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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair

eaf1eaf1 Member Posts: 5
Honda Ridgeline Factory Defect Alert
submitted by a Ridgeline owner


As of this writing Honda has not sent notice to the Honda Dealers about a water leak problem that was discovered months ago by Honda and may affects some esitimated 1500 to 3000 trucks. As of 5/26/05


  • gd113gd113 Member Posts: 114
    No water leaks here. I have heard of Tacomas having this problem.
  • loriplorip Member Posts: 2
    Mine leaks.Very disappointed.First and last Honda I will buy!
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    "Mine leaks.Very disappointed.First and last Honda I will buy!"

    That's a bit extreme don't ya think. Mine doesn't leak, and even if it did it's a easy fix. I guess you'll be on horse back because there is no perfect vehicle.
  • loriplorip Member Posts: 2
    I think $33,000 is a bit extreme for an inferior vehicle.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Much ado about nothing!
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Much ado about nothing!

    No kidding !!! I agree. This is a simple fix. I'm not even sure why this thread is allowed to continue. It should be a READ ONLY.
  • eaf1eaf1 Member Posts: 5
    My New Ridgeline was in the shop for 7 days. It required the removal of the entire interior down to the metal. Also required the removal of the of the left front and right front quarter panels so the front pillars could be exposed to make the fix. Simple ! I don't think so. What do you call major? Maybe it would have been simple at the factory but when you own the Truck the Dealer is the one that has to fix it. You should know what caused the leaks in the first place and how it needs to be repaired before you call it SIMPLE.!
    Oh, by the way what about the damage to the interior, what about the gallons of water that accumulated on the inside of your new truck from the day it was built and shipped to you?
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    Were they able to reassemble all of those interiors pieces without realizing any squeaks, rattles or buzzes?

  • ridgeline_2006ridgeline_2006 Member Posts: 19
    Where does it leaks? Can you let me know the location where water get into the truck. thanks.
  • eaf1eaf1 Member Posts: 5
    Several of the plastic interior parts are scuffed. Not sure how the electronics and computers were affected. And the left side to right alignment of the fenders is off somewhat. The carpet is stained along the outer edges and the new car smell has been replaced with some strange odor. Only hard it back a few days and work has not allowed me time for a complete inspection.
  • eaf1eaf1 Member Posts: 5
    On the Trucks with the factory defect, water comes in through the center core of the left and right front factory welded steel pillars. The entry point is around 2 to 3 inches below the fuse box on the drivers side and 2 to 3 inches below the computer on the passenger side. Both through a plastic grommet that was installed before the pillar was welded closed. You will not be able to see it unless the interior plastic covering and sound padding are removed. But if your truck was early production and your carpets are damp and your windows fog up all of a sudden for no reason when driving, well then, you've got it.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    Since this discussion opened sort of a Pandoras box on the Ridgelines gremlins, I had to take advantage of it and ask some questions too.Anyone with solutions to my problems please respond asap.

    1.The drivers door doesn't close unless I slam it, is their anything that can be done other than the lubing that the delearship did to make it close easier, and in one attempt only? I got so used to my 03 Pilot that closing all doors shut can be done so gently and in one attempt.

    2.The rear passenger door on the right side doesn't close at all unless I double my slamming force. Before repairs were done on this door, the delearship I brought it from closed it for me with the instructions not to open that door till I come back for it to be repaired, and to have my accesories installed.The situation only improved a bit, and presently this door doesn't close on one attempt, their has to be a deliberate effort to slam 2x the force of the drivers screwed up door to make it close.Now I'm wondering how long will my 2 doors stay after all this slamming. Whats the worse case scenario that could happen with this door slamming for the next 5-10 years. Anyone please share troubleshooting tips. I'ts getting on my nerves and eroding my faith on the H brand.

    3.A delearship 3 miles from my house priced their accesories lower than the delearship where I bought my truck thus, I had the following done 1.roof racks 2. side steps, 3. Brush under bumper.

    BIG MISTAKE ON THE ROOFRACK, IT MADE THE VEHICLE LOOKED BETTER BUT LOUD WIND NOISE HAS TO BE DROWNED BY TURNING ON THE RADIO even louder.I also suspect that the roofrack is the cause why my mileage dipped from 19 mpg to 17 mpg.

