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    Sorry for the repost but I'm not getting any answers on another board.
    I was looking at a 03 CTS and it is priced on-line at $22,770 and it has only 23,988 miles on it. It has the (I beleive) the Bose speakers, it has two-toned black and gray interior, and has the wood package. I am trading in a 02 TL (72,466 miles) and was appraised by both Carmax and another dealership. Carmax was willing to give me $11000 and the dealership where the CTS is located will give me $12000. I was only able to get them down to $22,200 and after that they wouldn't budge a bit. Does anyone think this a good deal? I have a pre-approved loan and I'm at 5.7%.
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    The Maxima and the Avalon are right in your wheelhouse. There should be a good selection of cars with reasonable miles in your price range. If you have not driven them I'd suggest doing that ASAP. The Maxima is a nice performance-oriented sedan that's fun to drive. The Avalon is more like a sedate Buick-ish type car but might be a better choice if you carry passengers frequently or want a large trunk.

    You're right about the TSX, no-can-do in your price range. Same with the Infiniti FX. Honda Pilots are around in the price but most have a lot of miles on them so shop carefully.

    What else is there? Well, of course the Camry and Accord should be on the list. It seems you want something a little larger so cars like the Mazda6 and Mitsubishi Galant are probably out. The best deals are on domestics but you've written them off. As for Euros, I really like the Saab 9-5 in your price range but, yeah, maintenance costs are high, same with Volvo, BMW, Audi, Benz, etc.
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    We have a 3 now and am thinking possibly about the 6. Really loved the drivers seat, very comfortable for my chronic back problems. Was wondering about how many inches longer it is over the 3. I find the chairs in the wife's 3 a bit on the hard side.

    The Sandman :)
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    Assuming we're talking about the sedan versions of both, the Mazda3 is 178.3 inches long, the 6 is 186.8 inches long. So, the 6 is 8.5 inches longer, one inch wider, and one inch less tall than the 3.

    There is very little difference between a midsize and compact in exterior size and maneuverability. It's very easy to get used to one or the other.
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    What is the best min-van value for less than $10K?

    I'd love an Odyssey or Sienna, but to get under $10K it seems like it would have close to or over 100K miles on it.

    I've had a Grand Caravan before that was nice until the transmission died at a little over 100K miles, so I'm a little scared of them.
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    Thanks for the reply. Is there a particular trim level/year/mileage combo that I should be looking for to get the best value?

    How does the MPV compare with Caravans/T&Cs, Windstars, and Quests?
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    well, i'm not well versed on the Quest, but I do know way too many Caravans/T&Cs/Windstars with premature transmission failures.

    the MPV is the smallest, but if it fits your needs, I consider its size an advantage (more nimble, easier to park, more fun).

    I would suggest an ES, personally. But it all depends on what you are looking for. The ES comes with traction control, power leather seats, moonroof, etc. The LX isn't necessarily stripped, though. It still has power windows, locks, a power sliding side door, audio controls on the steering wheel, etc. And if you can swing a 2002 or newer, you get the more powerful engine and 5-speed automatic.

    I would say an '02 LX with average miles (~45k) should run you about $9k private party, maybe $9500-$10k from a dealer. Asking prices will probably be in the $12k range, though.

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    I recommend a Mercury Villager. Same as the Quest, with a Nissan truck engine/transmission. This is different from the old Villagers, which had a Maxima engine/tranny, and had some trouble with exhaust manifolds.

    I owned a 2000 Villager last year, and while I didn't care for the overwrought trim -- this was the "estate" version -- the powertrain was beautiful... lotsa torque, sufficient power, and a transmission that knows what it wants.

    Downsides are Ford switchgear, including one of the dumbest wiper switches I've ever seen, and a cruise that won't engage at 25 mph.

    Also, you have to watch out for rust at the lower inside corners of the doors; whether that's an issue depends on where you live, and it depends on the car.

    My 2000 brought $6 even on the street last fall, and I only had one interested buyer. It had 85k miles (~) and no known problems. Needed new tires, but only because it was winter. These go through the auctions for under $5 now, and I'd think a somewhat miley '02 could be picked up from a private individual for $7 or so.

    A similar Odyssey is almost twice as much. The MPV is on the small side, and I don't know that they're that cheap. The 2.5 l V6 is supposed to be underpowered, therefore works its tail off, therefore gets lousy gas mileage... the 3.0 is better. My Villager would get 24 mpg on the freeway at 70-74 mph.

    Try them both. If a Sienna/Ody, buy new.

