Shaking at 60+ MPH

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Backstory: Had all 4 tires replaced, balanced, and a 4 wheel alignment (it wasn't far off). I get up to about 60MPH and the car starts to shake as well as the steering wheel. Bring it back, they rebalance the tires. Get the car back up to 60 MPH and the car still has a noticeable shake but it's not as bad. You can also hear it. Bring it back, they move the tires around, same issue. I have the mechanic ride with me and he agrees there's an issue (he can feel it). They rebalance the tires (again), same issue. I have them REPLACE the tires with a higher mileage tire, but still, the same issue occurs. They said it doesn't seem to be a bearing issue (I agree as I know what that sounds like) and there doesn't seem to be any play in the tires. I had them check the alignment again and it's within spec.
I'm not sure what else to try at this point. If not the tires or a balance issue, what else could it be? It only happens when I get up to 60+ MPH and becomes more pronounced around 65-70 MPH. Any ideas on what to check next?


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    Might have to check the runout of the wheels themselves; also check for hub/spindle damage and suspension bushing all around. If you feel it in the steering wheel, it has to be somewhere in the front suspension or perhaps motor or transmission mounts, bent axle? Vibration issues can sometimes be very tough to track down.
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