Used Rogue - Prior Cosmetic Damage

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Hey All,

I'm thinking I might have found a diamond in the rough with a previously owned 2014 Rogue S. The dealer's website has it listed for $16995. It is a one owner vehicle and the dealers website states no previous accident reported. However, the Carfax shows that the vehicle was in two minor fender benders and it was repaired after it was traded in. I'm thinking it was a mistake when they posted the add, but I'm still thinking I can take advantage. The same dealer has a few 2015 Rogues with less miles listed at the same price. I know the dealer paid significantly less for this one especially since they bought it and then performed the repairs themselves. Attached to the carfax is a Trueframe structural inspection noting the repairs as "refinishes."

I feel like I should be able to get a really good deal on this vehicle considering the prior accidents, the newer lower mileage cars at the same price, and the fact that the vehicle has been on the lot since early July. The vehicle is NOT a certified preowned as the other similarly priced ones are as well. Does anyone have a feel for what the dealership would have paid for this vehicle or how good of a deal I could possibly get out of this?



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    What the dealer paid is irrelevant. It's what he's willing to take for it that counts. So think of what you consider a great price and lay it on him.

    You can use Edmunds True Market Value tools to help you arrive at a "target price".

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