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2007 BMW X5



  • Killer looks...killer interoir...killer wheels...killer car! You should get it!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Yeah if the GL and Q7 are too big you will likely find the X5 to be just right. It might be the best in its class for 2007.

  • Lexus 4601
    Have you actually bought the 2007 x5. Would you share what deal you negotiated?
    Are dealers really holding out for full sticker price as I have been told by local dealers around here?
  • We own an X3. We have extensive experience with the current X5 and we now have been to the unveiling of the new X5 in both 6 and 8 flavors.

    I have the new X5 price guide and I spent two days with a $63,770 Q7 as a loaner from my Audi dealer.

    I thought the current X5 was not much bigger in the back seat than an X3. Was expecting big things, no pun intended, from the new X5.

    First the thing is beautiful in every way. Equipped as I would assume most folks would equip one with a 6, the MSRP would be $60,050. No idea as to the leases, but I assume they will be attractive.

    The new X3 and new X5 now look very very much alike which is to say "good looking" IMHO.

    But, the back seat of the X5 isn't anything to go wow about and the third row seat isn't much better than my wife's last Audi TT coupe.

    The Q7, although bigger than the X5 has a pretty skinny third seat, too.

    The new X5 is now just plain too big for those of us not wanting the third row seat that the new 115" wheelbase permits. And, it is really only useful if the third row seat is for pretty short and probably pretty young people.

    I am certain the new X5 is a wonderful machine. I would not kick it out of bed for eating crackers, I would offer it crackers, indeed.

    But, it isn't "just right" as I guess I had expected from all the hoopla that has been circulating around.

    It is too big for folks like my wife and me and too small for everyone I have ever heard talk about wanting an "SUV" with a third row seat.

    The announced X4, X6 and X7 may be for those who want a bit more than the X3 or X5. It seems the thing to do right away is get the X3's lux quotient up to the the new X5's, NOW!

    I can't wait to drive one of these new X5's, but I just don't get the size -- bigger than the old, for certain, but really the third row seat and even the second row are not quite as spacious as we have been led to believe.

    What do I know?

    They'll probably sell as many as they can mint.

    I must say, though, the Q7 with the V8 and the fancy smancy air suspension and 20" wheels and all the toys including the backup camera etc etc etc for $63,770 makes the $60,050 similarly equipped (without the air suspension, however,) Q7 actually seem like a bargain and the Audi V8 is much more potent than the BMW i6.

    If I had to have a boat this big, the Q7 would get the nod.

    The X5 sure is purty tho. . . .and its a BMW, after all. ;)
  • I am getting my new X5 at the end of the month when the car is actually out and im expecting a fully loaded 4.8i to be around $75k or something like that. When i get mines, i will definitely share the price with you but i didnt buy it yet because its not out yet. My price will definitely not be the sticker price but im looking at $2.5k above invoice because i now know the manager because i previously bought over 3 BMWs over the past 3 years and most of my friends have bought bMWs too so i think i will get a very good price
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    Mark, Have you driven the new X5? I am in a bit of dilemma. I was almost certain that X3 will be our next SUV but the new X5 is very interesting as well.
  • Not yet, but the dealer now has two of them that can be driven. I sat in both of them and they are stunning.

    Frankly the X5 seems somewhat smaller than the Q7 (and for me that is a plus.)

    I have driven a maxed out new 2007 X3 with a beige interior with the poplar wood and literally all the toys. I was mucho impressed with the X3. I suspect the X5 with the V8 will be awesome. It might feel a bit underpowered with the i6, especially after driving the X3 with the 260HP motor.

    The lux quotient of the X5 is finally where it should have been in my opinion all along. The X3 is a huge improvement but it needs a technology package to keep it competitive.

    Both vehicles are good looking. The X3 will probably be sportier simply because it has a shorter wheelbase and is lighter than the new X5. I find the plus size of the X5 does almost nothing for the second row seats and the third row seats are practically vestigial.

    The X5 V8 has to be an OH WOW performer, but I guess I just don't get the third row seat being so small and the second row seating to be about on par with the X3.

    Overall the X5 will be very good for grand touring I would imagine.

    I am planning on testing both the i6 and the V8.