    Sidesteps are ok, but they make an irritating scraping sound when its raining or when the road is soaking wet. Sidesteps are more for cosmetic purposes, it's functionality can only be appreciated if you have small kids climbing in the truck, or elderly passengers who can't bend their knees and get in the truck without sidesteps.

    When the delearship near my place installed the roof rack, they dented the base of the roofrack on the left rearside. Dent is 1/4 inch deep 4 inches long, and 3 inches wide.Will it's repair involve tearing of my interior and pounding the dent from the inside to the outside? Will it cause a leaking problem as mentioned in this forum? Will my airbags still deploy when needed after the delearship tinkered with the dent repair?

    To future RL buyers, please check that the doors of your RL closes effortlessly. Bring a camera with you and take pics of the accesories installed and carefully inspect it for screw ups. Take your time inspecting all the small details. Don't let anyone rush you and dismiss your concerns as to much ado about nothing. They are not the one paying for the truck for the next five years.Everything should be to your satisfaction once you shell out $30,000 or more.

    The door issue has caused my salesman his added incentive because I clobbered him in the evaluation. It was stupid of me to punish him for Hondas mistake and for my ineptness in checking the merchandise I'm buying. However I wanted to drive a point that he should never sell any car in the future that he himself hasn't inspected to be free of those cosmetic/ functional gremlins. :mad:

    This is an expensive lesson for me. I should have never bought any vehicle on its first year of production, I should have seen the warning brought about by my 03 Pilots panic alarm sounding off when ignition keys are turned on fast in cold weather. That Pilot flaw was tolerable though, the RL's door issues, and screwed up accesories are in a whole different league.I feel am gonna get a stroke if I get one more unscheduled visit to the delearship other than for the dent repair. :sick:
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    You should know what caused the leaks in the first place and how it needs to be repaired before you call it SIMPLE.!

    Sorry, I don't think it's a big deal. If you want perfection, your on the wrong planet. It's fixed so enjoy your Ridgeline, or I guess you could just keep complaining. Once your trauma wears off, I think you'll enjoy your truck immenseley. It's a great truck. That's why you bought it.
  • njdevil5njdevil5 Member Posts: 26
    Sorry to hear about all your issues. My Ridgeline hasn't really experienced any of the problems you're having accept the roof rack. I have the same annoying wind noise that you do. My dealer thought the windshield wasn't sealed properly (many apparently have this issue) but after taking the windshield out, and resealing the same issue existed. They later discovered that the dealer I bought it from originally, didn't install the rack correctly. Evidently, there's a piece of trim molding that's to be cut and repositioned to help dampen the wind noise. That wasn't done. It might be the same issue with your rack. I'm still trying to get the dealer to fix it so I can't tell you if this will cure it or not. Just a thought.

    One more piece of advice. The Tonneau Cover (which I have) will cut down on the drag, and looks good too. Don't expect to keep anything dry in however as it's not designed to be water tight. Found that out AFTER I had it installed!
  • eaf1eaf1 Member Posts: 5
    Once your trauma wears off.
    I have not made my position clear as to how I feel about my Ridgeline. I think it is a great truck and enjoy it very much. It's outstanding design concepts make it a benchmark in the truck industry and a true leader innovator in the new generation of SUT's. It also comes with the Honda stereotype of quality and confidence in the company. Your right, that's why I bought it.

    That being said, what you refer to as my complaints are in fact my position regarding the other collateral damage to the truck which is NOT repaired as a result of the massive water leaks. Items that were not even addressed by Honda. The salt infused rains of the of our Coastal Pacific Northwest have already started rusting the interior of the Truck at points like Bolt connections. The water soaked carpet and padding of the truck was NOT replaced, sanitized or even washed, just drier out and reinstalled. The residual Salts and Contaminants are still in my truck. All of the wiring that runs along the floor and connection points of the electrical system that were immersed in the salt rain are now more than questionable for corrosion and malfunction. But as you say, the water leak is fixed.
    I don't expect perfection from myself so I certainly don't expect it from others. What I do expect is the best job that can be done by the individual or a company within their own limitations. Honda has proven over the years that they can do the right job. But as in Life or Honda Corporation, someone's lethargic attitude in doing their job correctly only means that someone else will end up paying the price. Do you what to be that someone? A lot of time we don't know things like this are happening around us, so it's impossible to take action. But when it's IN YOUR FACE and you can take action why become lethargic?. The alternative being, you will become the one paying the price.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    I'm going to leave this discussion open, but have renamed it to our standard format of "Problems & Solutions".