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    "I would assume that you are in Orlando, land of the rental cars"

    My wife and I were there last month. We were amazed at how many Dodge Caliber rental cars there were in that city driving around. At one restaurant, we actually saw 5, exactly alike (down to the color) in the parking lot.

    I gather from some of your posts I have read that you are in the fleet management business...What kind of deals do you think there will be on these Calibers in a year or so (referring to used ones that have been retired from fleet duty)? I don't like them myself, but I just kept thinking to myself that in a couple of years, you could probably get an under 20,000 mile one for pretty cheap.
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    A reporter wishes to speak with a consumer who recently sold or traded in a GM car (perhaps Impala, Malibu, Lacrosse, Monte Carlo, Cobalt, or Grand Prix), and was disappointed or mad about low residual value. Please respond to [email protected] no later than May 15 with your daytime contact info...
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    I agree on the Villager/Quest with the MPV a distant second.
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    I've been looking locally for Villagers and MPVs as reccomended, but there are not many in the small town I live in. I have not had the time to drive the hour to Columbus, OH in search of them.

    A local dealer that I trust has a 2001 Town and Country Limited with 76K miles that he has offered to me for $11,175 +TTL. It's fully loaded and has a few paint dings as you would expect for this age and mileage, but is otherwise very clean. About the only missing options are a DVD entertainment system which I am not sure if it was even available in 2001, towing package, and built in child seats. It has everything else. Is this a good value? It's a little more than the $10K I wanted to spend, but if it is a good value relative to what I can find for $10k I might buy it anyway. Thanks.
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    2001 Town and Country Limited with 76K miles that he has offered to me for $11,175 +TTL

    69,567 M WHITE San Antonio $7,500 View Announcements
    75,524 M GRAY Lansing 04/19/2006 $7,400
    76,815 M WHITE Seattle 04/06/2006 $10,000
    80,080 M BLUE Golden Gate 04/25/2006 $8,200
    81,856 M BLUE Buffalo 03/28/2006 $7,600

    I dunno what to make of that white on in Seattle for $10; musta been presold or an AWD that wasn't properly announced.

    But the others seem to be sorta reasonable... keep in mind, there's no rust on the left coast, but there is plenty of it in OH.

    I would not buy a Chrysler van unless I could absolutely steal it... you know, bake the transmission replacement into the price. You might as well; they've gotten better but they're still trouble prone.

    Better to drive an hour and look for a Villager. Check the door corners for rust; check under the filler cap for sludge.

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    Thanks Mathias. Were those prices for other T&Cs auction, actual retail sales, or advertised prices? And they were Limiteds? Does the M stand for Limited?

    When I look at Edmund's TMV I see private party prices of about $10,500 and dealer prices of $12,000, which makes the offer of $11,175 seem OK. As usual, KBB and NADA are much higher at $12,400 Private party and $14K retail (13K retail from NADA). Why is even Edmunds so much higher than what you are suggesting? What price do you think makes sense for this van?

    There is a 02 Sienna Symphony with 76K miles on ebay from a UCD only 3 hours away that has a buy it now for $11,395. If I can have it checked out before completing the deal and it has no problems, do you think it is worth the price?

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    You'll drive 3 hours to look at a private party sale but not one hour to a city that has about a gazillion dealerships? I bet you could get a better price on a similar Sienna at Toyota Direct or one of the other Toyota dealerships.
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    I'm very willing to drive the hour to Columbus, but I just have not had time to do it and it is uncertain what I will find and at what price. For the ebay deal, at least I will already know what I can get for my money. I'm not in too big of a hurry, so I will keep looking around.

    I did stop at the local Chrysler dealer today to see what used vans they had, but they did not have anything near my $10K price range. They said I should buy the '01 T&C Limited for the $11,175 that is being asked because they did not think I would ever find a better deal.

    Any thoughts?
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    i already gave ya my thoughts on those. If you are fishing for a failed transmission, go for it.

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    My two cents here is to utilize the various Columbus papers (and websites) and look for a van being offered privately in one of the suburbs, especially if you're not in a hurry. Late model cars seem to rarely sell in The Dispatch so you're likely to have some bargaining leverage.

