Ford Mustang (2005) vs. 2005 Pontiac GTO



  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    It's definitely coming, just not 100% sure of the timing and applications.

    I have a hard time believing it will be THE standard V8 engine for the mustang, though.
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    ...with the ability to exceed 7.0 L in future applications, and produce more than 425 hp (317 kW) and 425 ft·lbf (576 N·m). It has been rumored that a smaller 5.8 L (355 in³, 5814 cc) version will be developed for a special edition 2009 Ford Mustang and is expected to be the standard V8 engine for the 2010 or 2011 Ford Mustang.

    Boss 429 & 351 (well 355) reborn? Can we see a hi-po 289 soon?
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    The reason for the demise of the GTO was not it's lack of power or handling, It was because it looks like a jelly bean,
    The same for the 4th Gen Camaro, Why did it Die, the sales for the last 5 years were declining by 20% each year until 2002 the sales were less than 45000 even when the Mustang was still selling 150000. Lets face it the Camaro had the power, 350 ponies it was a fast car, but it looked like crap, it was a corvette little brother wanabe not a muscle car. GM lost both because of looks, not power or interior. The Mustang has always out sold the Camaro, why? it's not power.
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    What a great advertising coupe for Ford...constant advertising for Ford should be ashamed.......................the GTO is dead ....long live the Camaro............if they ever build it.....bye bye my sweet little GTO...all that is left is the 60s song...and the movie "two lane blacktop" :cry:
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    don't be too glum, mon petit chou-chou mparis.
    the new camaro sure does look nice.
    hey'd have to be crazy not to build it.

    oh oh.
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    I own a 400 rwhp Mustang and have driven a GTO a few times, so I feel I have a good comparison.

    The GTO looks bland as hell, but is a real joy to drive. I find the GTO to a be a real bargin in the after-market, because they were such slow sellers. The GTO seems to me to be more refined and better as a DD then a Mustang. I was actually thrilled with the car after poking fun at it for so long.

    MSRP vs MSRP, I would choose Mustang, but the deals on these GTO's are really somthing.

    Also, if you wish to mod, I would think the Mustang would be a lot cheaper to mod due to a much larger after-market and many years experience with the 4.6 and millions of them on the road vs may 50,000 of the GTO's.
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    the only reason the mustang sells so much is because every 35 year old mom with blonde hair and her daughter buys one. go get a 87 to 93 and youll be fine. but to play it safe just go with the GTO. stock to stock you dont want no part of it.
  • motox223motox223 Member Posts: 2
    obviously you don't know too much about the sales of the GTO then. Pontiac only sent out one to each dealership. and if they were lucky they got two. so dont sit here and tell me about the mustang outselling it. the GTO is a legend not a DD. the mustang has turned into a chick car. i would never own one cuz then i would be like every other idiot in town trying to follow the crowd. they are awesome looking and can be fast. but till you line up with a GTO and beat it then dont talk anymore. my brother just outran a mustang in a dodge 4door long bed deisel. smoked it not just beat it. so seriously.. get for real
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    It may be a legend but I don't think a Mustang could be confused with a Pontiac Sunfire.

    There is more to life (and cars) than drag racing on the street.
  • vertical3vertical3 Member Posts: 43
    Well down here in West Palm Beach all the GTO owners I know use theirs as a DD. I have seen 3 where it was either hers or the wife was driving his. Also most the stangs the chicks drive are the 6 cyl. In our club here we have one with a Roush, two with SVT Cobra's (they work on it themselves), and 3 with GT's (one is a State Trooper). Your brother probably ran a 6 cylinder. Get off your pedestal and get in line with the rest of us with your GTO filling up at $3.75 a gallon.
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    I think the problem with the new gen. GTO is the name. I know many people share my view. Yes, the new generation GTO performs. In fact it out performs the SI197 mustang, but I think if the named something else besides GTO, it may still be around today.
  • golden536golden536 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 05 GTO with 2400 miles, i am wanting to do some mods to it. I would like to see if anyone might be able to give me some heads up. I have thought about flowmaster exaust, cpu upgrades, nitrous, ect. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    golden holden, i understand these cars are very mod-able.
    probably you should visit ls2gto web site for the most modern mod info .
  • fmfwfmfw Member Posts: 1
    I have wanted to do the same & have learned a couple of things. #1; Hypertech does NOT offer a programmer for the GTO because, according to them & confirmed by Pontiac, the heads are different than other 6.0's, & some {unknown which ones} are loose. At the top of the pistons travel, the rings are not properly supporting the piston, & the piston can jam. This happens @ high rpm & results in catastrophic engine failure. One local added nitrous & blew his engine before the first bottle was empty. I have also seen many modified GTO's that make big power & are as reliable as stock, just be sure to do your homework. Call Lingenfelter in Decatur, Indiana. Their reputation for reliable, durable power is sterling. & no, I do not work with or for them, but that is where my GTO will go for any mods beyond the K&N intake coming soon. Good luck & remember, Mustangs look best from the rearview mirror!
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