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    The salt infused rains of the of our Coastal Pacific Northwest have already started rusting the interior of the Truck at points like Bolt connections. The water soaked carpet and padding of the truck was NOT replaced, sanitized or even washed, just drier out and reinstalled. The residual Salts and Contaminants are still in my truck. All of the wiring that runs along the floor and connection points of the electrical system that were immersed in the salt rain are now more than questionable for corrosion and malfunction. But as you say, the water leak is fixed.

    Yes, this would be the most bothersome aspect of your problem. Though, they make a vehicle to last for decades, so I assume the electrical connections are sealed in the interior compartment as well as they are in the engine compartment which can with stand a spray wash. Salt air on the coast I'm sure is taken into account when they design the electrical system. If you actually see rust on bolts, they make products that will stop rust in it's tracks. Still it's a new truck and we always want it to be perfect, but I think the more you drive it the more you'll love it.

    I don't expect perfection from myself so I certainly don't expect it from others. What I do expect is the best job that can be done by the individual or a company within their own limitations. Honda has proven over the years that they can do the right job. But as in Life or Honda Corporation, someone's lethargic attitude in doing their job correctly only means that someone else will end up paying the price. Do you what to be that someone?

    If I continue to by new vehicles, I'm bound to be that person eventually. We can only protect ourselves by being educated consumers and make the best guess as to quality and buy Honda or Toyota. who else would you take a chance with, Ford, GM, Chrysler. I think not. I would buy your refurbished RL over any of those new vehicles in a heart beat.

