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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • Just purchased my Ridgeline last week and need bike and kayak racks for multiple bikes and multiple kayaks. Also have read reviews from this forum on reractable cover. Anyone found any other covers that work well? How about roof racks for kayaks as Honda's only carries one kayak. Lost a Chevy Avalanche in Hurricane Dennis storm surge :cry: and replaced with Ridgeline :) . My wife misses the Avalanche but fillups should cheer her up.
  • vtervter Posts: 4
    Good luck on the Kayak racks. I was at a Hobie dealer and was going to purchase 2 kayaks. The Fisherman Outback and the Lanai for the wife. The Honda roof rack will not accommodate these. The contacted Yakima and Thule to get some sort of retrofit but no luck. The Roofrack is narrow and short (front to back rail spacing). Tried the Hulley roller from the back also. NO GO. :cry:

    Maybe Yakima and Thule will have something for next Spring.
  • beatmonbeatmon Posts: 1
    I just got my truck back after having completely saturated front and back carpet. When I left it at the dealership, the first comment was that "we had those 70 mile an hour winds last night" insinuating that the wind blew in the water. The finally found a "plug" problem in the front wheel well. Should I expect to still have a leak around that back brake light? I have already had that pulled off for a loud whistle which they first tried to tell me was a normal turbulence noise. A clip was broken and had to be replaced and sealed, so I don't know for sure if that will leak or not. How many times were you in the shop before that decided you had a lemon? I now have a problem when I accelerate from a coast of a slight hesitation and a jerk. The truck did not do this the first 10,000 miles but I am told " this is normal".(Also have had to replace a panel of leather on the driver seat.) I would appreciate any advice from those who have already experienced these problems. Thanks beatmon
  • WRT to the hesitation and jerk, I have experienced this twice in the past month. It is pretty mild, but it surprised me because of how smoothly this truck normally accelerates.

    I also SOMETIMES hear a clicking sound when I turn the steering wheel, especially at low speeds (in parking lots). It feels like the steering wheel has 16 or 32 positions and each time you pass a "position" you get a little click, similar to the ratchet on a screwdriver. Has anyone else noticed this?

    My truck now has just over 4000 miles on it. Overall, I couldn't be happier. :)
  • cridercrider Posts: 8
    Just to give you some hope in the leak area.I met with the arbitration service yesterday,apparently Honda uses an outside company.We agreed to an equity swap,So I'm now driving an Amazon Green RTL.this last phase took 45 days and was frustrating at times but the end result was worth it.
    The action was initated by Honda without resorting to the Lemon Law.And I'm thankful that every thing turned out well,unlike another experience with a domestic manufacturer some 12 years ago.The dealership and the regional were a big help as they are local and can confirm the existance of the problem and aid you in cortrecting it.Good luck on solving your problem. :)
  • Help, I am headed back to the dealer for the 4th time for leaking. I can get no where with the dealer or Honda except bring it in and we will try again. This is the last try then it is Lemon Law time in Tennessee. Any advice? Thanks Doorman
  • Try to get the service manager to get involved.Honda has a problem with some units,and the problem seems to be related to the manufacture of the vehicle and any service department fix is a band aid solution,at lest it was in my case.

    Honda and the dealership doesn't like negative publicity,so hang in there and don't weaken,after all all you want is what they were supposed to deliver.I had my last rental vehicle for 45 days,and was getting comfortable driving the Mitsu endeavor.Corporate mentallity some times defies logic as you would think that Honda would like to solve the problem and have another happy customer selling their truck.
  • Ridgeline Owners:
    The trip computer/trip advisor was disable by Honda so I wrote a letter to Honda and yesterday a lady called me and ask me if I can fax her the picture of this trip computer picture to her from the honda brochure. Do any of you have this picture? If so please let me know, I would to have a copy to this and fax this to her. thanks.
    or email me at
  • If they are really boneheaded about your leak, Staples has blank magnetic signs on which you can write any message you want. Nothing libelous, though. I'm thinking, "This truck has a bad water leak and Podunk Honda will not fix it" might be nice on your doors.

    Hey, it worked for some bad sod my sister had installed. It looked like crap, so we had a sign out, "Landscaping by Bubba's Landscaping Company." It got replaced and rolled properly.
  • Washed my truck the other day because it had a finger print on it :P and the passenger side headlamp fogged up inside. It cleared up in a couple of hours. Of course, I have an appointment at the dealer despite Mr. Service Appointment Guy asking me why that was a problem.

