crack in gas tank

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Hello. my dad has bought me a used truck in delaware where we reside, well i had this HORRIBLE smell of gas. he paid the 300-400 dollars to have it looked at and the dealership said there is a crack on the gas tank and it has to be replaced. i recently was told not to drive the truck anymore because i went to put gas in it and it came out and spilled everywhere. there was a recall and my truck does NOT qualify for them to fix it for free with the recall because i was so many miles over. (I forget the amount) and i think there was a date it had to be done by i dont quite remember. anyways i hardly go anywhere. there was a lot of miles on the truck when he bought it. its a great truck except the freaking gas tank. is there anything i can do about this!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a 3 year old daughter and i have to rely on my parents for rides. im not spending 800 when i dont have the money and i dont think i should be paying for it if it qualifies for the recall because it was NOT in our posession at the time of the recall. HELP please thank you


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    First thing you might do is check the VIN #. This recall was VIN specific, so you should find out if your truck even qualifies.

    Check here:

    And yes, it looks like a 10 year, 150,000 mile limit was put on the recall. So unless you a) qualify by VIN # and b) can somehow convince GM to make some sort of goodwill adjustment through their customer relations department, I don't see what else you can do here. Maybe the tank can be repaired for less than replacement cost?
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