    To the owner that said this is their first and last Honda, try equating your leak with a Ford F150 that spontaneously combusts in your garage in the middle of the night as a result of a faulty cruise control switch burning your truck and home to the ground. That guy has a right to say "This is my first and last Ford". If you have a leak, it's a bit premature to rule out a Honda for future purchases.
  • roaddog1roaddog1 Member Posts: 18
    The scratches now appearing on the black liner show white which makes them quite visible. Is there a fix? I figure a plywood bed fix is OK but there are still scratches on the side and end walls to contend with. I tried the engine oil trick but I'm not comfortable with that approach without knowing the long term effects.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    How did the engine oil work? Did they disappear? I heard about the engine oil from a Honda factory worker so I imagine it's OK to use.
  • tex8tex8 Member Posts: 12
    I too was annoyed that the bed scratches so easily and the the white stuff shows thru easily. I also tried the plywood trick ( I have the tonneau cover) but it interferred with opening the in bed trunk (the trunk will not stay open). I did find a spray paint at Auto Zone called Trim touch up. it matches the bed color perfectly. With that, I have removed the plywood. Some folks have bought expensive mats. Again, it becomes a hastle accessing the in trunk.
  • bubbaflbubbafl Member Posts: 4
    I took delivery of my RTL with Nav/Sunroof last month. Just turned 4,500 miles after a trip from Montana to Florida. The truck performed very well. Averaged 75mph and best MPG was 20.2 worst was 19.3. I had no problems passing at any time. Its not a sports car but the power is more than adequate for a mid-size truck. I do have the roof rack and did notice some wind noise but nothing serious. I listen to my XM radio most of thime so I guess I do not pay much attention to the wind. However my passenger slept like a baby when the radio was off so no complaints on noise. The only issue I have that has been mentioned here is the white marks when the bed is scratched but the trim paint was an easy fix. My doors open and close with one fit of any truck I have ever owned. No water leaks as I drove through torrential rain in GA for 7 hours. Over all I give it a 9 out of 10. The only reason it does not get a 10 is I hate the angle of the headrests! They should be adjustable.
  • bubbaflbubbafl Member Posts: 4
    I spoke with Honda USA directly about two issues that are now solved. The owners manual is wrong on door locks. They is NO way to program them so all doors unlock when you put the truck in park. Honda is issuing a revision. Also the reset sequence of the oil life indicator is incorrect in the book but its easy to figure out. You just hit "select" one extra time and when it goes back to oil life, hold "reset" for 10 seconds and choose yes to go back to 100%. I just changed filter to K&N part 1010 and Castrol Full Synthetic 5w-20 after a 4,500 mile break in period.
  • tsktsk1tsktsk1 Member Posts: 3
    Does any on know if the leak issue was fixed in production. Was there a VIN or production date that would identify the Ridgelines that don't have the issue?
  • cridercrider Member Posts: 8
    I'll have to agree with eaf1,my ridge line spent 10 days at the dealer's being repaired.went through the same disassembly proceedure and repair.The dealership did an outstanding job,especially the Tech heading up the repair.All was well until we got a deluge this weekend courtesy of "Arlene",now i'm back to square one with a soaked interior.THIS NOT A SIMPLE REPAIR BY ANY MEANS,and the vehicles should have never left the factory with this defect.Apparently there is no particular sequence of production numbers that would enable you to identify the affected units,just a random number of vehicles known only to Honda.And they aren't talking. :sick:
  • adrenalinesurgadrenalinesurg Member Posts: 1
    Thank you, eaf1, for the heads up. I just bought a ridgeline and read this thread about the leak problem. I guess I'm just being paranoid, but I noticed condensation on the bottom of the floor mats, both in the front and back. I'm hoping this is just from the weather changing from hot & humid to cool and dry. However, I'm still concerned. Were your wet carpets soaked upon inspection or slightly damp to the touch? Would condensation even build up on the bottom of floor mats if there wasn't a potential leak? I hope your dilemma turns out okay. Good luck!
  • guidogguidog Member Posts: 8
    How will Honda correct the terrible wind noise made by the roof rack?
  • njdevil5njdevil5 Member Posts: 26
    Took mine in to the dealer about a week ago to check my options. After a lengthy conversation between the Service Mgr and Honda NA, he told me there was no fix, and none envisioned in the near future. I've read or heard somewhere that other owners have slid their cross rails to the back which supposedly cuts down on the noise. I haven't tried it, but might later this week. I've considered removing the cross members to see what effect it has, but I'm not sure I want to mess with removing the side rails in order to do it. If you hear of anything, please post it.
  • doorman1doorman1 Member Posts: 5
    My Ridgeline filled with water last weekend. Honda told my dealer they had seen one other one. They dont read this forum. They did admit to the problem. Was told the "robot" that seals the joint between two spot welded pieces of the body cowl was "off calibration". So the joint didnot get sealed. Honda told my dealer to take both front fenders off so they can get to the locations ( both sides) and seal them. You will know if you have this problem. Mine had 2 inches of water in the floor boards. All the mats had condensation behind them. My sun roof was leaking also. They said this water is suppose to be channeled through drains to behind the front wheels. Guess where the drains go? Right where the seams were not sealed properly and so a sunroof just compounds the problem. They didnot replace my carpet either. O well. Not even Honda can do it right. :lemon: ? Has any one had there truck fixed? and did it fix it?
  • treyh1treyh1 Member Posts: 34
    Would you mind posting your dealer info? I've had extremely slight leaking (driver's mat was barely damp) twice & the dealer couldn't duplicate it, although I did make sure the service manager saw the moisture the second time. I'm waiting for the third time; he said they'll tear it down this time while it's still wet. They will replace the carpet, but we both agree that there's no point in doing so until we're sure it's fixed. Anyway, it sounded like Honda was zero help to him. If he could talk to your service manager it might help.
  • ridgerunner2ridgerunner2 Member Posts: 1
    Doorman, when did you purchase your Ridge? Did you drive through a heavy rain? My Ridge comes off the factory line this week; hopefully the "robot" is back in calibration.
  • doorman1doorman1 Member Posts: 5
    My dealer is Wolfchase Honda in Bartlett, Tennessee. Service manager is Paul. Great guy and he knows all about this problem. He and Honda are on top of this problem. He asked me to come over today to look at what was wrong. My fenders dont have to come off afterall. I saw where the seams were not sealed. It is very clear when you see the areas in question. Also I saw the 6 pages of pictures "Honda Tech" sent him to show him exactly where to look and how to fix. The lower corner trim around the windshield and both the front "inner" plastic fenders have to be removed. The seams are then sealed and a special designed plastic piece that was "overnighted" from Honda is being installed over some of the joints. The largest opening was at the base of the "A" piller, at the base of the windshield, under the plastic cover. To me this is the main leak area. There is one area that is not to be sealed because it is a "designed drain". The instructions from Honda tell your dealer how to fix all this. I was very worried at first but when you see the problem you can see how it "can" be fixed. But will it work is the question. My s/n is 515722, dont know the build date. I bought it about 5 weeks ago. I hope this helps. Let me assure you Honda knows about this and has info on how to fix. I saw it today.
  • abovoabovo Member Posts: 4
    Is there any way to tell if a Ridgeline has been modified to fix this water problem? I am thinking about buying one soon and don't want to get in my car to find it more like a swimming pool.

