Chevrolet Aveo Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



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    Hey, there isn't any other way you are going to earn 5% back on money you had to spend!
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    I'm currently looking to buy an Aveo, and I'm kind of wondering how all of you are finding them for 4-digit numbers. I want a 5-door automatic, and around here (southern Michigan/northeastern Indiana) the only ones I can find have a MSRP of around 12-14000 (all 2006 LS models). The specific one I'm looking at is 13,853 with a "Red Tag" of 13,213. Of course on the website is has the disclaimer of "plus fees" so I'm wondering what I'm going to encounter? (Aside from TT+L, I know.) Any input would be great. Thanks.
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    I bought the "Special Edition" with no other options. That is how. $9995 MSRP for a 2005 including delivery. I think the 2006 are $500 more.

    "plus fees" are just BS from dealers. Now-a-days most dealers have "advertising" or "inventory" fees. They can be like $60-$120+. Make sure to negoticate them out AND make sure they are not in the final bill because they WILL just add them in because most are real scum. When it happens, say "This is not the deal we aggreed to. Any more deception like this will result in the termination of our dealings." Be prepared to walk. If they say something like "I can't remove that fee" then say I want that much off the price then.

    The dealership I bought from did not have one of those fees. Then again they are a "no-haggle" dealership (I would rather haggle), but they had the exact car I wanted. Plus it is hard to talk a dealership down much on the least expensive car.
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    Looks like prices are up about $1200 for the LS Version in 2006 vs. previous years. That stinks! Get an '05 while you can...
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    Hi: New to your group but have been posting lots on Fit and Yaris sites also.

    Is the Chevy Aveo a rebadged Suzuki Swift???

    The reason I ask is I have a chance to buy a Suzuki Swift 5-door hatchback for $9,995. Canadian (CDN) dollars. Only extra is supposed to be freight/PDE which according to dealer is $1,295 and according to Suzuki website s/b $995.

    When I asked dealer why they were $300 higher on freight they said cars originally arrived in Port at Vancouver, British Columbia then went to Toronto, Ontario to be sold there. My dealer supposedly then got a "great deal" from some other dealership in Toronto and bought a bunch and shipped them back to my city which is Winnipeg, Manitoba. Apparently this extra $300 is to cover that "return" part of the trip from Toronto to Winnipeg. I personally think it’s a BS story. Suzuki is also saying on their website that a current sale is for $11,250 including freight/PDE which is within $40 of dealer’s higher charges.

    Anyway, does $11,290 CDN at the high end or $11,250 or $10,990 at the low end, if I can get the car for 9995 + 995 sound like a good deal to you?
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    The Chevy Aveo, Pontiac Wave (Canada only) and Suzuki Swift+ are all the same (all arrived in 2004) The previous Swifts were different cars.

    I don't know what freight/PDE typically is in Canada, but that sounds excessive compared to such costs here.

    $9995 sounds pretty good ($8676 USD), but you definitely see much cheaper cars here. (for the SVM model I assume you are referring to). As low as 7487 Canadian. ($6400 US). Then again, I haven't seen any of these ads recently.
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    Yeah, we just picked up a 2006 Bright Red 5-Door with Auto-Trans, A/C, and MP3/CD upgrade. It was listed for $13,??? but my wife used the internet to make deal with a Dealership near Boston. They called back several times, but she turned on her "Long Island" accent and held out for 11,495. We love it (my 18 yr old daughter will drive it mostly) :) , but my wife and I will probably grab the keys (from time to time). Smooth ride, great pwr steering and breaks, quiet ride, loads of room (I am 6'4" and fit fine in it!) Kudos to Chevy for putting this car on their lot!
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    I ended up buying mine for $11,250 Cdn., including freight, which was the price as advertised on the website.

    Only extras was so-called dealer fee of $199, (which they originally wanted $399 for but i refused. They also refused to go lower than $199 also so being the only dealer in my city and the only chance therefore to get a new car for this low a price i reluctantly paid it) plus $14 tire tax. With our federal and Provincial taxes of 7% each bottom line price was $13,067.82 Cdn complete drive away price. In Canada at least the 2006 Chev Aveo or Pontiac Wave does not have side airbags, CD etc that this Suzuki has so this is a better deal yet considering.

