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I have a black 2006 Saturn Vue. Currently, it is not safe to drive. There is no lien on it. I have the title. It is sitting in my driveway. I want to sell it for anything I can get. $500? And have the purchaser haul it away on a flatbed truck. I have no idea how to do any of this. I am not a car guy. As you can probably infer, I buy a car every 5 - 10 years and hang onto it as long as I can. Can anyone help me about the best way to go about this? I did sell a car once, years ago, but the person was able to drive it off. I don't want anyone to drive this car in the condition it is in.


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    Advice depends on where you live. In some states, the license plates stay with the vehicle and in other states you must take them off before signing over the vehicle. So you have to know this.

    If the plates stay with the vehicle you MUST fill out a form that is usually called "Release of Liability". This informs DMV that you are no longer the owner, so if tickets or some offense shows up with your former license plate, it's not your baby anymore. The form explains that you add the buyer's name and driver's license # and mail that in to DMV.

    If the plates need to be taken off, do so immediately.

    In addition to the title you should also give the buyer a Bill of Sale, which states your name, his name, the VIN #, the price of the sale AND the words "sold AS IS, WHERE IS".

    As for where to advertise, the usual places for something this cheap would be Craigslist or a local bulletin board at the supermarket.

    You might consider donating the vehicle but here again use all the precautions mentioned above. Maybe you have a local Boys and Girls Club in your area?

    Also be sure to search the vehicle thoroughly for any personal items or personal information.

    Last of all, a local wrecking yard might pick it up and give you something for it. You might take a few photos and show it to the yard.
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    Great. Thank you. I was wondering about the plates. I am in NJ. Do you know what the law is there? If not, I imagine the NJDMV website would have that information, yes? Thank you again.
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    Here's the INFO YOU NEED

    Short Answer: Take the plates off and turn them into DMV, as directed in the link AND get a "surrender receipt".

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    Thank you, Mr. Shift. Really appreciate it.
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