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Mercedes-Benz CLK Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I.M.H.O. (airplane speak for "In My Humble Opinion") you did just fine. I'm not a "car-guy" since my one indulgence happens to be airplanes--private air travel is my first-choice form of transportation and I've had a plane since I was 26...and thats alot of years!

    Yesterday (2-8-08) I leased for 27 months but only 10k miles/year the exact same car--or nearly so-- '08 350CLK convert. (I estimate the car will have not more than 12,000 miles on it when I turn in back in 27months)

    options are:

    Extra cost paint
    Premium I
    Heated Seats
    IRG [email protected] $600 -whatever that is

    MSRP on this car is $61,320. the "capitalized cost" was $ 58,480

    My sales tax is only 3.4% -- with $1k down (including the 1st pymnt) my monthly cost is $702.61.

    The important thing to remember when leasing is that whatever you put "down" over and above the first payment will be lost if you have a car stolen -or- written off by your insurance company.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    $629 a month for 27 months for a '08 clk350 cabriolet, 10k mi per year.No down pay ment, drive off costs include first month's payment and tax. MF is .0008 and residual is 65%. MSRP is 60105 and selling price is 54411. What do you think?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246

    I am also on long island. What dealer is that and do they have inventory? I am going to be giving up my lease on 05 cabriolet in July but for a good deal would go sooner. I can't speak to MF and residual but monthly is good. Note that I still think quality sucks and hate that MB doesn't cover routine maintenance when everyone else in that space does.

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 764
    MB doesn't cover routine maintenance when everyone else in that space does

    Only BMW still covers routine maintenance for free. Audi discontinued it and most others never did.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 164,657
    I think Audi still covers the first year...

    And.. you can extend it to 4/50 for a list price of $595..

    But, other than that... BMW is it...

    A lot of buyers think that it's no big deal.... until they come home with a $150 bill for their first oil change.. :surprise:

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    What do you guys think of the price and leasing cost for that car? I found my sheet from 2005 and my cap cost three years ago for the 320 was like 56.9K leaving me with payments of I think 749 for 39 months. His cap cost with nothing down is less. Seems to my I got a bad deal, he has a good one, or some combination. Let me know. My lease is up in July. Also, what do you guys think about availability in June? Does the weather increase demand / am I better off looking now?

    Also, for the guy with the earlier post with the pricing, let me know what dealer,even if not on long island.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just got my 2008 CLK350 and I thought I had a really good deal, but after reading many posts. I am not sure. Can anyone help me to figure out if my deal was good or bad?

    Monthly Payment: 570.90 + 47.10 Tax in LA = 618

    Term is for 12k a year for 27 months.

    Gross Capitalized Cost: 48,872.90 + 795 (Acquisition Fee) = 496667.90
    Down Payment: 5,286.00 (Includes below items)
    -618 (First Month Payment)
    -3917.36 (Capitalized Cost Reduction)
    -323.18 (Sales/Use Tax)
    -370.00 (Registration)
    -45.00 (Document Fee)
    -8.75 (DMV Filing Fee)
    -3.71 (Sales tax on Document Tax)

    My car has P1, Nav, and Ipod with diamond silver exterior.

    I don't know what my money factor is. Could anyone help me to figure out? This is my first time leasing a vehicle and I am really concerned with the deal I got because I did not negotiate any on the price.

    Thank you!!!
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    What was the sticker price on the car? I am trying to figure out what they took off. From the guy above that was looking at the cabriolet that hasn't replied, it looked like he got off about $5,600.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    I emailed the data from the 629/month posting by crestonave to my dealer. He said he would meet. He said he can't get to exactly the MSRP posted by crestonave of 60105 and selling price is 54411. Crestonave, any way for you to detail how you got to that?

    Dealer also said that even with that pricing, they will still let me out of lease three months early just to take new car now. Said pricing not different for 36 months but said redesign likely either 09 or 10.
  • With P1, Nav, iPod, Sirius, Sports Apperance. MSRP is 53.5k. 27mo lease. Drive off is $2000, monthly is $560+tx. I thought it's a fairly good deal. The Gross Cap. Cost is set at $47051.26. What do you think?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246

    Just so I understand what you are saying, what is in the drive off? That's important for figuring out how you got to the 47,051.26. For example, if the $2,000 is fees, first payment, etc., then 6,448 is what they knocked off the msrp which is great (IMHO). Please tell more and also where you are getting this pricing (location and dealer).

  • $2000 include first month, license, acquisition, and around $400 cap reduction.

