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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • Reading a forum like this certainly isn't a way to determine how many people have problems with a car - the title of this forum is "Problems & Solutions", so most of the people who come here are those who have problems (sorry to restate the obvious.) I assume you'd find similar types of problems on the Audi A6 Owners: Problems & Solutions board!
  • purplem46purplem46 Posts: 54
    I'd check two things first:

    1) do you still run the factory size tire and rims? The monitor is based upon revolutions made, so if size changes, measurement will also change.

    2) You said you checked and found 33 lbs in the morning then you said 37 - 38 in hot Arizona asphalt. It's not clear to me if you inferred a difference in time between checking by guage and by sensor monitor, but you will always have four to six lbs difference on a hot tire (especially after being driven) than a cold tire prior to driving.

    If none of the above, don't know the answer. Mine seems to measure same between guage and sensor.
  • lhelmslhelms Posts: 2
    You are not alone, I live in Boston and I have had the same problem. I wondered if I left a key to near the driveway. I have been checking this board to see if other have had this problem. I think there are problems with the "smart" key. Please post if you find a solution. I would hate to find a foot of snow in my car this winter.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Do you actual owners, in discussing your cars here, end up feeling they turned out to be more problematic than you had believed they would be when you bought them?

    Not even remotely problematic. I own one of the first M45 Sport's off the line, and as I've found with my 2003 G35 Coupe, the car has been flawless. When I visit the dealership I find that the service department has the look of the old Maytag repairman's shop. While the facility is pristine and state of the art, there aren't many cars in there. Infiniti's excellent scores, especially long-term reliability scores, are reflected in my locality.

    For those of you making a purchasing choice and concerned about reliability, look at not only the initial quality studies, but also the 3 and 5 year studies. In the long-term studies, Infiniti has actually moved ahead of Lexus. Further, if you were to throw out the numbers from the QX56, the only Infiniti manufactured in the states, the numbers would be even better.

    You mentioned that you've read the entire "problems" section of this forum Charlie. Consider that there are well over 6,000 posts on the M35/M45 thread and yet only in the 300 range on the problems thread. Many of the 300+, mine included, remark on the high reliability, not problems.

    As I've opined, if you consider the paucity and types of complaints regarding the M, a realist would have to come to the conclusion that Infiniti did a magnificent job on this car considering that it is a completely new model (yes I know the Fuga was out a year).
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    purplem ... I still have the OEM tires and rims, and the 33 psi registered on dash WAS AT THE SAME TIME as 37 - 38 by hand guage and the pump guage. It's not a major crisis ... but I'll bring it up next time the car goes in for it's oil change and lube ... early August. Funny ... the only "issues" I've ever had with this car have been the tire sensors ... when they rotated the tires ~ six months ago the dealer totally disabled the sensors, not a real malfunction ... just a foul-up on their part.

    I like to run my tires a little on the firm side but still within manufacturer's specs to extend tire life ... our asphalt gets up to 170F in the summer! At ~ $400 a pop, squeezing another few thousand miles out of them can make the difference between having to replace them before the end of the lease and getting to lease end with the tires still functional.

    Bart :shades:
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Do you actual owners, in discussing your cars here, end up feeling they turned out to be more problematic than you had believed they would be when you bought them?

    Charlie ... I took delivery of my M35 Sport on April 6, 2005 and it has been utterly flawless. I broke my cardinal rule of never buying a first model year but I liked the car so much
    and had had such a great experience w/ my earlier Q45 ... well, I took the gamble and it paid off. Bart
  • Hello out there! I just purchased my M35 Journey/Tech, and I have one "problem" that needs a "solution".

    At the risk of being preached to about safety and liability I ask .....

    Is it possible to disable the parking brake / DVD playback feature? Anyone that has the Tech package would know that the only way to play a DVD (and watch video opposed to just hearing the audio) is if the parking brake is pressed in. Even the slightest press of the brake allows the video to be seen on the dash monitor. The car can be in drive and video plays if parking brake is just touched. If it is possible to "fix" this, what pointers should I tell my local car audio shop when trying to solve my "problem"?
  • firecaptfirecapt Posts: 6
    I have had my m35x for 2 months now with zero problems. Getting 17 mpg in town and 24 mpg on the road using mid-range gas. I got the ivory pearl with wheat interior which i really like doesnt show the dirt the darker color cars do i get many compliments on it. Their is not a New car out there that is not going to have some problem from time to time, Infiniti gave us a 4yr 60000 mi warrenty (better than most) to take care of those problems. I have owned many cars and this is the best.
  • nycdudenycdude Posts: 33
    I agree. This is my 8th new car buying/leasing experience. My previous one was a BMW 325 convertible. I have had the M35x for 8 mos (7500 mi)with zero defects and, most importantly, a very responsive dealer. My experiences with BMW service were, in a word, ghastly. This is my first AWD vehicle, and the handling is fabulous. The gripes that I have seen thus far (no automatic door locks, LDW too sensitive, passenger seat doesn't adjust 18 ways, etc.) seem petty to me. That's one driver's opinion.

  • Quick update...

