I have a 2002 Rodeo LS/ automatic, 4x4, Will a 1998 or 1999 transmission with the same features fit

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I've had this rodeo 6 yrs now and had the tranny rebuilt twice, first time was 2 months after I bought it, then 1 year later. both times it was converter failure. A year ago it would not move in drive, had to goto 1st then manualy shift it to 2nd then 3rd then drive. one day I came to a stop and forgot to shift to 1st but it moved like normal and has for a while. Now it's slipping in all gears at a takeoff, the rear end shutters a couple times then it will move. it does slip between gears but goes when it gets to drive, yesterday it got to a point where it wouldn't move, shut it off, let it cool for 10 minutes then start it up it would go for 1/2 mile and start slipping again, a mechanic I know has a tranny he thinks is a 98 or 99, i'm wondering if it will fit this 2002. Thanks for any info.


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    Seems like it should since the new transmission didn't occur until 2003 model year. It might be best for your mechanic to call up his favorite wrecking yard and ask them to look this up in their Hollander Interchange database. This database tells wrecking yards which parts interchange.

    If it shows that the transmission will interchange, that doesn't mean that it's a 100% bolt-in. There may be fittings and cables and wires that need modification, and maybe mountings, etc. There's always something to mess with.

    It's always best to swap out exact years.
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