    My only disappointment has been the gas mileage. My first tank only returned about 32 mpg overall. In Canada its rated at 31 mpg city and 46 mpg hwy. Remember too that a Cdn gallon is 20% larger than a USA gallon so my average is only about 26.5 mpg in USA gallons. To make matters worse the split was roughly 2/3 hwy and 1/3 city miles. Has anyone else got this poor mileage and do you think it will improve once broken in??? :(
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    I only average about 26-27mpg. I got/get 12mph in 1997 Ford F150 and 22mph in Honda S2000 (2.2 liter 4 cylinder) in the same conditions. My driving is very mixed, city, 45mph country, and 65mph highway. My biggest problem is that I drive it like a sports car, which it is not. That means I rev it to 6k alot, drive 15mph over, and accelerate like I think it is a formula one car.

    I am sure I would get way better MPH if I drove it like most grand-mothers, but that is not going to happen until gas is $15/gallon.

    I have drivin in Canada, all I remember is going 25kph over the highway speed limit (in a P.O.S. rental car) and being passed like I was riding a bicycle. If you are driving over 65mph (100kph?) your gas milage goes way down.
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    I need a new transportation very badly, I have been waiting for these supposedly better quality cars, Yaris,Fit and Versa, but it seems forever the day they would finally arrive here in USA.
    I am in NJ and I saw the other day in the parking lot of a
    dealer one Aveo Hatchback LS for approximately $11,570.00 base price plus $850.00 automatic and $ 325.00 for a replacement of the standard Am/Fm with CD, plus $540.00 destination charges, total $13,285.00.
    This could always be debated, the main reason for this writing is that I read good things about this car and bad things from owners, like problems with the electrical components, having to be towed to the dealer for not starting up due to the internal computer of the car, noise and rattles from the suspension to the embarrassment of the owner. I read of a woman driving an Aveo and her electric supply being cut off while driving in a highway and creating a four cars accident because of that. Would any of you who writes about their Aveo, tell me if they know about those complaints, thanks :confuse:">
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    Only 2500 miles and 2 1/2 months. No rattles.

    Biggest complaints...
    - Suspension is too soft side-to-side. When I drive 80 with a cross wind the car rocks with the wind. (light/tall car). Not that I slow down though :P
    - Small tires tend to spin on take off in wet conditions.
    - Standard tires do not grip well in snow.
    - Can't fold down the back seats with the front seats all the way back (like I drive).
    - Fold down rear seats not as useful as I thought to carry large things because of the rounded design of the hole to the trunk.
    - Center console would be nice to store stuff.
    - Shifter is imprecise.

    Bright spots...
    - Engine revs readily after 1500 miles in. Gives decent performance if you are willing to use it.
    - Front seats and front room are fine even at 6'2" 250lbs.
    - Vision out the front and back are very good.
    - Ride is good over rough country roads.
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    After about 13 months of owning an Aveo, here is an update:
    (Jan 2005 purchase date)

    MPG: 30 entirely city driving
    Miles: 8,000
    Bumps,rattles, or squeaks: none

    It drives quite well, I did find out that this bad boy can hold a 27 inch tv in the box in the front seat. Rear storage is also quite good.

    stuff I hate:

    The side window deflectors are $74.99 not including installation. :mad:
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    I need a new transportation very badly, I have been waiting for these supposedly better quality cars, Yaris,Fit and Versa, but it seems forever the day they would finally arrive here in USA.
    I am in NJ and I saw the other day in the parking lot of a
    dealer one Aveo Hatchback LS for approximately $11,570.00 base price plus $850.00 automatic and $ 325.00 for a replacement of the standard Am/Fm with CD, plus $540.00 destination charges, total $13,285.00.
    This could always be debated, the main reason for this writing is that I read good things about this car and bad things from owners,

    My advice, wait for the Japanese cars -- you'll be happier over the long run. If you can pick up a loaded Aveo for 10K or less, fine, but DO NOT pay anywhere near list for one. Long-term reliability is unknown and resale value is near the bottom of the pile.