    Has anyone else had that happen?
  • I'm new to this board and am thinking about getting a new Ridgeline. Please tell me more about this computer/trip advisor and WHY Honda would disable it. AND, is this something they did on ALL the new Ridgelines? Actually, I'm looking to find all the Pros & Cons about the Ridgeline. Big hunk of change to spend if there are a lot of problems. Thanks
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    555, please don't post chain letter contents in the Forums... it's bad enough we all get them in our emails, but we do try to keep these things out of the message boards.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • I took delivery on my Ridgeline (RTL S/R w/Nav) in Jun and have 10K+ highway and city (MD-DC-VA) miles on it. Thankfully, it has performed as solidly as my 04 Pilot (38K+) and 96 Accord (155K+ mi). The only problems I’ve had are with the Ridgeline are the fender flare accessories. The adhesive used to give it a tight fit against the truck body has not held properly on two of the fenders. I have been extremely pleased with the service by the dealership where I made the purchase as well (Honda of Bowie, MD). The adhesive has only been loose in a small area, but because I want it to look perfect, they have gladly replaced the defective fender flares twice. Each time it’s replaced, they have to order the full set because Honda will not send just one or two fender flares. However, the service manager did state they are able to return the remaining flares for a credit.

    One other note: I have not had any problems with Honda of Bowie, but if you are not happy with the answers or service given by your dealer, contact American Honda customer service (800) 999-1009. I have always received great support/service from this department. Once they approved the replacement of my Accord’s lock actuators ($300) at no cost to me, long after the warranty had expired.
  • I have noticed when my windows are rolled down and the door shut that the windows rattle excessively. More so on the front doors than the rear doors. I believe this is also the cause of a small vibration noise I hear in the door when driving. Asked Dealer to check when I had the truck in for 7500 service. The line I got from them was that this was "normal" and is the same on all trucks. We tested several and sure enough they all rattled. Also noted the same problem in the Honda Pilot. The dealer says no adjustment to fix although they can not explain why the rear doors seem to have less of a problem then the front doors.

    Am I the only one that is annoyed by the rattling windows?

    I also had/have the problem with the Front door closing. I have to slam it shut hard for it to close properly. Again the dealer/service tells me this is normal. Actually they told me it is cause by cabinet pressure and I should roll the window down slightly prior to closing the door and it will work fine,,,give me a break..

    I did have an experience with water on the passenger floor. My dealer was not aware of any issue nor I when I brought it in. They had a "water expert' check it with no problem found. Fortunately I have not experienced the problem again but then I have not gone through a car wash nor have we had any rain lately... will watch closer.
  • europ91europ91 Posts: 13

    I have not noticed any windows rattling on my RTS.

    Did the dealership really tell you that if you wind down the window a little the doors will close easier? This is a truly ridiculous suggestion. Did they suggest to put a tarp over your Ridgeline to stop the water leak?

    All 4 of my doors open and close easily although I have read posts in the past on these boards about doors that were hard to close.

    I have also read about water leaks but I believe that they were all on the drivers side. My understanding was that there was a series of Ridglines made that had a bad weld which caused the leak. My dealer said that they were aware of this problem and it was limited to vehicles made during a certain timeframe. Once again there are a lot of postings that address this issue on this board.
  • Sorry, I don't think it's a big deal. If you want perfection, your on the wrong planet. It's fixed so enjoy your Ridgeline, or I guess you could just keep complaining. Once your trauma wears off, I think you'll enjoy your truck immenseley. It's a great truck. That's why you bought it.

    I have to disagree with you also. This would definitely be a big deal for any owner. I have owned several Hondas and like to trumpet their virtues, but I think you may be crossing the "Honda zealot" line by discounting this so easily.
  • Saber, I'm in Annapolis and looking for a Ridgeline. Your experience at Bowie sounds good, anyone I should ask for by name?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    MARCUS.............If you read thru this thread you will find that ANY
    'ridge owner with problems is quickly dismissed and chased away
    as a troublemaker or just plain crazy.
    You should know hondas NEVER have problems........................LOL!

    Sad but true........................ :cry:
  • I too have experienced hesitation from 1st to 2nd occurring from a rolling stop. Honda people tell me it is a Honda and it is normal. I drove two other trucks and yes they did the same, however I am not sure this makes it right?? Toyotas shift without hesitation.
  • I have had my Ridgeline for about 6 months and love it. I noticed about two weeks ago that the floor on the front passenger side was wet. Reading this forum lead me to beleive the problem was that minor defect that was noted by others. Well they fixed it. Now the floor under the back seat is wet. I am bringing the truck to the dealer tomorrow to have this addressed. Is there a known problem in this area also? I love this truck but hate type of issues.
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