recent accident due to sudden acceleration Lexus

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A family member was involved in a recent accident. His Lexus ES sedan suddenly lost brake control. To avoid a fender bender, he turned the steering wheel to get into the adjacent lane. Almost at the same time, the car accelerated at almost maximum RPM and resulted in a crash with injuries. He was most certain that he never stepped on the gas pedal during the entire episode.

What do you think should we do next? Maybe contacting a personal injury attorney familiar with the sudden acceleration problem? Ideally, the car should be examined, and maybe some sort of electronic record could confirm the sudden and unintentional acceleration?

Many thanks!


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    Sorry to hear about the injuries!

    Given how old the car is, it's going to prove quite difficult to establish any kind of factory fault. As you say, it is possible for an automotive forensic specialist to examine the car, but this is extremely expensive and still may not give answers. I guess it all depends how high the stakes are as to whether one wants to pursue this. If there were fatalities and one is faced with financial ruin, maybe it is worth it. But it's going to be a long haul up a very steep mountain.

    UA incidents are extremely complex and can be related to driver error, poor maintenance, faulty floor mats, defective cruise controls, etc. Having simultaneous brake and throttle failure would be quite unusual.
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