    I'm one of the disatisfied owners who've had problems with timing belt/tensioner failures, suspension problems, etc. Parts are impossible to find beyond the basic filters and repairs are expensive.

    Could be an okay car for low mileage drivers around town, but would not recommend to anyone who plans to put higher than average mileage on it. Go for Toyota or Honda with their proven reliability record. You'll likely pay more up front, but have a car that's worth more and will be less expensive to maintain.
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    :shades: the Aveo is a very hot car in the summer, airconditner is not much good in the very hot days. the sun shines down on you from the windshield, and the shades do no good at all.
    now if its not to hot of a day you stay nice and cool, I guess it might help if you tent your windshieald.
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    I tinted my windows. I live in Texas and the car is fine.
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    randydriver, do you have trouble with the wind almost blowing your car off the road ,even if its not a strong wind? because I do! :mad: it's a few things I hate about the car, well let me say this ,all I like about the car is it's cute :D & the blue color. the darn car scares me when im driving it. october of 2006 I will have had it for a year, cant wait ,I plan to trade it in for something better,& safer. my husband picked it out for me, he thought I would like it, and I did until I drove it. :sick:
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    I dont know much about cars, but I bought a AVEO 10-05 and I will trade it in 10-06, for something better. the wind nearly blows it off the road,you have to hold on tight, and my car has blind spots I almost wrecked 3 times because of it,and almost ran over my daughter, & would have if my grand son hadent saw her. the aircond. dont do much good when its a real hot day, [ but you could tent the windows ,I hear that helps]. Now, about the electrical part, that worrys me, becouse I have been hearing a funny sound in my car as I drive here lately, BUT IT NEVER HAS STALLED ON ME AT ALL. But you have to let the red light go off before you start the car, it has something to do with the electrical gas tank ,if you dont let the red light go off it says in the book that your car will stop on you.
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    I haven't had any problems with the air conditioner. Extreme winds yes, but it's fairly rare.
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    all most ran over my daughter because of the blind spots on my car. :cry:
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    My '04 sedan has always been bad, even in light winds (10-25 mph) or behind trucks on the interstate. It's gotten worse with age as the suspension gets looser. This car feels downright scary on the highway and needs constant attention to keep it in one lane. People seem to stay behind me just for the comical entertainment of watching me fight to stay straight.

    Just had it in for brakes last Friday (bad rotors) and the mechanic says that the upper strut mounts are shot but he couldn't locate any replacements except the dealer. He could pull the front wheels back and forth while the car was up on a lift -- it shouldn't do that. That probably explains the squiggly side-to-side motions at highway speeds.

    Regarding your sound while driving, explain it further -- I have 65,000 miles and might have some info on it.
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    Sorry I took so long to reply I upgraded my wheels to 15inches and different tires and that has helped the handling alot. Really if driving the smaller car is a to some of the guys in the small sedan forum they are really helpful there are a lot of small cars coming on the market that handle better. The Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundia Accent, Kia Rio, and the Nissan Versa. Lots of options you didn't have a year ago. I didn't have the wind trouble after the wheel change thought.
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    I have been lucky mine is the 04 and I have had no suspension problems. Took to the dealer and had it check after hearing all the complaints about it. No side to side motions on the highway, or anything like that. Keep posted on what you find out though.
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    How many miles do you have on yours? I have 66K miles and the handling/stability is much worse now than when it was newer. I don't have the benefit of any information from people who have high miles on their cars -- the Aveo doesn't seem to be holding up well compared to other models as it ages.
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    What size tire did you go to? I know many of the 18-25 year old owners have gone to lowering springs and 16 or 17 inch wheels with wide tires and report that the handling is much improved.

    For a number of reasons, I don't want to stray too much from stock in the appearance. I'm way too old for cruising the boulevard racing Hondas.:D

    Does moving from 14 to 15 inch wheels really make that much of a difference?
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    just lowering the suspension a little nothing radical and going to the 15 inch wheels make a lot of difference. I just changed wheel size 15 inch and a little wider... the 2006 Aveo the optional wheel is a 15 incher.
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    Did you use lowering springs (Apex, H & R) or use some other means to lower the suspension?

