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Big safety concern ! Airbags

mrhein77mrhein77 Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Saturn
My 2008 outlook that I bought new has a problem with the airbags. The sensor for the passenger comes on and goes off when a person is sitting there. Now I get a service airbag light. I've read what others are saying about this, 900.00 to fix the sensor in the seat! Because the airbag won't deploy f it doesn't know someone is there. Doesn't it seem like GM should pay for an airbag problem? I guess they want to wait till a bunch of people die before fixing it. Also my air conditioner blower just broke. Already had a pump replaced and I'm getting a whine sound form my steering which is also a common problem with the power steering. GM should step up and fix their product. No wonder people left them years ago to foreign cars.


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