    This is from House of Imports in LA area.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    That is great. So you had them knock of 6K off MSRP. I am in NY (Long Island) and hope to do as well.
  • vktvkt Posts: 1
    Just wanted to see how I did on a recent lease on an MB CLK 350 in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Monthly payment: $552 plus tax
    MSRP: $50,910 (P1 pkd and IPod integration)
    Negotiated price: $45,465.92
    Cap Reduction: $1800
    Trade-in: $1500 (but, generously, it was worth $750)
    Total out of pocket: $1500
    Residual value: $24,946

    Please let me know how I did. I feel like I got a pretty decent deal but still feel I may have left some dollars on the table. Thanks in advance.
  • mpacmpac Posts: 1
    Good morning car man, or anyone else who knows the answers:

    I am interested in leasing an 08 mercedes convertible, I am going through the mercedes dealership, Fort Worth Tx ,and will be using mercedes financial.

    I have been approved for a Tier 2 lease program with a money factor of .00280.

    After reading many other questions on this topic, I feel like they are giving me a terrible offer.

    For a 39 month lease with $6000 down 12K miles monthly pymt of $828.00
    For a 39 month lease with $1200 down (which includes 1st and fees) 12K miles, monthly pymt of $967 month.

    MSRP 61,000
    Cash price of vehicle (discount) 56505.00
    Cap Reduction cost -waiting to hear from dealership
    Residual cost-waiting to hear from dealership
    Sales tax 6.25%

    Please help me!!!! I need advice

    Also my credit score is 635, they state that to get a tier 2 lease you have to have a 680 score of higher. However, I purchased a 03 clk convertible from same dealership with excellent payment history, so they will bump me to a tier 2.
    This doesn't sound right!!!

    Please advise

    Thank you so much
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    Based on some of the stuff I saw earlier, it sure looks like you are getting beat up but I have a question. If the MSRP is 61,000 and cash price is 56,505, is that a discount they gave you from the msrp used for calculating sales tax and then you add sales tax for determining cap cost?
  • isis1128isis1128 Posts: 1
    what color is interior and exterior? I might be interested

    [email protected]
  • hroark10hroark10 Posts: 5
    looking into leasing a 2008 CLK350 Coupe for 27 months. I would like to know approx. initial total payment outright and what I can negotiate. I live on Long Island NY.

    list price : $ 50,535
    Monthly: $489
    Lease: 27 Months
    Payment based on 1st month, bank fee and taxes due at signing, plus customer cap cost reduction of $3500.

    Any help with total upfront cost and negotiation greatly appreciated. Christian
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    Where in Long Island are you? I live in Nassau County and did the Long Island thing for a convertible but a particular color combination and wound up at White Plains with John Tutino (great guy). Tried Catena, Rallye, Smithtown, Lakeview, etc. and he was best and they have a lot of cars, which surprised me (but can't tell that online). Anyway, you should be able to knock several thousand off the sticker WITHOUT having to pay cap cost reduction in this market. My payments for the 2008 are $100 per month less than for my 2005 because rates are lower and they took more off the sticker for purposes of the cap cost. Find out what they are doing for you as the sale price on the car for purposes of the lease. You also need to know they money factor they are using and then make sure that's the current rate for someone of your credit quality. Also get residual percentage.
  • hroark10hroark10 Posts: 5
    I live in Suffolk County and looking into Smithtown. My credit rating has to be Tier I as my credit score is tops. I'm looking for a black Coupe which shouldn't be that difficult I would think. Was this for a 27 month lease though? I hear that can make costs different. I could most certainly be wrong though. Any suggestions?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    They were happy to give me 27 or 39. Either one was fine for price/cap cost of car. Residual changed but that's it, I think. For me, 39 better because I don't want to have to go through it again in 27 months, even though styling changes for '09. That's what I think is driving desire to move cars -- that plus bad economy generally.
  • hroark10hroark10 Posts: 5
    This would be my third car as my wife and I own two others. I figured in 2 years one of them will go and I can end the Mercedes lease and purchased something else. I just contacted White Plains via e-mail and I hope they get back soon. I plan on looking on Saturday. Should I try Smithtown first or go straight to White Plains? Thanks for the help!
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    Sure. I pulled these for you from They are the April rates and I checked them when I got my car and they were accurate. It's in the forum entitled manufacturer lease rates, mercedes benz lease rates. There are also websites that have lease calculators so you can see if they are screwing around with you.

    2008 Mercedes CLK350 Coupe
    24 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00005 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00050 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 42% of MSRP – .00050 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 37% of MSRP – .00320 Base Rate
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 246
    You should call this guy John Tutino at White Plains. He actually called me yesterday to ask how i liked the car but even though I picked it up 2 weeks ago then went right on vacation the next day so I have driven it only 2 days and have been too busy to call him back. I too tried the email thing but then called because I didn't want to wait and I got lucky and got him.

