Am I getting ripped off by infinity dealer for selling my 2006 tsx?

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This is my used car spec

2006 TSX 4 door sedan black, automatic, no navi
78600 miles
no accident, clean, fully operational
few penny size dents and minor scratches(nothing deep or noticeable from 3ft away)

repair required
power steel leak, exhaust shield, rear brake, some tire worn. Acura dealer estimated $1200 to repair

Anyway, I took it to toyota and they told me $6000 but few days later he refused to buy it because I am not buying car from them. Infinity offered me $4500 for it several other dealers at similar price. Am I getting ripped off here? I looked it up on kbb, edmunds and they both estimated my car value at $4500 + $1500-$1700 on mileage so total value were $6000+. Dealer trade-in prices were basically general price and they don't factor in mileage or they don't care about my low mileage. Should I even sell my car at $4500 to dealer or should I use kbb online system? How does it work? even on fair setting which is worst setting on kbb car value, I get $5800. If I put my car info on kbb, do they tell me to take it to the dealer shop to get it appraised? I went to local suburban auto shop which had kbb sign inside, the guy told me they would pay me $4000, even lower than infinity. Will they tell me to go to that shop again if I register my car at Honestly, I am sick of driving my car around and get it appraised for same value.


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