    Will consider switching to 15" the next time I need tires.
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    you will have to get new wheels to change to 15's. yes and the lowering springs was the correct answer.... oh check out the new wheels on the 2006 they are 15's on the LT.
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    I have a quick question on the Hatchback 2006 Suzuki Swift+ (S model). I'm interested in buying one in the next two days. I was wondering how much did you guys pay for this car out the door. I'm looking to do a cash purchase. Salesman won't budge on the sticker price. The price i've got so far is $15,190 + 100 (A/C Fee) + 20 (Tire fee) + All Taxes (canadian dollar).

    Anyone mind sharing their neogiating outcomes? Did anyone get a better price?

    PS - Is this car reliable? Any owners out there with major problems?

    Thanks for helping.
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    #1 - Do you know the conversion to US dollars?

    #2 - How will the car be equipped and what's included on the "S" model since Suzuki doesn't sell that model here.

    #3 - Don't know about Canada, but the Aveo is heavily discounted in the US. Looked at a 2005 with a sticker of $13,100 and they quoted $11,400 before any negotiating. Went with a lightly used 2004 instead for $8500.

    #4 - Not finding the car to be super-reliable. Have had problems with timing belt, tensioner, brake rotors and suspension. Parts such as shocks, struts, bushings, exhaust, hoses etc. are available only from the dealers and with a wait since they're not stocked.

    If you're looking for the ultimate reliability, go with Toyota, Honda or similar makes. They cost more up front, but will be cheaper to maintain and have high resale value. I put on high miles and worry that my car won't last anywhere near as long as my payments. There's no data on how these hold up as they age -- sort of a wild card. :confuse:
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    Thanks for the info wave54.

    #1 - Its around $13,500 USD +/- a few hundred depending on the exchange rate that day. The base with manual, no a/c starts at about $11,000 USD. Price includes freight/PDI and both after $2750 CDN rebate from suzuki.

    #2 - The "S" model is their top model, comes with extra power windows, door lock, power mirrors, alarm, fog lights, spoiler, stereo upgrade, painted moldings, alarm, A/C, Automatic and a few more minor cosmetics.

    Anyhow, I put in my offer today and basically couldn't squeeze a penny off. And the dealership wants $300 for documentation. I'm not paying sticker price for this car, and $300 for some BS paper work. I think its time to choose another car.
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    What surprises me is the price you're quoting for the base model - $11,000. Base Aveos list for about $9700 in the US and they often sell for far less than that. I live across the street from a dealer and base models are advertised at $8995 with no extra mark-ups or dealer options.

    The model you're describing, though, would list for about $14,000 to $14,500. Hard bargaining could drop that down to maybe $12,000.

    How much Suzuki is willing to deal is another story. Have you tried to price a similar model online?
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    Just purchased a new '06 Aveo Special Value Model Hatchback with a 5-speed manual last week. Paid just under $11,000 which included the car, dealer installed air, dealer installed splash guards, taxes, and registration. I'm pretty happy with the price given that if I had gone with an LS, it would have cost me over $1,000+ more just for carpeted floor mats, the "LS" logo, and the ability to add further options I had no intention of buying.

    So far the car has met and exceeded my expectations. From the exterior this looks like a small car but the interior is extremely spacious. Build quality is terrific. The folds in the sheet metal inside the door, hood, and hatch edges are sealed (Something I noticed new Dodge Chargers don't even have). Also was pleasantly surprised to see that a factory undercoating has been applied. Something that cost $200+ extra at the dealer when I purchased my Dodge truck new a few years back.

    The look of this car is superior to anything in it's class and price range as well as the price range slightly above. It has cleaner lines than Yaris, Scion Xa, or Honda Fit, and is a great alternative to the ubiqitous bland Cobalt. The rear of the car reminds me of a French automobile, like some of the current Renault's, while the front three quarters look very Italian, like a Fiat (because this car was designed by Italians, it shouldn't come as a surprise). the only unflattering view of this car is if you look directly at the rear-end without seeing the sides.

