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  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    No point banging your head against a wall by arguing this issue...You'll never get your point across, but I'm going to try anyway...

    Suffice to say that car dealers love "Payment Buyers". They really love "upside down" payment buyers because it gives them even more leverage and room to fudge the numbers. Say the words "Payment buyer" to a car dealer and he will salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs.

    The bottom line is that for virtually ANY payment amount, the dealer can provide you with a term, interest rate, and down payment to make your dream come true. He can sell you virtually any car as long as you're willing to make payments forever (and have reasonably good credit). Of course, we never keep our cars forever and that's how we end up upside down in the first place...

    You are buying a car, not a payment. Set the price of the car, negotiate the interest rate and terms, and then decide whether or not you can afford the payments. Let your finance calculator tell you the payments, not the salesman. You need to get the TOTAL deal right: price, trade value, down payment, interest rate and terms-- but it all starts with purchase price.
  • I would never bang my head against the wall with this issue, matter of fact topic, because it's not an issue. Like I said before I have my views and you have yours. Point blank I have a lease the payments are very reasonable even though I was upside down with my trade in. So, Omerfar it so not that serious to some across deffensive. At the end of the day I'm happy and I'm sure you are or shall I say I hope you are and the rest is history. Enjoy your day and have a blessed one. :shades:
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    The important thing is that you got your dream car and you are happy with your deal. It's truly a fine automobile. May you drive it in good health.

    For others looking to lease a CLK, you'll find that the MB website advertises the CLK at $449/month for 27 months with $3,994 due at signing. Be sure to read the fine print on the miles however...
  • Hi, Thanks for all your posts and the info regarding the current lease on the CLK. I saw the car today and was told about this lease. I'm not sure this is that great a deal. Do you think there is room for further negotiation on it?
  • Hi Vinnyny. You can get it for way cheaper than that. I think the lease on the CLK 350 start at $499 mnthly with the premium I package. MB has a special going on right now on the C class, CLK class, ML class, etc. Just go to You may not see my situation as a deal but in all actuallity it is. Keep in mind that I am upside down in my payment by $5,000.00. Trust me I did my homework as well as reasearch for this car and MB gave me the best deal. This car is so HOT!!! :shades: Too bad I can't really enjoy the horsepower because I'm in brooklyn NY and there are stop lights at every corner and police on every other block. But, I'm still enjoying it. And I know you will too. ;)
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm not sure how much better you could do because I'm not sure I understand how MB gets the numbers for the lease. Specifically, I can't figure out the real cap cost and the dealer contribution. Here's what their ad says: "MSRP of $49,505 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $45,931.98." It goes on to say that there is a $2750 cap cost reduction. Is that in addition to the dealer contribution (i.e. subtract 2750 from $45931.98 to get the actual cap cost) or is that $2750 already included to get you down to the $45931.98?

    The invoice is only $46904. So, if the $2750 is not included in the $45932, that would tell us that the dealer is selling the car for less than invoice. One must assume that the dealer is getting some factory cash to make that happen. If that's the case, I wouldn't count on too much more of a discount--but I sure as heck would try to get more anyway.

    If the $45932 includes your cap cost reduction of $2750, then the dealer is taking off a mere $853 for a $50k car. That's what? 1.6%? You've got to be able to beat that!

    Maybe one of the lease smart hosts can help us out with this one...
  • Car Man or any others with recent relevant information:

    I'm evaluating leases on the CLK 350 & 550 Cabriolet. MSRP for the cars I've spec'd out are 61,635K and $70,035, respectively. At MSRP, the dealer makes 7% and 6% over invoice, I think. I'd appreciate information on the following:

    1. What is a fair price reduction (off MSRP) for these vehicles? More generally, how much is a "fair" amount for the dealer to make on the sale of either of these vehicles?

    2. For a 10K and 12K mileage lease for each vehicle, for 24 and 36 month lease, what are the current residuals? The dealer I visited is quoting 71% and 61% for a 10K lease.

    3. For a 10K and 12K mileage lease for each vehicle, for 24 and 36 month lease, what are the current money factors? The dealer is using a .004 factor for a 10K lease.

    I very much appreciate your feedback on these questions.
  • Car_man: In responding to the message below, you can assume that I'll be going with the CLK 550. Although it has a $1K gas guzzler tax and costs approximately $8500 more, I think that going the lease route minimizes the pain. Thanks for your help.
  • mbrillmbrill Posts: 3
    Thanks but I decided to go with a 2006 fully loaded BMW 330 convertible as it was much less expensive ($0 down and $550/mo.)
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    Might be to late....Just leased a 2007 350 CLK Cab..for $739 a month including tax w/ $1836 out of pocket (includes 1st month) on a 27 month lease w/ 10k miles p/y. List price was about $58k and included premium 1 pkg, heated seats, and wood wheel. Car is Blk on Blk....I think I got a pretty good deal....