    Also, is the tonneau cover really not water tight?
  • njdevil5njdevil5 Member Posts: 26
    The Owners manual even states this. Unfortunately, I didn't get my manual until after it was installed. There are other aftermarket alternatives, which may do a better job of sealing out H2O and cost much less as well. Someone has posted a link in this forum.
  • matgodmatgod Member Posts: 4
    I'm at the beach with my new Honda Ridgeline equipped with 4 wheel drive. My house is 10 miles off the paved road. When driving in the sand you lower the tire pressure to 20 psi and drive fast to keep the forward momentum going so you don't get stuck in the sand. Well with VSA every time I get going and bouncing around in the sand the VSA must detect a stability problem and shuts down the accelerator, I stop and get struck. The Ridgeline comes with an on/off switch for the VSA but the on/off switch is deactivated when the tire pressure is low. Does anyone know a work around for this problem?
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Member Posts: 1,640
    just curious, have you tried getting there with full tire pressure?

  • wooddorkerwooddorker Member Posts: 300
    "I'm at the beach with my new Honda Ridgeline equipped with 4 wheel drive. My house is 10 miles off the paved road. When driving in the sand you lower the tire pressure to 20 psi and drive fast to keep the forward momentum going so you don't get stuck in the sand."

    I can't help you with the VSA, if you can't get by that, the rest of my response will be useless.

    Once you work around the VSA, I suggest that if you lower the pressure more, to say, 11-12 PSI. You should be able to stop, start, reverse, etc... on the beach with proper tire pressure, all without worry of getting stuck. Tires with at least a 70 series aspect ratio help, as well, because taller sidewalls have more room to spread out.

    Going faster to keep up the momentum is not the proper way to operate over sand. The beaches I drive on have off-camber hills, nesting shore birds, seals, etc... A properly set up vehicle is far superior than speed! ;)
  • matgodmatgod Member Posts: 4
    not yet
    I was hoping to be able to find out how to disable the tire pressure sensor
    I wonder how the sensor works if you change your tire size?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Hmmm........I've been in fairly deep sand and never had to deflate the tires with the RL. Leave the tires alone and just turn off VSA, although I haven't had to to that either. Slow down you shouldn't have to barrel through like that. If those things don't work, turn off VSA, shift into 1st or second and turn on VTM 4 - lock and go slow. That should work pretty well.
  • junglejimjunglejim Member Posts: 18
    That guy has a right to say "This is my first and last Ford".

    So the Honda owners don't have the "right"?

    It amuzes me how some Honda owners will defend Honda no matter what the situation, yet put down every other make of vehicle. Some of these same people will cut up any GM or Ford, even if a GM or Ford owner has had zero problems with their vehicle. The salt encrusted, squeaky, sunroof leaking, door scrunching, transmission recalled, transmission replaced, engine blown, non-starting Honda will always be better.

    We do own a relatively trouble-free gen 1 CRV. But if my brand new $30,000+ vehicle had to be torn apart by the dealer, you'd better believe I'd be one unsatisfied customer.

    If it was a GM that had to be torn apart, then some would say, "see, that's what you get for buying a GM". But if the same thing happens to a Honda, some say, "you don't have a right to complain about Honda....they make better vehicles than anyone else...."

