Brakes make a crunching? noise..

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I recently was given some new pads after receiving some defective pads online(these defective pads worked fine for about 2 months then started squealing). I decided to just go all oem front and back. Ever since I put these new pads on they have been making what I can only describe as a quick crunching noise (like the sound sticks make when you break em). It only seems to do this either on an incline or a decline. I live on a hill so it does this leaving home and coming back home. And it only makes this noise at the very end of the breaking, right when the car has come to a complete stop for about less than a second. I took it to pep boys and they said that my front rotors had some scoring lines on them and that I needed new ones and that was the cause of the noise. Now I know the rotors aren't brand new but they have plenty of thickness to them and theres no lip, also the car has never made this noise before installing these brakes. Anyone have any idea what this could be? Is it possibly a break in process of new oem pads? The fronts are oem brembo (I guess mercedes uses brembo now) so I don't know if that may have something to do with it.. Anyway sorry about the book thanks for any info.


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    Hard to say--the symptoms are fairly vague. Could be a loose caliper bolt, some front end issue, wheel lug nuts, etc.
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    I took the front wheels off to inspect them and I noticed that the right (passenger side) rotor spins fairly freely but the left side does not.. I can kind of hear something slowing it but im not sure exactly what it would be as the pads slide right in when I changed them. Would this cause the noise I described?
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