1995 isuzu rodeo

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I have a 1995 isuzo rodeo and it was running just fine and then i turned it off and would not start back. After it cooled down it started right up. Started right up.the next day and drive it, turned it off came back out wouldnt start. After it sat for awhile it started just fine. Did ythis a couple times. Then i drive it, it died would not start back. Acted like it wasnt getting fuel. Changed the fuel pump started and drove came back turned it off it started ok and then started running rough and now will start but if i give it gas it dies. Any ideas?


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    Do you hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds when you turn the key on? If so, you might check the fuel pump relay (just a wild guess here without an diagnostic equipment attached to the vehicle). What a technician would do is test the proper terminals on the relay---the power terminal and the ground terminal.

    Backing up, if you have a no start it's always best to determine what you're lacking---fuel, spark or compression.
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