    My local car audio shop added a toggle switch to "trick" the DVD player into thinking the emergency brake is engaged. Two issues now, when the toggle switch is engaged the emergency brake light stays lit (small price to pay while DVD is playing) AND, as soon as the car gets in motion the navigation system takes over the monitor. So, bypassing the emergency brake is not enough to allow the DVD player to display video while the emergency brake is NOT engaged and the car is in motion. Has anybody had any success out there with this?
  • a445a445 Posts: 9
    I also have an M35 sport fully loaded. I special ordered and took delivery Nov 1, 2005. At about 3,000 miles the entire center console "locked up" on me during "bootup" after I started the car. As you mentioned, nothing worked. At the 3,500 mile oil/filter change I addressed it with my dealer. He knew of only one other instance and could not get it to repeat. The only suggestion given was a compatability issue with the Blue tooth phone. My phone is one of Infiniti's compatible phones but disabled it anyway. It reduced the frequency of this problem recurring but has not cured it. I have tried turning off the stereo system before I shut off the car, still, it has occurred about 10 -12 times with no rhyme or reason. Did you have the Clarion Nav system replaced and did that correct the problem?
  • a445a445 Posts: 9
    I received the same mailer the other day. I take my M35 Sport in tomorrow (June 13, 2006) for the 7,000 mile oil/filter change and this ICC reprogramming. The only issue I have had is occasionally the Lane Departure Warning System either does not come on at all or the light on the dash stays illuminated and does not function either. Both of these conditions correct themselves as soon as I turn off the car and restart. I will repost when I have driven the car a bit to see how it works.
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    I notice in the lower left corner of the screen, when a CD is playing, the "Audio Text" box (which, I believe, if selected and then "Enter" is pressed, should lead to display of Artist and Song title), but neither I nor the Senior Service Tech could figure out how to select that "Audio Text" box.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    In order for the audio text function to work the CD has to be encoded with the artist and title information. Virtually no CD's sold commercially are so equipped, so the Audio Text button should remain shaded as in not available.
  • a445a445 Posts: 9
    I have had only 1 cd encoded, I hate to say this, but it was an older Billy Joel cd. The song title came up for every song automatically. I have even tried burning my own cds in mp3 format with the title info and it is still not "encoded" properly. Oh well!
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    Thanks for quick clarifications of "audio text" feature. Might be universal disparity between new cars' capabilities and CDs being "encoded" in some way they expect to find but isn't there at all or is there in different code. During one of several test drives of A6, I realized I was driving Audi salesperson crazy by asking several times about lack of "audio text" for radio stations and CDs I had brought along.
  • dingchavezdingchavez Posts: 19
    Hi, I have a family member that is interested in purchasing a luxury sedan. She has narrowed it to the Lexus GS and the Infiniti M. The question I had was did any of you have trouble with the aluminum or wood trim turning color from the sun.

    I have a 99 maxima and the woodgrain in there faded so badly I had it replaced and after the warranty ran out I just removed the peices rather than paying to replace them. If you guys can give me any feedback on discoloration I would appreciate it...
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I think it's a little soon for something like that to show up.

    I have a GS, and no fading so far. However, it's a glossy wood, and sometimes the glare off of it is very annoying.
  • purplem46purplem46 Posts: 54
    If you go for the M, you may have the option for the aluminum which looks pretty nice. I have wood, but keep it out of the sun (In Texas, everything fades in the sun).
  • curt2005curt2005 Posts: 70
    That URL doesn't work any more.
  • a445a445 Posts: 9
    I have an M35 Sport that I had the wood put back in. I live in Las Vegas so I have the windows tinted. I keep a sun shade in the front window when it is out in the sun. I have not had any problems, but as another person had stated, it may be too soon to tell. I do thoroughly enjoy the looks of the wood trim in the M versus the Aluminum and the fact that the wood has a matte finish versus the high gloss of most others, no glare problem at all.
  • a445a445 Posts: 9
    As I stated on the 12th, I had the 7,000 mile Oil/Filter change completed and rotated the tires. While in the shop they did the ICC reprogramming. Drove it around town yesterday and today. Tried everything out, CC, both speed and following distance modes and no problems. I did have to have the tech look at it before I left the dealership though. When I started the car the "Amber" "Cruise" light lit up and remained on indicating a failure of the ICC System. Apparently the connections they have to get to are behind the grill and are a real bear to access. When he plugged the wiring harness back together he did not quite make it. Another couple of minutes and I was on my way. The car runs awesome!
  • mwgmwg Posts: 28
    My compass rarely registers E or W .When it isn't registering N or S it displays NW, SE, etc. I doubt that we don't have any streets running true East or West and wonder whether others experience this condition.Am bringing it in for service Tuesday so would welcome comments as to whether this is the normal situation

  • dingchavezdingchavez Posts: 19
    thanks for the feed back I appreciate it.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    any of you have trouble with the aluminum or wood trim turning color from the sun

    The aluminum trim in my Sport is in its second Tucson summer and shows NO sign of fading or color change whatsoever. I've also had a Q45 that went through 4 Tucson summers w/ no changes in the wood, leather, or vinyl. Further, I have a buddy who has an I30 since new ... several years of the desert sun hasn't faded anything. Bart :shades:
  • dingchavezdingchavez Posts: 19
    Hey thanks I appreciate you responging. I just have one other question though. Is that aluminum trim plastic? Thanks.
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    I get E and W regularly
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that the nav system has 2 voices (one with an obvious Japanese accent giving directions, and a California accent saying actual street names)? I find it a little disappointing for such a sophisticated system (my Lexus is all one voice), and even my Tom Tom is one voice.

    Not a biggie, just wondering if anyone else is bothered by it.
  • varixvarix Posts: 72
    The different nav voices don't bother me a bit; variety is the spice of life! Now I have three women giving me directions in my M34X, 2 computers and 1 live wife and do they ever fight with each other!
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    " issue is that the steering feels too light sometimes particularly at low speeds....Maybe the steering feel changes over time as the car breaks in."

    I've only put 700 miles on a new M35 RWD, but I became aware of what you describe. Not sure why I didn't have greater awareness of it during test drives. My sense is that it's a characteristic of M (maybe better -- "more German" -- with Sport versions), not a malfunction of your car or mine, unfortunately. Of cars I drove, only Audi and BMW had that "resistance" you desire.
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