  • poonamspoonams Posts: 3
    Dear Carman, I want this in Mars red. There is one available that the dealer can get for me. He has quoted MSRP - 51,000, Customer price - 48,615 , lease end value 28,000/- monthly 572/-. I am not sure how loaded the car is but there is only one available nationwide that fits the color criterion. This price included 3500/- discount that MB is giving for leasing. You think this is a good deal ?? Very little experience with leasing, please help!!
  • poonamspoonams Posts: 3
    What is the mileage difference, I am not the one for speed, and cannot because the car is for in city drive only. Is the difference significant enough for me to choose one vs other(considering high gas prices and oil crisis, I feel guilty of buying a gas guzzler 500).
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I have an 06 CLK 350. I usually drive in the suburbs, I get around 20mpg. When I hit the highway I've been up to 27mpg. I'd be more worried about the roads in the city then gas mileage. The CLK rims bruise easy.
  • bmwcrzrbmwcrzr Posts: 17
    As of July 15th 2007, Mercedes Benz is submitting new rates, due to the unpopularity of their July rates.
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the new rates for a CLK Cabriolet? I'm looking for 33 or 36 months and 10 or 12K miles. Thanks!!!
  • peto23peto23 Posts: 2
    brand new clk 350, up for lease exchange outstanding condition, the perfect car for a mercedes lover for more info call 818-742-7527 petros
  • peto23peto23 Posts: 2
    hey I have one that might interest you. I got the best deal you can get out there. The lease you'll probably find out there will be no more than 550. I got it for 493 a month for 39 months. its an 2007 clk350 outstanding condition. if interested call 818-742-7527
  • slal99slal99 Posts: 2
    Just bought a new 2006 CLK500 from a Mercedes dealer with full warranty for $48.5K. What do you think of the pricing?
  • Give a little more detail. What are the features? Miles? Condition? How many owners? How long is the lease/finance? Extra incentives? Dealer or Carlot? What state? But so far for a CLK500 it seems GREAT! ;)
  • slal99slal99 Posts: 2
    The car is brand new from a dealer. They had a "leftover" 2006 CLK 500 Cabriolet with P1 and heated seats with 200 miles and full warranty. It was an outright purchase for $48.5K.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Awesome deal!
  • adam26adam26 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the invoice for a 2008 CLK Cabriolet base model? Also, does anyone know if $3,000 incentives can be used for 2008 model? Thanks!!!
  • drel12drel12 Posts: 1
    All of these deals would be 4y/10k lease with a blindly appraised $8000-9000 trade-in.

    I'm currently looking at an 07 silver 550 conver for $650 including tax, P1 package but no navi

    Also an 08 white 550, p2 package with navigation at $700

    And finally an 08 black 550, p3 package with navigation at ~$725, haven't really negotiated with this price yet.

    What do you think? Also, does anyone have any information on the possibility of a new CLK coming out in 08 or 09?
  • Hi,

    I am new to Edmunds forum and I have a "situation". Last year I traded a 2006 Jeep Liberty for a Certified Pre-Owned 2002 CLK430. The purchase price for the MB was 29K and I lost about 9K on the trade in (too many miles on the Jeep). Due to the mileage I do per year, I could not lease and so I added the extended waranty and all the "extra's". My payment is 844.00/mos for 60 mos (a whopping 50K for a used MB).

    To make a long story short I added about 50K miles on the MB since then and it has about 75K miles now. I owe 35K and its trade-in is about 19K-21K.

    I would like to get out of this deal and maybe get into a lease, but I don't know the best way to go about it without losing a TON of money AGAIN! At this point I am not picky on the make or model of another vehicle but I would like to stay in the 25K-35K category of a mid sized car. I am only going to use it to go back and forth to work.

    Can anyone give me some advice please? Oh, I can still afford the 844.00 payment, but I don't think its worth taking the 2002 MB CLK430 for another 3+ years. By that time it will probably have over 100K miles and then might not be worth a whole lot.

    Thanks in advance,

    Peter K
  • I am looking at the payment calculators on the MB website and want to do a 36 month balloon contract. I have an excellent credit score. Any idea what I would be looking at for an interest rate? Thanks!
  • I am debating whether to buy my car, turn it in or lease a new car. My lease is up in Feb of 2008, I leased it for 39 months 39,000 miles. I have only 24,000 miles on the car right now, way under. The car is in immaculate condition, garage kept. The list price of the vehicle was $52,000 and the residual is $30,000. I'm think that with the low milage the car is worth a lot more then $30,000 and might be worth it to me to purchase it. My other thought is if I could extent my lease without "buying" more miles. Is that possible?? What makes more sense? :confuse:
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I've extended my lease with MB Credit a couple times with ease. Sometimes month to month if I am waiting for a new car or a full year just because we like the current car.

    MB does make it easy since there is no fee to extend, you can choose the length of time and the payment drops (not on month to month though) - they quote right over the phone. Your car is still under warranty which is a good thing, leasing with no warranty is nail biting. Nothing worse then paying for repairs on a car you don't own.

    Go one more year or 6 months and take the time to think about what you want to do.....take that 10k vacation drive while your at it.

    Good luck
  • manlymanly Posts: 14
    Thank you to all of your inputs. We Just leased a new 2008 CLK-350 convertible from a SOCAL Mercedes dealer with 15k/mile for $53.8K. Here is the detail:

    sale price=$53800
    Money factor=.00225
    term= 27-month on 15,000 miles
    drive-off= $5000
    monthly payment= $685 including tax (8.25%)

    options are:
    - Premium package 1
    - DVD navigation
    - Heated Front Seats
    - iPod Integration Kit
    - Free oil change for the lease term

    Could we do better deal?


    P.S. email me if you want the dealer contact.
  • Is this a good deal? What should I look out for?

    08 CLK 350
    P2 Pkg
    amg sprt appearance pkg
    heated seats

    MSRP $54,035
    Negotiated price $50,300

    27month lease 12k miles year
    $565.00 month
    $6075.00 tax, title, cap cost, bank fee..etc.
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    I think you've got more room there. Looks like the MSRP (final price) came down because you have a high out of pocket amount.

    I have an 06 CLK 350 that was MSRP'd at $53,400 and I got mine for the same $565 per month at 27 months 12k per year but only $2600 down and that included all reg, bank, etc. plus I got the first 13K service free - just before I signed the last paper. Yes, my deal is almost 2 years ago but lease rates/deals are pretty steady at MB.

    I think you have some room. I'm sure you can stay at the same monthly payment but get the out of pocket to $4k or less. Good luck.
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