    The only complaint I have is in regard to the rear hatch. It would be nice if the hatch opening didn't have such a profound lip and was wider, coming down closer to the bumper and against the sides.

    The little extras this car includes like the rear cup holder, garment hooks, sun glasses holder, thoughtfully placed controls and storage areas, and the nice interior door handles on the Special Value Model really put it over the top. Even the doors and especially the hatch have a reassuring sound when you close them. The hatch closes with little effort and you can let it drop into place.

    The driving experience is very pleasant. The car has no problem getting up to 50mph in a 35mph zone without me even knowing it. I haven't noticed any noises, the steering is crisp, cross winds aren't a problem, and the engine has just enough power. Shift throws are a little long, but who cares. A sixth gear, which I heard someone else suggest on here, would be a nice improvement.

    One aspect, which I haven't had the car long enough to
    really address, is gas mileage. So far it seems that I have been getting somewhere right around 31 miles per gallon without changing my driving habits. After I fill the car up a few more times I will be able to figure out what kind of mileage will be typical.

    So far this car is better than I expected. But only time will tell, and I am going to pay close attention to the gas mileage since it is the reason I purchased the car in the first place.

    Also, the dealer is suppose to install the air this week, so I hope that doesn't create any issues.

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    How much do they charge for dealer-installed air. I live across the street from a dealer, and they've just dropped the SVM to $8495 (with $500 factory rebate).

    New England is just too humid in the summer not to have A/C. 70 degrees in the evening can be unbearable around here in July/August.
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    You should probably figure on at least $1,400 to $1,500 for dealer installed air. I was able to get it for significantly less because the dealer and I settled on a price and ordered a car before he actually checked how much it was going to cost him to install the air. I ended up getting air for about $700. He told me that it actually cost them slightly over $1,400 for parts and labor, but I told him I would only go with the price we originally agreed on. :)

    However, given that your dealer is offering such a low initial price, you probably will still be paying close to what I paid, even with $1,400 air, which is much less than a Aveo LS. I wasn't about to fork out an extra $1,200+ for an LS just to get some carpeted floor mats, LS logos, and the privilege of having more options to choose from that I wasn't interested in. :)
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    I bought mine for 10,400 on 12/04 with all options with rebate and GM discount. It listed for 14 something. If you are doing the same more than a year later and the car is fully loaded you are doing good.
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    I was looking at one at a chevy dealership today and couldn't believe what they wanted for the car a new 2006 black Aveo fully loaded including sunroof was a sticker price of 14,997.00. I live in NJ and the dealership was in Cherryhill. which is a problem in itself your going to pay more for any car you by in that town because it's expensive to live there. I will wait until the 07 model comes out. i plan on paying cash for a Aveo next Feb. i will have on hand 12,000 dollars i will walk in a dealership and tell them what i want and if they give me any static i will walk out and go somewhere else. car salesmen like to play games and with that kind of cash i will have i don't have time for games.
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    Were you looking at a sedan or hatch? The 2007 sedan is redesigned (new sheetmetal and interior) and due out this summer, but the hatch will remain the same as the 04-06 models.

    I doubt 12K will get you anything fully loaded with a list of 15K unless the dealer is truly desperate to unload the car. There is a significant amount of leeway in the pricing though, unlike the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris where you'd be damned lucky to get a few hundred off MSRP.

    Really hard to tell where prices will be by next Feb. Lots of new sub-compacts out or due out (Accent, Rio, Fit, Versa, Yaris) make it a different market than 2004 when the Aveo was almost alone with the lowly ECHO.
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    It was a 4 door sedan. your telling me that if i walk in a dealership with 12,000 cash money i couldn't talk them down at least a thousand dollars on a 14,000 dollar car. money talks and BS walks
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    Sure, $1000 off a $14K model -- no sweat, but you had mentioned one that was $15K (fully loaded) and I wouldn't expect a dealer to drop by $3K to the $12K you were planning to spend.

    I looked at a sedan with auto and air that had a sticker of $13,100 and sent a request by email for a price and they replied back with $11,400 without any bargaining. Ending up buying a lightly used Aveo for $8500.