    I've bought my used cars that way for over 30 years in Columbus and always come out ok.
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    ....seem like more often than not have almost-new vehicles at almost-new prices any more. If you want a loaded minivan for $10k, you're better off finding the seller who wants to sell (wanted to trade his in) but was offered zippity-scratch from above dealer. I'd say something like eBay is risky, is usually pretty good, it at least lets you enter a million different parameters, from price to distance to the vehicle down to the color, if you want to be that specific, from home, like this: tified=&isp=y&search=y&lang=en&search_type=both&make=NISSAN&model=QUEST&start_ye- ar=2000&end_year=2007&min_price=1&max_price=10000&distance=50&address=44114&x=10- 0&y=14
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    The others have given you good advise. STAY AWAY from the Chryslers! Also, cars with trailer hitches installed are another thing I would avoid UNLESS I knew for sure what they had been used to tow!
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    Thanks to everyone who has offered advice on my mini-van purchase. I will stay away from Dodges and Chryslers unless they are an absolute steal. I will begin focusing my efforts on a low miles Villager.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    That is an "absolute steal", I would be especially cautious.
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    is a villager really different from a Windstall? I would have assumed they are the same thing, and I certainly wouldn't advise buying the latter.

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    To the best of my knowledge, a Villager is a Nissan Quest, while the Windstar is all Ford. Someone that knows more than me can verify.
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    your close...Ford actually built the Villager and Quest. I loved the look on folks faces when they saw the door sill plate that said 'built by the Ford Motor Company' on the Quest...both vehicles had better track records than the Windstar.....The MPV, Villager and the Quest are good used cars at very reasonable prices.
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    Not that they need me to stand up for them but aren't the Dodge & Chrysler minivan's the number one sellers ?

    We have 2 of them in my family with no problems of any kind. My Dad has a 97 Caravan with 120k miles, and our 03 Town & Country has 36k miles.

    I would have no problem recommending either one. I think the transmission problems were worked out long ago.

    I just wish I had bought mine used , as the resale values are so bad I think they are a bargain used.
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    I'm glad to hear you've had luck with chrysler vans...but many folks have been burned. Thier vans are better than 10 years ago but to quote Consumer Reports

    "Reliability has once again dropped below average.."
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    3rd edit; the line breaks don't work???

    To the best of my knowledge, a Villager is a Nissan Quest, while the Windstar is all Ford. Someone that knows more than me can verify.

    Someone already did:
    Same as the Quest, with a Nissan truck engine/transmission

    The '99-'02 Villagers were more Ford than the Prizms were Chevy, but the drivetrain is completely Nissan. The switchgear is all Ford, including that particularly execrable wiper switch. And the cruise control which won't engage below 29 mph.

    Still, these are the best thing going in used minivans, as they can be had for 60% or so of the Honda/Toyota vans, which bring ridiculous $$$.

    Now if you want a nice 49k '03 Sienna minivan for $13,500, you let me know :-) but I'd argue for either buying new or spending $7-8 on a nice Villager.

    Just make sure the doors aren't starting to rust.. that can be a trouble spot.

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    The Villager/Quest is more fun to drive than the other domestic vans. I used to rent minivans frequently and always preferred to drive the Villager over the DCX vans or a Windstar (esp. a Windstar). Smaller wheelbase, peppier motor and a lighter on-road feel made the Questillager the best driver around. Add my vote to the tally.
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    Chrysler were first into the minivan game, they continue to be cutting-edge in their pursuits (dual sliding doors, stow-n-go...) [with the competition doing a lot of copying], and one of the finest looking minivans in my opinion but mechanical reliability has been a hindrance. Mopar used to be renowned for bullet-proof mechanical systems and now with Daimler in the house, why can't they dedicate a team to address the minivan drivetrain issue? Probably because some actuarial nut feels that soon as the warranty expires it implodes mechanically and not worth the extra $500 initial product cost.
    I also agree, the Chrysler minivans lose their residual value alarmingly fast and bargains may be had for used. Honda and Toyota tend to hold their residual values. Eventually the pendullum may swing back to the former big three (if they are going to be around long enough?), but right now Toyota and Honda vehicles are all the rage.
    With respect to the "Chryco" transmission, I have to disagree. I too, had a 97 Grand Caravan 3.3 and after one original and two more transmissions, I headed to Honda for my next minivan. (BTW isellhondas, I had a trailer hitch but did not tow anything - it was for a bike rack). The transmission issue was something that should have been addressed by the Chrysler, pre-Daimler and I'm not really sure if it has been adequately addressed to date. I will agree that aside from than that major drivetrain component, the Chrysler minivan had been a reliable family transporter. Sure there were a couple of annoying problems but that was expected with a vehicle of that vintage (i.e. wipers don't park in cold weather and do something I call phantom sweep across the windshield). It is for that reason Chrysler are losing a repeat buyer in me and I will alert anyone to be cautious with the Chrysler minivan transmission, they run about $3000.
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    I am following the usually great advice here and am looking for a Villager. The local Ford dealer happens to have an 02 Villager Sport, white with only 49,677 miles. It looks like it only has the standard features and no added options, which is all I really need. If it checks out OK (i'll go look at it during lunch), what do you think is a good target purchase price? They are asking $12,950. Edmund's TMV clean condition retail is $10,645, which is slightly higher than my $10K target. Is $10K unreasonable? Even $11K seems a long way from their asking price. Thanks for any input you have. You can see it online at link title
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    While I agree that the Villager/Quest twins are solid used minivans, their last year of production was 2002, and (at least the asking) dealer prices for these are not much lower than for newer - 2004/2005 - MPVs. I know I would take are model that is 2-3 years newer for an extra 2-3k.
  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100
    I am also looking at MPVs, but it almost seems like a better deal to get a new 05 MPV than a used one since there are so many incentives and rebates right now. Many dealers are asking almost as much for a used one as what you can get a new one for.
  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100
    I'm currently test driving an 01 Villager Estate with 73K miles. All the standard estate features such as leather seating, rear air, power everything (except sliding doors) and also has a CD changer. Clean inside and out with normal wear and tear for its age. It's my favorite color for Villagers: moss green/tan two tone. Good tires. Handles well, although it's certainly not an Odyssey. It's from a local used car dealer who I trust to stand behind it if there are any problems. In fact he even helped me out when the Dodge Crapavan that I did not even buy from him dropped its transmission by taking the tranny out, sending to a good tranny shop for rebuild, and reinstalling it. All I had to do was pay the tranny shop bill, plus he gave me a loaner.

