Prices paid for 2017 Mazda 3

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Got a quote on a 2017 Mazda 3 Grand Touring automatic with Premium Equipment Package, cargo tray, all weather mats, bumper guard, doorsill trim plates and interior lighting kit for 25643.00 plus $500.00 cash loyalty rebate. Bottom line is $25143.00 plus tax and tags. MSRP is 27330.00. Locating this vehicle is proving to be difficult so early but they are out there. I didn't want to budge from my specifications.


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    Did you have a Tercel too Tom? I had an '82 sedan that wouldn't die, kept it for 17 years and sold it when we moved out of state.

    For the 3, invoice is $25,920 and we show the True Market Value average price paid is around $27,000. That's with your accessories and includes the $835 destination.

    So your quote before your loyalty incentive is ~$300 below invoice.

    Seems like a good quote for this early in the new model year but finding one may be the trick. Good luck!
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    Ha, Ha ! I sure did Steve, it was a 1986 Tercel wagon I drove for 26 years. It was running good until the end but the body finally succumbed to the rust. Usually a Corolla guy (four of them) since the Tercel, but I'm gonna give Mazda a shot. Four other dealers were around $25,700 after $500 loyalty for the 3, but this one came back at $25,143. He said he thinks he can get one about 400 miles from my home in the Northeast. I'm a little suspicious but we'll see, if not I'll wait it out.
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    My Mom had a Protegé that wouldn't die but I dunno if any car will keep chugging along like the old Tercels did. Wanted a wagon back in the day but couldn't afford those. :)

    Please keep us posted on your search.
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    Well as I figured, the dealer with the lowest quote couldn't deliver on his promise. I wound up paying the $25,700 as previously mentioned. On the good side I wanted mudflaps and a moonroof deflector and the dealer threw that in with the $25,700.00 price. Picked it up the next day. All negotiations were completed online.
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    At least you didn't have to go cool your heels at the dealership while the one dealer reneged on their price. And you still beat the TMV average handily.


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