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Toyota Prius MPG-Real World Numbers



  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    --I guess they can't read up there in Boston either. ;) You mistakenly equate "slowing down early" to "slamming on the brakes late." Nobody is advocating stopping early for a yellow light --merely slowing down early so that if you see a yellow light ahead, and you can't safely avoid the red, let off the gas and coast up to the intersection. Better yet, if you see the light change from a block or so away, slow down and try to time the light so that you're still carrying some momentum when it does change back to green. Improvements in real-world MPG certainly do not result from slamming on the brakes*. I'm sure you would agree that if you have to mash the brakes into the floorboard to avoid entering the intersection on a yellow, then you're just as big of a tool as the guy who sees the yellow with plenty of time to safely slow down and stop, but decides to mash the accelerator and gamble with his life and the lives of others that he can beat the red.

    *Long-term '04 Prius gas mileage (Jan. '04 to present) is 53.92 mpg and rising. :D
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Agree with coasting when your 1/2 a block or more away from a light turning yellow. I was referring to your comment where you talking about whether; to slowdown for a yellow light or, "run it". Because in order to run a yellow light, you are talking about a distance equivalent to approx. 1 sec. from the intersection. You can not run a yellow light from 1/2 block or more , unless you are going about 150 mph!

    Coasting up to yellow lights from a distance is okay.
    Applying the brakes upon yellow, 1 sec from the intersection is dangerous. I suggest accelerating to make it thru the intersection under yellow (running it), and eliminate the chance of getting rear-ended, by the occasional person who is aggressive and is going to follow you thru.
  • rccrcc Posts: 1
    Have had my 2005 Prius since July. 1st month took a trip (1,800 miles) over both interstates and rural roads at speeds up to 70 mph and averaged 50.2 mpg. Not bad!!!
  • kevregkevreg Posts: 11
    Are you serious? Someone should run the light and risk getting a ticket so YOU won't get blamed for rear ending them, so YOU won't get the ticket, so YOU won't get dropped by your insurance because YOU are the high risk driver. And, of course, the law should be changed to fit YOUR driving style. You're not asking for much, are you?
  • buds1buds1 Posts: 1
    I'm a new owner of a 2005 Prius. I've heard a rumor that there is a commercial software modification that can improve mileage.
    Anyone knowledgeable on this?

  • Depending on the kind of driving you do, and what you're comparing the Prius to, the economics of the Prius don't make much sense. Especially when you factor in the battery replacement cost.

    A large majority of my driving is on the highway at 110km/h or 68mph, and overall it seems that getting the EPA hwy numbers for these vehicles at these speeds is pretty reasonable. So at CDN90cents/Liter I would save about CDN$4000 over 150,000 miles in fuel driving the Prius but THEN I would have to deduct about CDN$2000 from that for the battery replacement. I'm assuming the Matrix would not require CDN$2000 in drivetrain repairs at 150,000 miles, which is a pretty reasonable assumption as it's the Corolla drivetrain.

    The MSRP difference between these two is about CDN$10,000.

    As far as GHG emissions go, these kind of dollar figures could take you very far towards getting your house on wind and solar either directly or indirectly. (i.e. some utilities allow you to specifically pay for "green" energy)
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "So at CDN90cents/Liter I would save about CDN$4000 over 150,000 miles in fuel driving the Prius but THEN I would have to deduct about CDN$2000 from that for the battery replacement. "

    There is a whole forum on battery issues ("The Great Battery Debate"), that discusses this unknown. However, Toyota believes that the battery will last as long as the vehicle itself. They keep the battery between 30 and 80 percent of charge capacity to extend the life.

    However, in general you are correct. If you are driving a small car already, you may be achieving about 75% of the MPG of the Prius. If you do all your driving in the city it is a more dramatic difference (provided you are not doing short trips - the Prius delivers much worse MPG if the engine doesn't heat up). It is all a matter of your driving needs and expenses of the ICE car you currently drive.
  • Actually I made my post to the wrong thread, but thanks for the confirmation.

    Personally, I do like the "large hatchback" design and wish they had such a version with the Camry 2.4L engine for those of us for whom that makes more sense. They could label it a Camry if they wanted to, and it would be interesting to see what the total weight would be with this substitution -- it might actually be lighter than the Camry sedan and give slightly better highway mileage (EPA 34mpg).
  • Funny you should mention that, rdeschene, because Toyota is creating a Camry Hybrid that will be released in Fall 2006. They will release more information on it, and on the regular Camry whose redesign comes out in Spring 2006, on January 9th.