    Also, the power of cash is greatly overestimated. Most dealers would rather finance the car since they get a cut from that on top of the profit from the sale. Walking in with a handful of greenbacks doesn't impress much, I'm afraid. Nothing personal -- I think it's an old phrase from a time when credit was tight that's lost its power to sway a dealer.
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    I also just purchased a 06 aveo, my car cost was 11900 before tax, but I got the 4 door with air,cruise,door locks,auto trany,am fm cd player,the sticker was 13500, and I got it down to 11900, Williams of traverse city, said they would go 11500 but when pressed they refused, so much for the "we will not be beat advert" I wanted an auto trans. and cruise, and air. They had the cars with no air,cruise, or door locks, for 9978, and would go down to 8900 with not to much effort. I have 1000 miles on it and my wife was sitting at a stop light, when some kid, dropped his cigarette and was fumbling with his cell phone, trying to pick up his ciggie, and hit my new car in the [non-permissible content removed]. I am so pissed, his company will pay the deductible but still, I am out my car for 10 days while it is being repaired.
    We traded a Subaru in with 150k on it and it never had a day in the body shop.
    WTF? any way, I really like the car, I am a Subaru fan, but that company has taken the price of the base car up so much it is not funny. and the quality has dropped some on them, and the gas mileage has dropped. I had an impreza that got 36 mpg and now they are rated at 20-24. and the wrx they want a sticker price of 27k lol, they can keep it. I rented an aveo in las Vegas last year and was so impressed I started to look at getting one. I am a firm believer that a vehicle is a way to get from a to b, not a weener extension. MPG so far is 32 with a combo of city and highway. not to bad, all highway and another 2k down the road to get the engine worn in, should produce 35 36 mpg anyway. so far so good.
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    And I'm actually happy about it! I bought it 3 days ago and put on a couple of hundred miles already. I just love to drive this thing. I traded in a 96 Camaro z28 w/t-tops for an Orange 2006 Aveo Hatchback loaded (premium sound,mp3,anti-theft, keyless entry, automatic, a/c, etc...) with 500 down. It was 9988 after all that. Of course this required walking out on them 3 times and haggling the hell out of them. I'm paying 196 a month for 5 years at 4.9% financing and I couldn't be happier.

    My main concern was the way it drove, until I took it home. On my test drive I felt it was a little too weak for me, but on the way home I had pretty decent acceleration and it was a nice smooth drive. I've driven in a hurricane before so I'm not so afraid of the winds from other cars. Fun zippy little car.

    Interior: wonderful! I'm so happy to have air conditioning!!! I went through Hurricane Rita without it and swore to never go through a hurricane in a car without a/c again. 10 hours waiting in line with t-tops in 105 degree weather (I live in SE Texas..its HOT)is no fun. Whoever was complaining about 70 degree nights should move down here, it can be up to 90 some nights. Anyway, I like the interior very much but wish the lights were another color. That milky sea-foam green on the inside has to go. I'm hoping to put orange neons on the inside that pulse with the music. Mp3 player needs an aux input though, I hate streaming XM radio through FM. I plan on getting a new head unit soon. Seats are very comfortable and have plenty of room but should receive an armrest/console. I don't fit in cars well as I'm over 6 foot tall with 52 inch wide shoulders, but this baby is awesome for big guys. Also, if anyone makes fun of it, let them get in. Everyone I know has changed their mind about this car so far.

    The color decides how the car will be interpreted. I had a choice between "grandma" icelandic blue and "Atomic" Spicy I chose the orange. The design has definite potential waiting to be used. I plan on adding some metallic and black flames and some body side molding asap. Maybe I can find an atomic bomb decal to put on the hood. The orange just screams it to me. Also the spoiler is nice. I just have to find the line between ricer and ricer-bomber...(I think I just heard the ACLU knocking on my door for that statement) Anyway, needs bigger tired though. Looks a bit like a toy car.