    My point....owners with a bad experiences have a right to be upset and share their experiences and even complain a little. None should have to justify their opinions. We are here to help each other.
  • oreschniggoreschnigg Member Posts: 3
    I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany. I took ownership of my new Honda Ridgeline 3 weeks ago and currently has less than 700 miles. Yesterday while I was installing front and rear park assist sensors, I noticed that the transmission was leaking fluid.

    Since the vehicle is so new and is not offered in Germany, the local Honda dealership doesn't have a clue where to begin.

    My question is, has anybody had a similar problem, and if so, what was the cause so I can point this
    German dealership in the right direction.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    Does the AAFES garage have any ideas? I would start there, assuming you are near such a garage.

    I think that engine and transmission is basically derived from the Pilot. The parts should be similar.
  • ajttajtt Member Posts: 2
    I bought my Ridgeline a week ago and just noticed that the carpets were wet under the floor mats on both the front and rear passenger sides. All the postings seem to indicate the leak is only in the front. Has anyone had a problem with water in the rear floor area too?. My dealer says 'yes we know about the leak issue so contact our service dept to have it checked out and fixed'. We'll see.
  • oreschniggoreschnigg Member Posts: 3
    The AAFES garage doesn’t have any information yet either. Everybody keeps telling me the vehicle is too new and I must wait until their computer systems get updated

    I was able to find out that the "gasket for the torque converter case” is what is leaking. Also, it may be possible that where the “VIN” is mounted to front of the torque converter case might also be leaking through the mounting hardware. :sick:

    Has anybody else had this problem, or know about this problem? :confuse:

    This is crazy, my truck has less than 700 miles on it and is leaking transmission fluid. Must have been build on the Friday of a holiday weekend! :)

    Don't get me wrong, I still love my truck and know that everything in this world has its imperfections, but this is very frustrating.

    Any more help or advise will be much appreciated!
  • matgodmatgod Member Posts: 4
    They make such a big deal about letting the air out of your tires when you get there that you dare not take a chance. Well I did let the air out and had lots of problems. I did inflate back to 32 and turned the VSA off. It drove perfect in wet and dry sand. It did bottom out a few times. But it is a car that can work like a truck. Hands down better overall than the Takoma I almost bought.
  • doorman1doorman1 Member Posts: 5
    Took my Ridgeline in for Honda approved water leak fix 2 weeks ago and guess what, still leaking. Now what? I let them keep the vehicle 1 week and they did everything the 6 pages of instructions Honda sent them plus added the "new parts" Honda sent and it is full of water this morning after the first rain in weeks. Needless to say THERE ARE BIG PROBLEMS WITH THESE VEHICLES.
  • ridgeline_2006ridgeline_2006 Member Posts: 19
    Can you tell me where the water coming from? Which parts did they fix/replac? thanks.
  • doorman1doorman1 Member Posts: 5
    All around the cowl and "A" pillars. The seams were not sealed properly at the factory.(see other posts about this) The dealer had 6 pages of photos and instructions on how and where to seal up leaks. The parts were special covers for the seams, they looked like door edge guards. They covered the places where 2 pieces of metal came together. Now the dealer does not know what to do. He is calling in a factory engineer to come and look. I think its time to get a class action suit together. Honda phone rep said to me we will only proceed at the "letter of the law". They dont give a crap about me. I have been nothing but nice about this. He says we will get you a rental car, but he doesn't understand thats a 2 hour problem every time this happens. He said we need a chance to fix it, I say you had 2, when you built it and when it was at the dealers for a week. They know they have a big problem. Do not buy one of these vehicles.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    Do you live in California? The lemon law says that after three unsuccessful attempts at fixing your vehicle (or 30 days inoperative), the dealer has to buy the vehicle back as a lemon.

    Does anyone know if the "newer" builds will have this error? Or is it only some of the first ones out of the factory?
  • oakwiltoakwilt Member Posts: 12
    If a dealer were kind enough to allow me to use a water hose to detect any leak problems on a new Ridgeline, where would you suggest directing the spray
    for the best determination of a potential leak? If there is a leak on the vehicle,
    would one likely see the results immediately or does it take some time for the water to work its way into the cabin? Would I be looking for wet carpets?

  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408

    Just a small correction. There is a big problem with your vehicle. Mine is fine. Let's not give the impression every RL leaks. This is the best vehicle in it's class.
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