealers i had talked to eariler today that neither one of them were charging for that.... He said its not that much money.. it will only be 2 or 3 dollars per monthly payment... I said good since its not that much then you wont mind taking it off... he stared at me 30 or 40 awkward sec. i pused the paper in front handed me a pen and showed me where to sign.. I laughed... he thinks I am stupid.... I replied by pushing it back and looking him eye to eye I AM Not Paying that.... at that moment the BIG GUY came in to see i guess what was taking so long.. the two made it to the hall and I heard the big guy say were are not losing asale over 190.00, Take it off.. so he came in and asked if I would sign now... I said yes as long as sale price 10400.00 tax and title was all i was paying for..... signed it and gave them 500.00 down.. since the car was on another lot I will pick it up saturday..Hope this helps futher buyers out... Let me know what your best price is.. I still need one more Aveo for the wife....
  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    You are one smooth operator...not letting them push you around over such a little amount. I hope you will enjoy you car. It sounds like a real beauty.
  • nqtradernqtrader Member Posts: 2
    I'd love to know how/where you got one with auto for $9100 taxed.
    Here in Mid-Michigan, the best I've seen so far is LS/5sp/ABS (12,240 sticker) for $9995 after rebate and before tax/title/license. I'd fly out and drive home if I could get one for $8xxx elsewhere.
  • techtechtechtech Member Posts: 11
    I got one 13325 otd, is a 2005 aveo 4 dr lt with 6 speaker and power sunroof. is that expensive
  • nqtradernqtrader Member Posts: 2
    If your roof and speakers are the only options, invoice is $13,236. The dealer gets about $1,014 in holdback and GMS cash, and the rebate is $500. So dealer's cost is over $11,700, plus profit, plus tax/title/license. Looks like you did OK, unless there was dealer cash involved.
    I got another quote today, 5dr LS with no options, $8980 plus tax/title/license, $9572 OTD. The price looks like $1500 under GMS, so I figure this dealer is getting $1500 dealer cash on this car and GM's making him pass it on to me so he's selling it for GMS less $1500 less $500 plus $75 DOC. I'm looking to buy this week, my target is now 8700 plus tax/title/license for a LS or 7100 for SVM. (assuming there is $1500 dealer cash on the SVM also)
    I'm going to fax attack the fleet managers at every dealer within 75 miles of me which still has a stick shift 2005 on the lot, and the low bidder wins.
    If I end up with a SVM for under $7k, I can do without air conditioning, it rarely hits 100 deg in Michigan and my commute is only about 25 minutes in the afternoon. If I get an SVM, I might ask the dealer if he'll throw in the A/C parts at cost, I might pay $700-800 for the kit, but $1500-1700 more for an LS is a lot to pay for A/C and floor mats.
  • groth12345groth12345 Member Posts: 17
    The best price I've seen in Roch NY is $7700 for the SVM.
  • clarencehollowclarencehollow Member Posts: 60
    There is not much mark-up with the Aveo. On a 2006 LS there's about $500 and $900 on the LT. No sense playing hard ball on this car. The Aveo is the lowest price car in America, 5 STAR crash test, and according to insure.com, the 2nd least expensive car to insure. The GM Employee price is only about $200 under invoice.
  • clarencehollowclarencehollow Member Posts: 60
    AVEO Air Conditioning... :shades:

    Be careful, the package price may not include LABOR. Most dealerships are charging $90 to $100 an hour for labor, and if the Shop Manual says an A/C install warrants 5 hours, even if they do it in an hour, you'll pay the full brunt of the bill (just like they do in collision shops - that's a whole other can of worms).

    I know someone who got a Base SVM with no A/C .. the most competative quote they got with labor was $1700. For that money you could have got the uplevel AVEO. Needless to say they will not be getting A/C.
  • ffamousamosffamousamos Member Posts: 1
    I paid 10995 for a 2006 LS MSRP was 12760.
  • tracysbeanstracysbeans Member Posts: 2
    I have a local dealership who can get me a 2005 Aveo Aotomatic, Air but they want $11,377. I want it but need a better price! Help! Tracy

    I see people saying they are using their GM card? I can pay with my GM card??
  • tracysbeanstracysbeans Member Posts: 2
    Darn I just checked on gmcard.com and only have a lousy $39 in GM money >:
  • hydnhydn Member Posts: 8
    I just bought a Victory Red 2005 Special Value 4 door today. $9605 no haggle price - $2000 rebate from Chevy for $7605 and I had $3137.07 on GM Mastercard rebate for an AMAZING price of $4467.93 for a NEW car. With tax of 5.5% (on $9605, why on the full price, damn the government) for $528.28 and state of WI license, registration, and filling fee of $119.50 for a check to write of $5115.71 (no dealer fees).

    Well one of us was living right, because it was the exact model and color I wanted.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Member Posts: 865
    That is _awesome_ - congratulations!

    Wow do I wish I had the old GM Card...
  • hydnhydn Member Posts: 8
    Yeah $3137.07 helps a lot, but it also means I charged $62,741 over the last 6 years (YIKE).

    Trust me, they have giving me plenty of literature and offers to switch to "new GM" card. All it takes is reading the highlights and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that would be a bad idea.

    Snowed 2 days after I bought my Aveo. Great timing on parking my summer car (that is why I bought a car without AC), not that summer is very hot in N.E. Wisconsin anyway.
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