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AMA currently has $1000 towards 2017 GLE3504matic. Does MB allow incentive towards lease?

i was told by dealer MF 0.00055 and residual ???
MSRP 61,040
cash price 55,574
document fee 250
I am in Pennsylvania, the dealer is in Ohio, DMV fee in Ohio (Pennsylvania does not have it?) is $123
so what is the lease price? Pennsylvania tax 6%. again, AMA memeber has $1000 incentive. I don't know it is allowed to apply on top of $55,574, that will make the sale price 54, 574

Thank you in advance.


  • sarahfoxsarahfox Member Posts: 7
    sorry forgot to mention: 36months/12k lease 0 down
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    sarahfox said:

    sorry forgot to mention: 36months/12k lease 0 down

    .00055 MF and 55% residual
    We have no info about the incentive. Did you mention it to the dealer?
    Tax on leases in PA is an extra 3%, so tax will be 9%.
    Also, Mercedes acquisition fee is $795.

    If the acq.fee and doc fee are rolled in, I get $690/mo.+tax, or about $752/mo.

    If you subtract $1000, the payment drops by about $31/mo.

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  • sarahfoxsarahfox Member Posts: 7
    I have not mentioned it to the dealer. because I just found out incentive yesterday(sunday,also i have to log in AMA in order to see ), it says valid from 9/1/16/- 9/30/16
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