    Asking price $9,200 plus tax and tag.

    Is this a good deal?
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    It seems right in line with Edmunds TMV. Miles are good. That said, usually you can get some more off the price just as with new cars (not as much obviously, but some) because it is an asking price.
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    ST LOUIS Regular $8,700 46,041 Above EST GRN
    DETROIT Regular $8,000 58,390 Above WHITE
    OHIO Lease $6,100 73,430 Avg GREEN
    NADE Regular $7,200 74,328 Avg BLACK
    NADE Regular $4,500 99,619 Below GREEN
    ARENA Regular $3,400 175,545 Below GREEN

    As you can see, this is not an exact science... it might be it's that OHIO one; carfax it and you'll know... if it is, he got one heck of a deal on it, and I wouldn't expect him to cut you in on it. Just like you wouldn't want to overpay if HE did.

    But it sounds like you like the van; check it out as I described earlier; if you still like it, have it inspected by a pro and try to get it for $8.

    Mind you I sold a 2000 just like that -- but with 87k and a small amount of rust at the inside door corners -- for $6 last fall, having paid $6,700 in March for it... which was a rip-roaring deal. So it's a year later, this ones a year younger... but it might be in better shape. $7,800 has a nice ring to it if it is; if it isn't, pass on it. The rust issue could be serious down the road if it's already started.

  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100

    The VIN is 4M2ZV14T61DJ09487, can you tell me if it is the same Ohio one?

    This one is in good shape, no rust and the very few road rash dings have been touched up and are hard to detect. It might need new rotors or an alignment which I would get him to fix or take off the price.

    Still not sure if my wife really wants it. I made the mistake of spoiling her by leasing an 04 Odyssey EX-RES which is now up. It's hard to take something less once you've driven the Ody, but we need something a little less expensive and the new Ody leases are not as attractive as those offered 2 years ago. We plan to keep this van for a couple of years until my youngest kid is in school and my wife goes back to work.

    Thanks for you help.
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    can't tell for sure; maybe it is.. see carfax excerpt below.

    please do not tell him "i know you paid $xxx". It just isn't done. plus there's the fee, the transport, and any reconditioning... and the car is worth what it's worth; especially what it's worth to YOU.

    There are many cars that I would not buy for the auction price, let alone a "good" retail figure. Accords come to mind.

    That Villager, if it's a nice as you say it is, is a heck of a deal for anything south of $8... and if mine hadn't had those rust issues, I would have kept it and sold my Vibe instead... A similar Ody could not be had for less than $14 methinks.