    Note: Before you take that kind of ride, you should get your pricing in order. It's about 45 minutes from middle of Nassau where I am. We talked and agreed price and only then I went to meet him to see car and put deposit down. When I got there he didn't play any games -- nice and low key and no pressure, not some young guy who is all flash and he knows the cars.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I have seen a few posts referencing extending leases with MB Financial and I just looked into it for my CLK and thought I'd share

    I currently have an 06 CLK 350 with P1, nav, wood steering wheel, rear airbags, ipod, CD changer, heated seats and worked in first service for free - 12k miles per year 27 months, $2600 out of pocket (included all) for $565 per month. I was happy with this deal

    I like the car very much, I just called MB to explore options of another MB or extending my lease. MB came back with a new lease payment of $521 per month at 12k per year for 1 more year. There are no additional fees - when the new term begins payment drops to $521.

    I find this really attractive since to get into a new MB lease usually requires $1500 or more out of pocket plus I'd be looking at over $500/month (another CLK would be $550 plus), easy, for what I want. My CLK is still under warranty and I know it works. Needs tires but still ahead of the game I feel.

    I have a little more time to decide, but, it is a nice option.
  • I am currently in the market for a new CLK350 convertible lease - with the following options:

    CLK350 Auto
    Obsidian Black or Steel Grey exterior
    Cappucino Brown/Black Leather- Sport interior
    Black Ash wood trim
    Black soft top
    Heated front seats
    iPod Integration (not essential)
    P1: Premium 1 package
    P90: Sport appearance package
    Hands free communication system - Bluetooth interface module

    MSRP = $60,000

    What sort of deal should I expect on a 36 month, 12,000 mile lease?
    Does anyone know what the money factor is on the convertible?
  • calbear05calbear05 Posts: 6
    Seems like this forum has been quiet for awhile...but the deals on the CLKs are out of this world (in my opinion)

    2008 CLK550c
    DVD Command
    Keyless Go
    Electronic Trunk Closer
    and other misc things
    MSRP: 66,750
    Selling price: 53,250 (almost 9k off INVOICE as a result of the $6k rebate)

    2009s are out (check and the newly redesigned site) but model is practically unchanged.
  • That is a fabulous discount. Do you know what the MF and Residuals are for 24 or 36 month leases?
  • Can you post the dealership name, city and state (that is allowed). I would really like to follow up on this. Thanks
  • calbear05calbear05 Posts: 6
    MB of SF
    this is my 2nd new MB (E350 and CLK550) in the last 2 months so maybe thats why he was willing to discount it so much. Ask for Alan - internet sales mgr. Great guy, no bs at all. I shopped around on the first car and took the best offer to Alan and he beat it without hesitation. Told him what I was offered on the CLK and he beat it again. Did everything via email and only time I spent at the dealership was signing the contract.
  • Hi

    I will be buying a 2008 CLK 550 with a Premium 1 package. How much should I pay? I really wanted to get the Xenon lights, but will settle for a P1 package. Does anyone know if it is possible later on if I can get a xenon light installed and how much it would run? Any idea how much to install navigation and sat radio at a later date?
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    all those things you asked for are pretty much integrated into the car at the factory. It would cost way more for a dealer or shop to put them in later even if the wiring is there

    Tell the dealer to throw it in or no deal. I got my nav included which if you can get I highly recommend - completes a car especially at that level....usually if they are sitting on the lot with nav they give it away especially an 08
  • I was interested in the new 2009 C300 but was turned off my the lack of headroom for me and the cheap plastic feel of the MBTex, So I sat in the CLK 350 Coupe whcih has a nicer interior and plenty of headroom.
    MB is offering a $10000 cash-back to the dealers this month on that 2008 and with an extensive search in the CA market, I found a light exterior color and stone interior.
    Aggressive pricing at Invoice - $10000. Most dealers are at
    MSRP -$11000.

    Good inventory is going fast and the new E-Coupes will be out next spring to replace the CLK.

    Good luck in your shopping....
  • Just picked myself up the following:

    2009 CLK550
    Iridium Silver
    Black Interior
    P1 Package

    Nice and clean... leased for an outrageous deal... couldn't believe it myself until I signed the paperwork. If you're in the market for a 550 or a 350, act now. For purchase, I'd go with the '08s as they have the most money back. For lease, go with an '09. MF of 0.0005 and decent residuals make this the time to act.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    how much/month and for how long/miles please.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    I think if you want a CLK, you should wait for pricing to get even better. My salesperson told me they are doing away with the current body style and showed me photo of the new E class which is pretty hot. (looks alot like current S-class)

    Supposedly the CLK will be like a 2 door E and be much nicer than it is now. Cabriolet also expected but a bit later. Just a heads up b/c I know I hate driving the last year of something that comes out new.