    Sometime after Thanksgiving.
  • I saw the 2007 BMW X5 & it is quite stunning outside...I think they compromised the 2nd row seating by putting in the 3rd row of seats...I have a 2002 X5 which I love but the 2nd row seat is much nicer looking & more comfortable...the seat of the older X5 does not fold flat like the new one & that is why it is a better seat...we also have a 2004 Range Rover & the 2nd seat does not fold flat and that is because it is much bigger and a very comfortable seat. I plan on driving the new X5 in a few days...after driving the older model for 5 years I would like to see the difference...the older model had a lot of road noise on highways but I still loved driving it because it is a very heavy vehicle.
  • BMW usa just put the new x5 "on" their site. You can now view specs, pricing, and build one just like any of their other vehicles...
  • I have a X5 on order as I write this. But I've been fortunate enough to have access to an 07 3.0 for the last 2 days. Great vehicle.....bigger than my current X5 but yet doesn't feel as snappy off the line. One of the main reasons for the purchase is the third row for the wife and kids to use, since its her car. The third row is pretty much useless for adults and borderline for kids. We have a 6 and 4 year old, and when they sit in the third row they sitting in a hole. The can't see us nor can they see out the little side windows. So I also brought home a 07 Mercedes GL450. Nice car....lots more room and the third row is actually functional. Trust me I love BMW's from my 3 series, M3, and X5. Now I may change and go to the dark side....Mercedes seemed to keep family in mind with the GL450. What do other family shoppers think??
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    If you have a serious need for third row seats, the GL450 would be a lot better choice. I've sat in the third row of a GL450, and it's quite impressive. The way it folds in a very short period of time is especially nice.
  • I just back from the BMW dearler in Southern California. They have a $8000 market value add to the sticker price for the new 2007 BMW X5. Is this market value negotiable? Or can be waive? Thanks.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    You better believe it's negotiable! It's common for dealers to do that when a new model comes out. I don't think you'd have to pay over MSRP once they get a few of them in stock. I wouldn't pay over MSRP (for any car), and have never done so. There's a lot of competition for the X5 out there; they don't really have anything unique, although I have to admit it's an attractive package.
  • Thanks a lot rcf8000. If this is the case I think i will only pay 93-94% of the MSRP. What do you think?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I doubt that they'd go that low until they've been out for a while, but it's worth a shot.
  • Never pay over MSRP. As others have said its an attractive package but not unique anymore. I negotiated for my X5 and got $2500 taken off MSRP for one of the first 6 due in to the dealer. But later found that the X5 is still to small for my unfortunately had to cancell my order.
  • ty39ty39 Posts: 23
    You do not have to order the '07 X5 with third row seats, which appear to be suitable only for toddlers. Unknown whether the area where the seats fold into will be available as an extra compartment for traveling space.
    I believe the new X5 has more cargo space than the Q7 and I think the X5 will be better in all facets, if possible, than the previous X5.
    X5 also seems to be easier to drive than Q7...and looks a lot better!
  • The third row seat fits my 7, 10 & 13 year old grandkids... you have to adjust the 2nd row seat...better for the 7 & 10 year old...w/o the 3rd seat I believe you can have a spare tire. I drove the 2007 X5 & the Q7...x5 was a better drive...even better than my 2002 X5...and the X5 is better looking.
  • X5 is deff not bigger than the Audi. I just compared the two side by side, with the lift gates open, and Q7 was by FARR much wider and longer with the space behind the 2nd row. it is a full size suv, x5 is still only a midsize, and still not as big as even the mdx. and i think the styling is about equal on the bimmer and audi for me. they are just different.
  • Does anyone know when the bmw x5's will be arriving. My friend placed an order and the dealer is being really sketchy about when he will get the car, he said late january. Does anybody know a more precise daye?
  • bu96bu96 Posts: 19
    I pre-ordered several months ago. My X5 has been built and is at port. The dealership is expecting it any day now.
  • bu96bu96 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know the lease rates for this month? thanks
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Try this discussion:BMW X5: Lease Questions


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  • haaserhaaser Posts: 8
    Does anyone know when the spring options will be available? Will they start production in the spring or is that when I can expect delivery?
  • The dealership told me that they will receive the 'late availability' vehicles in March. We live in California, so it might be earlier on the East Coast. You might want to check with your local dealer in case they have new info.. :D
  • Like the 4.8iS edition of '06, does anyone know if a 5.2iS or something similar is planned for the '07 and on X5? I am hoping for an alternative to the Cayenne Turbo S.
  • We'll be moving to Colorado this summer,and living at 8500 feet.Since we don't plan on ever towing, is it fair to presume that the 2007 X5 6cylinder will be OK--we really don't want to spend the extra $9000.
  • We have an 03 X5 3.0. Go camping, skiing, and traveling through the mountains all the time. NO PROBLEM!! I could probably pull our 19' boat through the mountains, it would be a little effort for the motor but my biggest concern would be the lack of trailer brakes. If you are commuting, I would have no concerns at all. If you are buying here in Colorado (which I would recommend so you have a local dealer relationship) I can recommend the advisor which we have bought all our cars from at Murray Motors. We have a 2008 535XI Wagon on order with him.

    Good Luck!
  • jpr18jpr18 Posts: 5
    just picked up my 3.0si Monday. Plenty of power.
  • Thanks so much for your input. And, who's the advisor you've used at Murray's?
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