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    12/07/2005 MI Motor Vehicle Dept. REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL (Leased Vehicle)
    05/04/2006 OH 73,430 Auto Auction REPORTED AT AUTO AUCTION
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    Thanks again for the great information. I definitely will not say anything about what he might have paid for the van as it is none of my business (although very interesting info to have). Is the 5/4/06 auction date that you listed the date it actually sold at auction or the date it was deliverd to the auction.? I am almost 100% sure he bought the van at the Columbus, OH Ohio Auto Auction run by Manheim on 5/9/06.

    Looking at AutoTrader, most nearby dealers are asking around $11K on average for a similar van. Edmunds shows a dealer TMV of $9,400. KBB shows a private party value of $9,775. NADA shows a trade in of $9,200 (which is where he got his asking price). It sounds like the $9,200 is a fair deal, but not necessarily a great deal. Because I am buying this particular dealer almost as much as the van, I'll be happy somwhere between the $8K you call a heck of a deal and the fair deal I've already been offered. If my wife decides she wants it, I'll be happy to get it for $9,200 out-the-door.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,513
    that HAS to be the one. What are the odds that the mileage would match up exactly at auction on a different van? Slim to none.

    So, knowing what he did pay, I think $9200 out the door wouldn't be unreasonable in the least.

    Thing to keep in mind in a case like this is that he probably got it cheap for a reason. So he may have had to put a few bucks into it (new tires? new brakes?). Still, when all is said and done, he MAY have $7000-$7200 into it. $8200-$8500 is nothing to sneeze at from his point of view. A good profit. Add in your taxes and tags, and you are right where you are shooting for. So, again, $9k-$9200 is not a bad goal.

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  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100

    I have not decided whether or not to buy this Villager yet, but I do have it for a weekend long test drive. I have not seen any signs of rust, but I want to make sure I am looking in the right area where you say they tend to rust. Are you talking the bottom sills of the front doors or the sliding doors? What causes this to happen so frequently on Villagers? If I end up buying it, what can be done to prevent rust from forming in these problem areas?

  • steine13steine13 Member Posts: 2,833
    no no no not the sills, the doors themselves. look for the drain holes along the lower inside edge of the door. Kneel on a floor mat or sometihng, open the door wide, look at its lower edge.
    Rust will be apparent -- or not.

    Water is supposed to drain through the door, between the inner and outer skin, and come out the drain hole. Apparently, they didn't do a good enough job for the salt belt when it came to treating the inside of the door.

    I'm driving a 93 villager today. with 210k miles, which is impressive. it's a p.o. junk otherwise, but impressive.

  • mahirimahiri Member Posts: 26
    I am debating between purchasing a 97-98 civic with 70K and a 2006 Ion for 10,900. Do you have any thoughts? Thank you.
  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100
    I'm going to hold off making an offer on the '01 Villager Estate 73.5K miles ($9,200 asking price)until I can look at some MPVs. I am not against the Villager, but it is not perfect and I need to compare to the MPV before deciding.

    What can I expect price wise for a relatively equivalent MPV such as an '01 ES with about the same miles and no extra options. How much when I move up a year to an '02ES? I still must keep purchase price to <$10K +TTL, but would prefer to be even lower.

    What year did Mazda out the bigger 3.0L engine in the MPV? 2002? Will I regret getting a MPV with the older, 2.5L engine?


  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,513
    yes, as i originally posted, '02 was the year mazda put in the 3.0 and 5-speed tranny.

    I had the 2.5 and 4-speed auto combo, and thought it was a competent little package, but this was in a 626. I'm not sure I'd be nearly as pleased with it in a minivan. I would say, if you can manage, get the '02. Personally, if it was a choice between and '01 ES and '02 LX, I'd opt for the '02. The powertrain is more important to me than leather and a moonroof, but that's just personal preference.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you could get an '02 ES with miles near that Villager for similar money. As I had stated, an '02 LX with low miles (45k) could be had for less than $10k ... so up the miles and swap to an ES might be pretty similar money.

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    The '00-'01 MPVs have substantially less power AND get noticably poorer gas mileage than the '02 and up models with the 3.0 and 5-speed transmission. So unless there's a huge differential I'd stick with '02+.

  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,388
    You're talking different price points here (at least I hope so!). It's hard to go wrong with a Civic. It's also hard to find one with low mileage (such as a '97 or '98 with 70K).
  • theflushtheflush Member Posts: 100
    I going to go look at an '02 Mazda MPV LX with 83,400 miles with just the standard options. If it is clean and checks out, what do you think a target purchase price should be? They are asking $10K.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,513
    those are some TALL miles.

    If everything is top notch, I'm feeling about $7500 private party or $8k from a dealer should do the deed.

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