    I filled up the tank for the first time tonight and it was a total of 25 dollars!!!! I'm amazed. I had been used to 45 dollar fill ups with my Camaro so it looks like between the random bi-weekly Camaro fixes and gas guzzling, I will be breaking even.

    Great car. Great ride. Fun. A bit too cute, but that can be arranged :shades: I'm gonna make a comic in the next week or so about how people react to it. ">link title

    Travis Lovett of
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    i was reading your comment on being a Subaru i the only one who wishes they still make the little Subaru Justy AWD?? i had a 1989 for a couple of yrs and this little car was GREAT!!! bought it at 36.000 Km and paid 5.500$ (canadian) i had the deluxe edition cant remember what it was called but i really wish they were still on the market...they looked pretty good, interior had good quality compare to the other little cars they were making back then (metro, festiva, aspire, etc)and it had the AWD option on it...and overall awesome package!..oh well...i know i am only dreaming :) planning on getting an aveo in the fall!!! ;)
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    to me it sounds like you got a great deal! i am in kansas and the aveos seem to be a little more expensive..i did look on auto trader and did a search to 200 miles from where i am and it is cheaper to buy an aveo in other states...looks like we will take a little trip when the purchase time comes! ;)
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    My soon to be husband and I are torn between getting a 2006 Scion and a 2006 Toyota Scion XA. The Aveo gets more bang for its buck while the Scion gets slightly better gas mileage. The Aveo on the other hand gets a slightly better crash rating. If anyone wants to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, it would be greatly appreciated!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! :)
  • aveoatomicaveoatomic Member Posts: 5
    I've been rear-ended twice in a week (recently bought it 3 weeks ago) and the bumper is only scratched so far. In slow speed crash it held up like a champ. I know its not very indicative of how it wil handle in a high speed crash, but my bumper isn't even dented and it went against a Ford Explorer and a Chevy S-10.

    Maybe that will help some...
  • scieduc8torscieduc8tor Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply! However, we have decided to go with the toyota scion. The downfall so far is that we are having to wait 6 weeks for our new car because of the features and color we picked. I am glad to hear that the aveo held up well in your unfortunate mishaps. The scion is rated close to the same so hopefully if anything like that were to happen it would do well like the aveo. Two rear ends in a week and its only three weeks old!! That suck big time. That sounds like my luck. :sick: Again, thanks for your thoughts and words and good luck!
  • aveo_godaveo_god Member Posts: 1
    Got my new '06 Aveo 5-door in bright blue from a dealer in Haddam, CT. Went in to the dealer on a wednesday morning and spent over 4 hours talking with him about the cobalt and the aveo. I am a college student so a economy car was the way to go. I got to test drive both the base cobalt and an automatic aveo LT..... twice each in the 4 hours.

    The cobalt had much more power, felt OK on the inside, but was very basic and didn't have the styling I liked

    The Aveo was pretty weak (auto) in acceleration, even worse than my 10 year old Mercury Tracer! But the seats were way more comfortable than in the cobalt, and all the creature comforts were there.

    Deceided on a 5-speed LT that was from another dealer, so got it the next day, it has everything in the book except a sunroof, and I guess I could live without that. Funny story: I was 1 inch from signing the purchase for another Aveo that was the "special spring edition" or whatever, and there was one at a dealer far away. It was a great price and everything, EXCEPT I did not know what "summertime blue" or whatever they call it looked like. Both me and the dealer searched forever online, calling up other dealers, etc. but could not figure out what color the car was! It was too far to drive and look at, and one dealer told us it was a "robin's egg blue", so I told him NO, I definatly don't want some ugly colored car... doesn't matter if it was half off, I still wouldn't buy it. 3 weeks later I see one on a dealer lot while driving around and almost threw up. What an ugly color for a car. I think chevrolet had some little kid throw that together, cause noone in their right mind would ever drive it (if he were a guy). :P

    So got the Bright Blue and am happier than ever!
    Paid something like 190.00 a month for 72 months at 0% financing. What a steal for such a great car! All the ladies love it too ;)
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    NEVER buy from Lou Bachrodt Chevy in Ft.Laud. Fla. I felt like I was beaten and attacked for wanted to spend money on a new car! I won't go into the horrible details,or this would be a book sized posting. My Aveo is a 2006 LS Hatchback,Brilliant Blue or Bright Blue, I have yet to be told what it is,I am told it is both!, with a black or very dark grey interior.This was the ONLY one they had on the lot and they said they would not get any more this year,it was April,...and that there would not be a 2007 model. THAT'S how good a dealer they are. I wanted Spicy Orange and saw one at another dealer..but this one had so many extras,for 'free',I went for it. I got out the door for $10,001.

