Why my toyota avalon acts this way

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I have a 1995 toyota Avalon. Some days i will go out to start it and it starts right up. Last week it stopped and i let it sit for two days on the 3rd day i went out and it started right up.. What could this be... Is it the starter or my starter relay


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    So when it doesn't start, do you mean "crank/no start" or "no crank, no start". "Crank" means the starter motor spins over but the engine won't run.

    If you get "no crank/no start" condition, then you have to work backwards from the "s" terminal on the starter relay, to see if you're even getting a signal from the ignition switch. The signal could be interrupted by a variety of things, such as anti-theft, neutral safety switch or bad ignition switch. If the signal to the relay IS present, then you have to suspect (and test) the starter relay or solenoid, and the starter motor itself.

    Some people recommend, if this happens, to tap the starter motor with a hammer---it's not a great idea to do that, but it sometimes does diagnose a bad starter.
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    One possibility is the starter solenoid contacts. It's a common problem with Toyotas once they're over 10 years or 100k miles. The starter solenoid contacts slowly wear, and eventually fail to make the connection intermittently. This is accompanied by a click, nothing else, when trying to start, even though all the other electrics are working. I replaced the contacts (had to remove the starter and disassemble the solenoid), which fixed it in my 1996 ES300 (same engine and starter as your Avalon, I think).

    Of course the battery needs to be checked, and the cable connections, along with trying to start in neutral to see if it's the neutral safety switch. If these are all ok, and the starter's over 10 years/100k miles old, I bet it's the problem.
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