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  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 15,679
    "...Sebring sedan was...a thinly disguised Mitsubishi..."

    Well, not really. The sedan and the convertible were built off either the Chrysler JA or JR platform (depending on year) while the coupe was based on the Mitsu Eclipse. To confuse things more the sedan/convertible used either a Mitsu or Chrysler engine. My '97 sedan had the Mitsu 2.5L engine which was the smoothest running motor I'd ever had. It took my son driving it 10 miles with no oil to destroy it. The rest of the car was above average as well.

    Strangly enough, a Toyota I owned was the worst car I ever had. That's why I suggested to the OP to have a mechanic check over any car he considers. To me a domestic car like the Chrysler would be worth it if cost was my main criteria. That's what I perceived his question to be. He might also consider the Eclipse and get a combination of Japanese quality with steeper depreciation than the Toyota.

    As always, you get what you pay for.

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  • I am also in the market for a mid level luxury car to replace my 1996 Infinity I30. I had bought this used car from a private seller and the car performed like a champ with no issues. Even today with 150K miles the car runs great. I am a person who prefers to buy used rather than a new car....just because I think that provides you with a better deal.

    So here is my dilemma...when I look for used car, with my search criteria there are 150+ E350 (2008/2009) available in the market compared to < 50 for Infinity M35 (2008/2009). It seems to me that people usually lease German cars where as they buy Japanese that because of reliability issues....which leads to cost of ownership? So far as design is concerned, I definitely like the styling of E350 better than M35.....though I really like the styling of M37.....but then it becomes a new car. I would like to know the opinion of other E350 owners regarding the reliability of the car? Are there frequent issues that costs a lot to fix? Also is there a peace of mind buying a CPO E350.... The deals that I have are....2008 E350 26k miles (CPO) with prem Pkg 1 for 34k + T&T,......same car without CPO costs 30K...... Thanks for the help Kaushik
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The new Mercedes are very nice. But I've driven both and the Infiniti M is almost S Class in quality. Of course, it also drives like a big luxo-barge.

    The car that impressed me the most for the (extremely small amount of) money was the new LaCrosse.
    1 year old, certified, and the top model with everything on it. Domestics are also much better than they used to be, and the money you save can basically pay for a lifetime of repairs before you even get to the price of a used German vehicle. And have you priced a repair on a Mercedes? :P
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 27,787
    That's asking price on the E, right? Cause you should be able to get that CPO for $30-31k. Trade-in value is only $24,500-$25k.

    A comparable '08 M35 is worth very similar money. However, I'm willing to bet you could get a CPO Infiniti for less than a CPO Benz. This is directly related to the extended warranty cost the dealer pays when certifying a car. Although I don't KNOW, I have a FEELING the warranty on the Infiniti is far less.

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  • all good models but in general this is all i know. this image helped me a lot. here's how to tell if the used car is at least worth your time

    3.png 888.2K
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