    The Hybrid will mate the Hybrid Synergy Drive to the normal 2.4L 158-hp inline-4. Unofficial specs are here and photos (of probably the SE) are here.
  • Hmmm Maybe it is time to upgrade. I wonder what the tax credit will be on the Camry.
  • I'm a prius owner and my mpg has drastically fallen! Is anyone else experiencing this? The Toyota dealer can't seem to repair it for me. :( .
  • donzi81donzi81 Posts: 59
    Cold weather effects mileage. I did read that the latest software upgrade may take some time to stabilize the mileage over a few tanks. I test drove an 06 this past weekend. It was in the 40's and during my test drive, I got 47.7. Very impressed!!!
  • I'm searching for a dealer to purchase a 2006 Prius from & it's been quite interesting. Most are nice, but some are attempting the $3000 markup. I've been told there is a waiting list at some dealers, while others have them in stock but very limited and the wrong color. Any good experiences out there for purchases in the last month in Southern California??? And if so, Where?? Thanks!
  • Weather schmeather!! I am getting about 30 miles per gallon in my prius. The toyota dealer couldn't repair the problem and sent me packing. What to do? Is anyone else experiencing this? :confuse:
  • aaavaaav Posts: 1
    Just bought one on 1/3/06 at Power Toyota in Irvine. Excellent service. MSRP only, no markup, no extra add-on equipment. They don't have any Prius in stock. Put your name down, and they call you as soon as they get one. Got ours in one week. Ask for Bennett in the fleet dept.
    Longo Toyota in El Monte takes order on (3-month) waiting list. $500 deposit. Also no markup or add on.
    Good luck.
  • I'm on the waiting list at Longo...shouldn't be more than a month, now. Why Longo? They had Prius available for a test drive. No such luck in Irvine. It does take time, that is sure, and one has to remain patient... :mad:
  • donzi81donzi81 Posts: 59
    Bring it back to the dealer or another dealer. Something sounds definitely wrong. Maybe trade it for a Camry?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, the hybrid car runs on battery power or a mix of battery and gas during certain conditions. During this period you get excellent fuel economy.
    Later the battery drains and the gas motor has to recharge it by using extra fuel. Now you are back to not-so-great mileage until the battery recharges again.
    This is like running a car a/c with the engine off and concluding that proves the a/c doesn't use fuel.
    The battery has to get it's energy from somewhere. I doubt regenerative braking is a major energy source.
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Jaxs1:

    How you persuaded yourself to believe any of the previous post is beyond me but the average automobile here in the states is receiving anywhere between 15 and 25 mpg year round. The Prius II can achieve between 35 on the low side, 120 mpg on the high, with an average somewhere in the mid to high 40’s. Feel free to debate whatever facts you want but the Prius II will kill the average automobile (any automobile available in the US) in the FE arena other then another Honda or Ford hybrid depending on who is driving it.

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • pbcuppbcup Posts: 6
    just bought an O6 today from Penske Toyota in Downey. only one on the lot, but the exact color and package i wanted. initially, they asked for $5K over MSRP. i balked and got into my car to drive away. predictable knock on the window and a "come inside and let's talk". they knew i was serious about buying today, so we settled on MSRP ($26,300) and financing through toyota.

    at first, i was put off by the over sticker quote, but i don't blame them for trying to see if i would bite. they were actually very polite, straight, and quick throughout the whole process. even the financing guy didn't push hard on the add ons.

    good luck!
  • Hi,
    Which package did you get on your '06?
  • pbcuppbcup Posts: 6
    it came with package #6.
  • I have a 2004 prius with 55000 miles on it 2 years old 12- 05. first winter 45 MPG second winter 37 to 41 MPG this winter so far 20 to 30 MPG???? I am not a happy camper. Went to Glens Falls Toyota. They told me the car is NORMAL and they say it is the Quality of fuel that is the problem also that they can not do anything else.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    You'll get better mileage in the Spring when the Winter-mix fuel is no longer being sold. The "quality" of the fuel is just an excuse to blow you off for now. Your vehicle is designed to run on 87 octane fuel, regardless of brand.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    If you had uninflated tires, overfilled oil, the wrong kind of oil, and a dirty engine air-filter, the MPG would indeed be significantly lower than normal.

    Have you checked the tires, oil, and filter lately?

  • Changed tires 3000 miles ago go to toyota for everything else, changed air filter 1000 miles ago
  • Just purchased a new Prius 06 with Package #8 everything but the kitchen sink. Purchased from Power Toyota of Buena Park, Ca. Paid MSRP. Went to Toyota of Tustin and test the Prius, had mark up of 3000.00 would not budge, so we left. Sales person at Power Sheryl told us no mark up, but when we sat down with sales manager told us 4000 mark up, told him what Sheryl said and they honored it. Very happy with vehicle, drove 220 miles home and averaged about 37.5 mpg.

    Great room, I am 6 ft. 5 in, and over 300 pounds and fit easily in vehicle. Test drove, Honda Accord hybrid 05, Honda civic 06 hybrid, Honda Accord 4 and 6 cylinder, Camry V-6 and 4, Matrix, and Avalon. Fit the best in the Prius because all the other vehicles hit my leg with the center console.

    Mileage is outstanding but then again I have been driving a Chevy 1500HD getting about 12-14 miles a gallon.
  • Hi, Just purchased a 2006 Prius from Keyes Toyota. Sticker said +$26,399 for package 6 (all accessories) and I was so excited I didn't notice until I got home they put $28,000 with accessories. Still trying to get an explanation that makes sense from them. So I would not recommend them.............
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Did that $28,000 include taxes, title and registration? Those extras are never on the manufacturer's MSRP sticker, but they must still be paid to your state and local governments.
  • Just put the first tank of gas in the New Prius. computer stated that i was averageing 39.5 MPG, but when i filled up and did math base on mileage from 1st tank to fill up, i showed 42.5 MPG. have about 435 Miles on Car. Great for mileage for me since my previous 12 MPG in Chevy.
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