2012 xb whining noise

the_boxerthe_boxer Member Posts: 2
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Hi guys, i just bought a 2012 xb automatic with 105k miles also 3yrs extended warranty. I noticed that when accelebrating there is whine noise when i hit the gas pedal, and its gone when i get off the pedal. The higher the rpm, the louder the whining noise. I bring it back the Elmore Toyota but the tech said my xB has CVT transmission so the whining noise is normal. But what i concern is i do research on internet and looks like my 2012 scion xB doesnt have CVT!!??! So, is there anything wrong with my transmission? What should i tell the tech to fix so i can get rid of the whining noise? I also attach a google drive link of my record for the noise. https://drive.google...ew?usp=drivesdk Thanks for reading and look forward for your reply!


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