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Hi everyone I think I have a doozie for you. My 2004 Ford Focus with a 2.3 engine ran beautifully when I got it in Dec 2015. Well about a month or so ago my husband put the wrong tranny fluid in the car. I freaked out and had him drain it, get a new filter and fill it back up with the correct tranny fluid Mercon V. It seemed to run ok for a min. The next thing they did they replaced one of the motor mounts actually the tranny mount. After that was done I had no reverse. I had reverse before they replaced the tranny mount. Now the car drives but it shifts from 1st to 3rd. You have to take off and get the rpms up, take your foot off the gas until it shifts and then it drives fine. Even on the freeway. The other day one of my husbands friends(a mechanic by trade) told him it sounds like the tranny fluid is overfilled. So they took some out. Drove it home and the next day drove it about 10 miles out 10 miles back and my husband said it made a noise he never heard and started acting funny. So he parked it. Later we went to drive it and since it doesn't have reverse anymore we push it out of the driveway and then we just drive like I just explained but when we went to push it out of the driveway it wouldnt go into neutral. Turned it off and walked away. It sat there all weekend and this morning I put a quart of Mercon V in it and with a little hand motion back and forth through the gears it kinda went into neutral just enough to be able to put it in drive. Now it makes a funny noise when we take off but it does still drive. What in the world is wrong with my car? Is my tranny completely ruined?


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    No way to guess, especially with so many variables in this scenario. It needs to go to a transmission specialist to be sorted out--make sure the fluid level is correct, that no sensors or wires have been yanked on, and a diagnostic scan done----for openers.
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