    'Tax,tag, title',2 'free' tanks of gas, complete window tinting, the 1 disk cd player, automatic transmission, A/C, Aveo custom mudflaps ordered and finally installed, pinstripes, nitrogen filled tires, that is suppose to give better mileage and make the tires last longer...its a new thing car dealers offer. And supposedly the 'paint and fabric protection package' for life,already applied on it. You know for $1,300 extra! It is a wax job and a spray of Scotch Guard on the seats! But it was on the window sticker with a lifetime warranty. It stickered at $13,250. Traded in my Ford Ranger Edge pickup, got $3,000 in trade plus payoff...long story short, I wasn't going to pay for that paint/fabric stuff. So I was walking out the door and they said,"what would make you buy this car today!!!" You know that famous line. I said, free gas,window tinting ($250 here in Fla to do that,on that car),the mudflaps, and no way that protection package! I got it. They SAY the warranty just won't be honored, since they can't remove the's already on the car. So, they just wont honor any warranty work that would have covered. If you don't wax your car every few months, you deserve what happens to the paint in my opinion! And what the heck can happen to the fabric on the seats? If I rip them its my fault,and if they come off, thats under the cars warranty! I can buy a can of ScotchGuard for $7 and spray it myself. I don't belive the car was even waxed before I picked it up. Let alone it has a lifetime 'sealant' on it so I dont have to wax it ever. Talk about a rip off. So thats my Aveo. Then after they 'screwed' me,I did it to them, by getting refinanced for 2% less than they had me at just BEFORE I signed the final papers! So they lost that profit. They made out like bandits with my trade and with their horrible attitudes. I have never felt so abused in my life when buying a NEW car. And this is my 12th one! It was like it was MY honor to ALLOW them to sell it to me. I have waxed it with a very expensive wax/sealant, twice already to make it shine and it does! Got dark tint with a liftime replacement warranty, and after 4 tries I got my custom little mudflaps that look perfect on the car. Nice car...horrible dealer...and GM didn't even seem to care when I reported them to the head office. It was like talking to a wall. Oh well...first and last car I ever buy from GM,or that dealer!
  • wenliangwenliang Member Posts: 1
    As soldier defending the country is my obligation and boosting our economy is also my responsibility. That is why I am going to buy a domes tical car in spite of their reputation inferior to that of the foreign. Because of my limited income, I am forced to buy a cheapest car. Chevrolet Aveo is my choice. I am stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. If you guys can tell me what price you paid for your Aveo with what equipment, it will be helpful to me in dealing with mercenary dealers.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    It is getting close to the end of the month and the end of the model year. SO they MUST sell off their stock. Do you have the 0% interest still going in your area on all Chevys? Get that. I have a 2006 hatchback LS with automatic,a/c,cd radio,floor mats,pinstripes,basically a stripped model,14in steel wheels with covers, I got it for $10,001. But i traded in a truck and got $3,000 for it ,so i guess i paid for all the taxes and their 'paperwork' and other stealing dealers fees with that money. So it cost me in real life $13,000. But I am paying under $200 a month for 5 yrs and now i have an automatic,able to carry grocerys home,and more than 1 passenger,unlike in my truck. Which i loved so much,but the gas killed that love affair! :cry: should be able to get an LS with a/c and auto for $10K -$11k out the door now. I think they have a rebate for people in the military as well!
    And you deserve it. Look up on I think it is like $500 or $1,000 off any car. So tell your dealer you are in the military to get that discount,get the 0% interest and at this time of should get a good deal. I got bulldozed over..but you probably have more of a backbone than me:) Good luck!
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