greasing quick-strut bump stops

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Last January I purchased 172263 Quick-Strut Assembly and Monroe 172264 Quick-Strut Assembly to replace the front struts on my car. The installation went well and there was no issues, until recently I noticed a creaking sound on low acceleration and sometimes over bumps on the road. I have pinpointed the problem and it is the bump stops on the strut with the boot attached gliding along the metal strut rods making a creaking noise.
Question - what kind of grease will solve the problem, and what could be causing this issue less than a year after installing the quick strut assembly?

I tried all kinds of grease and none of it seems to solve the problem for longer than a day. There is so little information about this online and Some say apply silicone grease, others marine grease and yet others white lithium based grease, but in general it seems like it's a rare issue and hard to find anything specific on it.

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    I see, thanks for the response.

    I shall try Dielectric Grease / Silicone Paste / Waterproof Marine Grease by mission automotive and pray that it works, because taking them in and out is a real PITA :|
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