    BTW, the current E's are getting pretty aggressive already but I bet we see better next month JMO

    After buying an 08 ML I've become a Benz junkie and can't decide what to get my wife when her car is up in the Spring.
  • Car Man can you please provide lease info (residual, money factor and any current incentives for an 09 CLK coupe? I'd like info for 12K and 15K please.

  • Hello Car Man,
    What is MB offering for rates & residuals on this car 36, 48 or 60 month?

  • Hi Christian. Mercedes-Benz is not providing lease support on 2008 models any longer. If you want to lease an '08 CLK, you will have to do so through an independent bank...if you can even find one that is willing to lease you one.

    In January, Mercedes was providing a whopping $15,000 dealer cash on this car. I'm not sure if dealers were paid out this amount for units that they had in inventory, but there is a good chance that they were.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • carnut12carnut12 Posts: 65

    are there any incentives/rebates/kickbacks for the 09 clk350 cabrios?

  • Yes there is, carnut12. Mercedes-Benz is currently providing a $5,500 cash incentive on leases of 2009 CLK Convertibles through MB Finance.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • cluvnucluvnu Posts: 5
    I am in the market for a clk 350 with the premium 1 package along with the amg package(i think)...its the 18 inch wheels, exhaust. I am looking for 10K miles a year and for about 3 years. I am hoping for a monthly payment under 400 including tax and do not want to come out of pocket with more than 2K at signing including tax, tag title etc. Is this possible? I know they are having crazy deals going on now, but dont want to get taken when I can get an even better deal. the current offers for monthly payments of 359, 399 a month include a 5K downpayment and i just cant afford that...any help, suggestions, tips, money factors, money back specials would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!
  • hi
    can someone help me with this? yesterday, i went to Rallye to check out the clk convertible for leasing: Black/black, Package II, DVD Nagviation Sys and everything standard . leasing is 10,000.00 miles for 39 moths and 684.00/per month, down payment is 2000 (at the time pickup total payment is around 6000.00) with all the rebate/leasing special from Mercedes . But when i go back home and go to internet search i saw the site with all the same component except the DVD navigation sys only from 469 to 569 a month?
    Does anyone have know/deal with ? what's a cacth? why it is so low?

    Thank you in advance
  • Fleet has been cracked down by MB Corporate from what I know. Alot of dealerships lost "leasing" companies b/c they were all using Fleet money. Fleet money is what a large company that leases multiple cars/year gets and it's a significant discount similar to employee discount. As I said, my sales person told me MB cracked down on it hard so I would beware of fleet deals b/c they are more than likely going to require you sign something making it look like you are on their payroll, etc. and basically, it's illegal if they do it that way. They are good deals if you can get them but DEFINITELY READ EVERYTHING before signing anything. I know our local dealership has periodically received support from MB in the form of a few employee deals they can use for anyone each month--see if any local dealerships near you have them or are willing to discount further. They are having a really bad month from what I hear.

    On another note: what do you guys think of Indium Grey for a Cabriolet with a Black top? I love Black/Black but would like something different I think...any thoughts? Thanks
  • Can anymone provide the current lease rate for CLK350 Coupe? Thanks.
  • Current ad on MB Website for P1 car says: 499/mo. 10K/year. 48 mos. 5144 due at signing. Of course, you will do WAY better in the real world though........
  • jasvicjasvic Posts: 18
    Hi Car man.. I'm trying to help out my aunt on a lease.. she's currently in a CLK 350 convertible and wants an 09. I was wondering what the Residual and MF are on a 36 month 10,000 mile lease for the CLK 350 convertible?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi fourizonly007. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of a 2009 CLK350 Coupe is an incredibly low .00008. In addition to this great money factor, Mercedes is currently providing a $7,500 cash incentive on leases of this car.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi jasvic. Here's the information that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 CLK350 Convertible with 10,000 miles per year are .00010 and 51%, respectively.

    When negotiating her lease on this car, make sure that your aunt takes the $5,500 cash incentive that Mercedes is providing on leases of '09 CLK350 Convertibles into account.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Car_man,

    Thanks for your help! I just got a '09 CLK350 yesterday.

    MSRP $52,950 P1 w/Bluetooth
    Gross Cap $39,550.82
    Drive-Off: $901
    Monthly: $500 tax included
    36 month/12K

    I think I got a great deal because few of the dealers said this can't be done.

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