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2007 BMW X5



  • The ML doesnt have the 2rd anymore because of the new G-Wagon, thats gonna be the new 7 seater and they cant make 2 7 seaters for the same sort of price! :)
  • 3 kids, 4 yrs., 3yrs. and ETA of 3rd in 30 days........does anyone use 3 children seats in X5? I know Grand Cherokee does but would prefer staying German w/o a 3rd row....

    Any ideas
  • Maybe it's the picture quality but does the 2007 X5 look a little like a cross between the LexusRX300 and a Subaru? Maybe I'll buy the latest issue of Car and Driver to get a better look. If I'm right, I might want to make sure I get a 2006 before they change the design.
  • With all regard, you are confusing market segments. There are very few potential customers who are currently driving a $25K minivan but have not made the move to an X5 becuase of the lack of a third seat.

    The addition of a third seat is meant to compete with the upscale domestic SUV's like the Escalade, Yukon XL, and the top of the line Expedition. Some of these customers (who are already looking at a $40K+ vehicle) might make the switch to the X5 if it had an optional third seat.

    However, the risk in adding the 3rd seat to the X5 is that the car has the potential to lose its sports cred.
  • Why the hell would you compare a piece of farm machinery (Jeep) to an X5? There is no comparison, kid seat compatible or not! But get the 4.4V8! Mine is great and had it for 5 years now, and it has spent a lot of it's life towing my 2.3Tonne boat and or the 1.3Tonne Go Kart trailer.
  • Yes, this model is scary, I had to look at it a couple of times. I am actually thinking about getting a Lexus 2007 because of the way the new X5 looks. My focus was on the X5 for 2007, but not with that new LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dc1977dc1977 Posts: 1
    The fact is more "soccer moms and Dads" are opting for an SUV instead of the old mini-van. I think there are many twenty somethings and thirty somethings who have careers and children and want a luxury suv that can accomodate the family and room to breathe. If you are paying the price for a BMW, you might as well get an extra row. The only option out there is to either get the volvo xc-90, the new Land rover LR3 or dont get a luxury suv ( if the third row sells it, which for me it does) I would LOVE the x-5 to come in a third row. I recently bought the land rover LR3, but given the option I would have gone with the third row BMW X5. :)
  • Before you look at Lexus (as I have driven them the RX and GX) take a look at the upcoming Audi Q7. I saw it in person at the L.A. auto show and it is pretty amazing and the price is very reasonable considering all the standard features as well as specs. First one coming out will be a V8 350 HP FSI engine with 3rd row seats. Both 2nd and 3rd rows fold into the floor. It's pretty cool.
  • cefuscefus Posts: 45
    The new X5 with have several new features that are not on the older versions, It will have the I-drive and keyless entry like you mentioned, Other options are HUD,active cruise control, and 3 options for 3rd row seat area,
    The newer version will be 7 inches longer and 5 inches wider.
    Also a option for a 12 speaker stereo system, heated and a/c seats. And many more items
  • does not look promising for a 3rd row according to Edmunds article. "A yet-to-be-confirmed rumor concerns whether the X5 will grow long enough to accommodate a third row of seats. By the looks of this prototype we would say no as it doesn't appear to be much longer than the current model. More precise packaging of the interior could make that a possibility, however, so we'll have to wait for more detailed photos to find out."
  • cefuscefus Posts: 45
    Its gonna happen I know for a fact, and the added width and length are what I replied.
  • I have real pictures of the new 2007 photos unrapped
  • cefuscefus Posts: 45
    I already been sitting in several of them and worked on them.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    How about posting some pictures and specs? Please?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    5 inches wider?! Is that confirmed? In the Edmunds Spy Video it doesn't look that much wider. That would put the X5 into Navigator/Expedition territory in terms of width. That's too wide (for me anyway). :cry:
  • cefuscefus Posts: 45
    I will measure everything again just to make sure,as of right now i can not post any pics of the E70
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    Will there be a Diesel option for the new X5 here in the U.S.? The X5 is available in Europe with a Diesel--so why not here?
  • bu96bu96 Posts: 19
    For those with the inside knowledge, does the new design look anything like what is pictured in the spy video?
  • cefuscefus Posts: 45
    the video has the cars camo the taillights and bumpers and front end is covered up pretty well,the sides are also covered. Its not straying to far from the first edition version,nothing to radical. The inside will be totally different
  • Why are they making the X5 bigger?? What happened to the whole "sporty" concept behind it...they're putting it into the realm of a "family" car or a "mom" car...ish. Anyway, I have a 2004 optioned out 4.4i that I wanna sell by the end of the year, but I'm wondering if anybody has any idea of whether selling it right when the new 2007 model is released would be a bad idea? Should I sell it earlier or is it ok for me to wait until the end of the year? Thanks.
  • koketokoketo Posts: 8
    BMW Says Diesels Coming to U.S.

    "BMW will add diesel-engine options to some of its vehicles in its U.S. lineup, with the first likely to be a diesel-powered SUV due on the market in 2007. Burkhard Goeschel, board member for research and development, told audiences at the SAE World Congress in Detroit that the company is actively planning for a 2007 launch despite the toughening of diesel-particulate emissions rules in that year. Automotive News reports that almost one-half of all BMWs sold in Europe are diesels, a penetration rate on par with all automakers on the continent. New rules for the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel take effect later in the decade in the U.S., as do new rules for emissions allowed from the engines, but Goeschel told audiences that meeting the new regulations would not be an issue."
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    Go to yahoo search and type in 2007 bMW X5 picures and click on the 8th search and there will be unmaked photos of the BMW X5
  • image

    Like this picture?
  • lexus460llexus460l Posts: 51
    make sure u scroll down so u can see it
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    The next X5 may have the 3rd row of seats as an option but its a fact that the upcoming X7 will have them. I saw a photo somewhere on the internet of the x7 and it looks minivan/wagon like to steals sales from the Mercedes r class :) .
  • thompjbrthompjbr Posts: 11
    Have an '03 X5 3.0. It's been great. Have two kids and 1 would be nice from time-to-time to have more room for two more people. The kids have Recaro Start car seats and they take up a lot of room. Just a little bigger would be nice. I have a great relationship with our dealer and heard today that they may be putting the new 310hp inline 6 in the 07 X5. Same motor which will be in the new 335I/XI.
    Drove a 330XI over the past few days. Nice chassis and motor. Also drove the 530XI Wagon also nice but very expensive. I agree that an X7 would be nice especially for towing/boating/camping. X5 pulls ok.">
  • thompjbrthompjbr Posts: 11
    Mercedes R mean the Chrysler Pacifica! What a joke Benz has become. BMW has stuck to core values and hopefully continue to do what they think is right! No branding of others.

  • thompjbrthompjbr Posts: 11
    I am a HUGE BMW fan. I have owned 6 in the last 10 years. It's about the the complete driving package and dynamics. The X5/X7 should be a bit larger and must have a 3rd row option. I use the X5 to tow motorcyles, camper, boats and go off-road to hunt and shoot. I have needed an optional 3rd row hundreds of times. If I didn't tow or go off road, I'd use my 330XI or a wagon as I prefer being closer to the ground. I agree that many people never use the X5 off road at all, let alone tow something. Without a doubt it should be an option. I drive about 55-60k miles per year.

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